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    • turn your face away....

      14 years ago


      ...from the garish light of day...

      Hellllooooo bullshit journal entry, but I'm so excited I can't not post about it.
      There is soon to be released, a Phantom of the Opera movie.
      Oh. My. God. By now, you should all recognize my ability to be extremely effected by strong music, and opera is certainly contained in that description. I first saw the Phantom fairly early on in childhood, and the whole production rather enthralled me. Even now, I have the original production cassette tape in my car (much to the chagrin of many of my friends.)
      The main score is so incredibly powerful, it literally gives me goosebumps when I hear it. I ultimately equate hearing any part of the opera with the image of his underground boat, drifting across the stage through roiling tendrils of mist, surrounded by spidery candelabra *squeals*
      In any case, with this imagery carefully cultivated in my mind, seeing the gorgeous aesthetics of this movie has gotten me ever so excited. It looks deliciously dark, and ridiculously extravagant. It's perfect.





      Welcome to my Opera House. Continue to leave Box Five empty for my use.

      And, may I remind you, my salary is due.

      What a charming gala! Christine enjoyed a great success! We were hardly bereft when Carlotta left--
      Otherwise, the chorus was entrancing, but the dancing was a lamentable mess!

      Just a quick reminder, my salary has not been paid.
      Send it care of The Ghost, by return of post.

      Do not fear for Miss Daae. The Angel of Music has taken her under his wing.
      Make no attempt to see her again.

      I have now sent you several notes of the most amiable nature, detailing how my theatre is to be run. You have not followed my instructions.

      I shall give you one last chance. Should these commands be ignored a disaster beyond your imagination will occur...

    • disappearing the cow, where is the cow?

      14 years ago


      After I kicked that final's ass, I had a fantastic night last night. I got rowdy stinkin' drunk and it was SargeOA'S 21st birthday, so a toast to him! (or three or four in my case) I went to the Irish Heather first, got started, and then across the street to the Blarney Stone. You can ask anyone who knows me, when it comes to drinking and the like, I'm very much part Celt, so I danced and sang and had my favorite drink (long vodkas) and didn't pay a dime. It's a grand place. The only way to explain the interior is to liken it to the Titanic movie. You know that big party down in steerage? Where they got out the fiddles and got smashed and danced on the tables and everyone sang? Just like that :)

      Here is some entertainment, as I am still drunkish and quite bored.
      THIS made me giggle like crazy, and I listened to it for over an hour, even as background noise....where is the cow, hidden right now *dances*
      and THIS is death. But it is enticing, happy death. And it led to me doing this:
      *screams and clutches my ears* MAKE IT STOP

      EDIT: back back back, back from his MAGICAL JOURNEY

      EDIT EDIT: jinglybells, christmas is getting closer and closer

    • what's this, what's this?!?!?!

      14 years ago


      Today has been one of the most fantastic days I've had in memory! I don't know what I did to deserve such good fortune, but I count my blessings and shan't complain. Let's look at some of the day's events, shall we?

      First, I get to school at 8 this morning fr my polisci know, the hard one...*sighs* But lo and behold...what I have studied is ON the test this time! I left feeling quite confident instead of in tears.

      Second, I go to lunch with my best friend Ryan, who I see far too little. We had some beer, ate some food, and generally had a wonderful conversation. I can't explain it, but some friends come and go, and some friends are forever. Well, that's Ryan.

      Third, I get my polisci paper mark back. This was the paper that I mixed up the dates on and handed in, then worked out an agreement with my TA that I would rework it for 5% penalty a day, instead of one whole letter mark. I ended up redoing the whole thing and handing it in three days late, but I felt like it was totally worth it. I ended up with a 75%.....AFTER A 15% deduction. I scored a 90% on it! So that lifted my spirits a bit, as papers are my strong point and I was worried I had lost even that.

      Fourth, I go into Costco and pick up a paycheck. $280. Then I realize I have a savings bond, a government check, AND I get paid tomorrow by the other job. $175 + $60 + $275! *cackles maniacally*

      THEN FIFTHLY (oh god, will it never end?) I get home...and there is a package on my doorstep...COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE MY ACTION FIGURE?!?! IT IS! *dances* I won a 1999 McFarlane Goddess Dawn action figure on Ebay, and it arrived today. So I ran out of the car and pounced on it on the doorstep, pulled out my knife and hacked the package to bits right there. My mom was freaking out because (A) she doesn't know I carry a knife with me at all times and (B) she thought it was her package.

      Finally, I got my very first christmas card today. (And it will probably be the only one I get, which I find hilarious.) Because I always have friends over, always order pizza. *giggles*

      I hope everyone else is having a great day too, you all deserve it!
      (I have gotten four new invites. I now know people must be doing it to piss me off. I think *makes a face*)


      14 years ago


      Good, now that we've gotten that out in the open.

      For anyone who has newly been made my friend, please kindly disregard this message. For my existing friends (and especially my core journal group) please take this message in the exact OPPOSITE context.

      I have, at this second, ten friend requests lounging in my inbox. I'm struggling to find the correct articulation to express how I'm feeling. The closest I have come so far is Fuck Off.

      Now, this may or may not sound fair, but two days ago, in my 'about' section, I added a small addendum that mentioned please leaving me a message, or at least a comment on a picture or something before sending me a request. Since then, I have gotten ten requests (not counting the ones I have accepted) that have never said boo to me.

      Let it be known: If you do not leave me some sort of communique, I will look at the friends you already have. If they are all girls, then you will be put on a list in my journal, and I will update it and parade it around until you realize that there are intelligent men on here as well, and that none of your female friends will sleep with you. Having an abundance of female friends does not make you cool, and I won't be party to it. I am able to say that I check up on almost every person on my friends list's journals every day, and I am out in the forums conversing with them. I don't need to look like a brainless friendwhore just because you are.

      Now, with all the requisite bitchiness out of the way, this journal is about ANYTHING!
      I for one, will start it off with one of the choice messages I have received as of late:

      'll say this when Nov 9/2004 comes i have one motto either join or get swaggged by my sweet guns ma. I know you don't know me but it's ok we can be a great team anyone who like star wars has got to have skillz well PH34R MY M4D 5KILL5 . I WILL SWAGGG THE WORLD AND WITH A WOMAN LIKE YOU BESIDE ME WE CAN DO IT MUCH QUICKER WHAT DO YOU SAY HALO2 IS OURS HOLLA BACK

      what in the fucking fuck? *sighs*

    • time to curl up in a ball and die.

      14 years ago


      for anybody that didn't get their sata avs, here are the last two that I saw, and I should be all caught up with requests. If anyone still wants one, just message me and I will whip up something.

      and the newest requests, in which I made the hats match. I think. *laughs*

      That out of the way, it's time for a new journal. I quite wish that I had something of even marginal interest to post, since my karma is taking a severe beating due to exams. The more I study, the less time I have to post as I should. When you're losing ten points or more a day, you're pretty much fudged. (I'm sure Cloud and a few others can attest to this.) I always give mods out to everyone who posts in my journals, but it is harder as it seems fewer people are willing to give mods these days.

      There isn't much to report in my life as of late. I've been studying and writing papers like mad, but it appears that I'll be done on wednesday. I have time off work until then, which is great because two of the exams I know are going to kick my ass.

      I go to school on top of a mountain, and yesterday it snowed, which was's beautiful up there when it snows. There are so many trees to catch it, and it's just silent...the flakes are so big because the clouds are so close *sighs softly* if I wasn't thinking so negatively about school lately, this would make me want to be up there all the time. I'm hoping that the snow will stick, and that we can build another Ed like we did last year (eight foot tall snowman with a stick mohawk and large penis in the middle of the soccer field).

      And, since I just started receiving these TODAY, I shall put them here. Remember when I said I'd get dressed up and go out for Iain's birthday? Yeah, just got the pictures now, almost a month later.
      Thank god there are none of when I passed out.
      I don't remember this picture being taken. Might have something to do with the double I was holding.
      and LancerEVO and I, who looks thrilled to be there.

      no more for now, I need to study some more, else I will fail and then I would be most unhappy.
      Looking back on this and my other journal entries, I think I am turning into a cam whore :(

    • santa hats, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

      14 years ago


      I have begun to notice that everybody has a freakin' santa hat avatar. \I want one too, I think. I'm debating on what picture to deface, or even if I will do it myself. Perhaps we should all meet back here and show off our santa hat-ifications?
      I'll give a horrible ms paint try to anyone's avatar who posts in here, if they want *dances*

    • Journal 26 and 1/2

      14 years ago


      Today I write to thee, my beholden and my pledged-
      In a fierce battle to defend my righteous honour, my sword hath fallen and I, who hath never known defeat or tasted the acrid tang of mine own blood, hath been trounced.
      Though I hath fought with the valiance and the purity of heart befitting one who carries the name of Maddux, I could not controlleth the nature of the beast against whom I hath fought.
      Verily in truth, I am wounded, and I know that mine own time doth lie near.
      Go to, loyal vassals, and cry not for a liege who hath taken her blow to the heart, and bleedeth her sins in a crimson fountain of repentance.
      Instead, waileth into the wind, and tear at thy hair- but stay thee strong, and pick up mine blazoned steel.
      Carry the fight to thy foe, and thou shalt not fall wherein I hath fallen.
      A dread Lord Obsiddian hath arisen, and if thou shalt not band together and bear arms, thou shalt surely fall unto the depths of Hell itself, under a tyrannical rule.
      Continue onwards to victory, and when the gas-bright orb doth slip the horizon, overlooketh the ocean- allow, for naught but a fleeting second, thy thoughts to turn to me.
      I shalt be there in the cerulean depths, and I shalt smileth up upon the victors, thy glory etched into nature's memory for ages to come.

    • in a sytematic branch from there to here

      14 years ago


      so magnethios was looking at that picture of tucker and I and noticed the red and blue blobs in the back, and he wanted to know what they were.
      I'll tell you what they were.
      *dramatic silence*
      did anybody do these as a kid? cause I sure did and it was hella easy to get back into doing them :)
      *perler perler perler*
      these are so fun. things I have made recently:
      The flash sort of makes them look a bit wierd.
      Paging LancerEVO to this journal/thread, so he can post the ones he's made!

    • I have nothing interesting to say.

      14 years ago


      I'm making it...slowly but surely I am making it through this hell alive. I finished my anthropology essay with two hours to spare and handed it in on time. One final assignment, one more essay, and it's just finals left.
      After I raced up the hill to hand that paper in, I raced back down to go to work.
      Today was uneventful, more training of the newbs, but apparently they got an earful because one of my more...stranger customers..came in this morning. This gentleman has asked for my card and phone number, refuses to buy anything from anyone but me, and will spend ridiculous amounts of money, then have me try everything on for him. I'm all for good customer service, but even I realize that there is something quite weird about him. In any case, he came in this morning before my shift and stomped around the department looking for me, declaring that he had "a thousand dollars to spend, where is Gina?" I hadn't seen him in a few months so I thought perhaps he had gotten bored of me. One of the new girls looked rather scared and whispered "He's loud." *hysterical laughter*
      I also had a gentleman come in and tell me he was looking for a 0.7 ct diamond. for those of you unfamiliar with diamond information, there are 100 points to a carat, abbreviated in that decimal form. That means he wanted a 70 point diamond. That is pretty big for an engagement ring. Or for any ring.
      He looks at some of the settings and says he won't settle for anything less than an S1- slight inclusions.
      I'm rubbing my hands in glee because he's looking at $8,000 dollars before taxes for the most plainest of plain. We're getting to the nitty gritty of the sale details, when he tells me he wants a platinum setting.
      The long story short is, I lost a MINIMUM $8000 sale, because a 0.7 ct, clear, colourless diamond, in 18k white gold just wasn't good enough.
      *le sigh*
      In the tradition that there always seems to be a picture or two in my journal, here is the only real pictures I have of my pretty, shiny straight hair (I have naturally curly hair, this is SOOO exciting for me.) And LancerEVO's dog again, he pops up everywhere.

    • step up to the horilka BAR

      14 years ago


      please note the name of this next journal. It is fitting, since the conversation in my comments turns into fun Fun FUN!

      hey all- today was fun. on my mother's side of the family, we are that means for Christmas we have Ukrainian food. We always make it from scratch, and we have to make so much, we devote an entire day to it :)
      THAT WAS TODAY. I love pyrohy day! We made 200 or so of the potato ones alone *dances*
      To educate:
      For Christmas Eve, Ukrainians eat 12 dishes, one for each of the apostles. There are all sorts of things...but one is pyrohy, or perogies. (they have lots of names, we sometimes call them verenyky.) It's wicked fun, because we always make 'gag' pyrohy, dough- wrapped in more dough. They're so good, and they look like regulars. It's always fun to see who gets the 'gag' ones. You roll out the dough, spoon in the filling, and pinch the edges....if improperly pinched, the pyrohy will explode when boiling...makes them very hard to eat :(
      We also made holubtsi- it was my first year to help doing that. You basically stew a cabbage, pull off the floopy leaves, fill them with rice and onions and roll 'em up all tight like. It's harder than it sounds *throws rice in frustration* anyhoo, they get cooked in tomatoe-y stuff and they're slimy and good. (I actually hate cabbage.)
      Another dish, which my grandma makes (which is of course, really important to the christmas meal *grumbles*) is kutya. If someone ever offers it...try a very VERY small bit first. I happen to hate the stuff. It's wheat and honey and all sorts of nonsense, and really, it tastes like soggy wood. However, if one wants pyrohy, one eats the damn kutya.
      There's other stuff like kovbasa and fish. Anyways, enough of that.
      In any case, it's really nice because I don't necessarily stay as true to my roots as I should, and days like today make for good times with family, food, and I feel like I'm carrying on something that maybe is dying as everyone gets older and more technologically advanced.
      Boy, I can't shut up. Here's early morning, concentration Gina pictures. (haha, eww)

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