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    • *stretches and sighs*

      14 years ago


      Nothing new to report folks. I got one more paper done; tonights was on the TV show "In Living Color". That makes three down, and two to go. I'm about ready to kill myself, but I'm getting through.

      I am excited because I'm getting paid, and I am going to waste some money on comics and paraphrenalia. I have quite the obsession with Linsner's goddess Dawn, and I think it's about time I fed it. I think she represents this little place somewhere inside of me that desperately wants to be like that, and another part of me IS like that.

      I'm also planning on reproducing a picture for myself onto canvas; I can't decide if I'll make it an original, or if I'll pick one of my favorite panels, but I think it will be fun, because I haven't painted in a dog's age, and I think his work is just perfection. It's really quite diverse, and the storylines to the comics are fantastic. You should check it out, if you get the chance. For those into the arty side of things, this man wields copics, pencils and inks together like a god. His oils are breathtaking as well.

    • Once I get started...

      14 years ago


      There just isn't any stopping me. A while ago, I bought a large quantity of kraft each of the boxes, there was an offer for free crayola stuff. Well, I mailed away, and damned if they didn't send me some twisty crayons and what not. They also sent me bathtub tints.
      Since I do often times have baths, I thought that this was quite possibly the coolest thing since soap crayons.
      Tonight, I thought perhaps I might as well try them.

      Here is the yellow one, which I thought was wicked cool when I put spongebob beside it for comparison. Then, as I was taking the picture, I realized that it looked like I was standing in nothing other than a tub full of urine, and that killed any fun I was having there pretty quickly.

      then I tired the blue one. It of course, looked fantastic, as is evidenced by the abundance of pictures I took of it flying through the air. After the appeal of sitting in a few dozen bottles of windex wore off, I tried to fill the entire tub with blue bubbles. The colour didn't really show in the bubbles, so I gave up on that as my arms were getting sore.

      I saved the red for last, and when it was done, it looked so absolutely cool ....and kind of bloody. A long story short, some of my action figures ended up in the tub with me and the galactic battle of the century was fought, right there in the swampy field of porcelain.
      Shredder and Krang teamed up with the villains of Starwars, creating an ingenious team dubbed the imperial-bounty-foots that may have been outnumbered, but had two large transpotration units and some wicked guns.
      The defenders of earth, the ninja turtles and ghostbusters, stood their ground...bravely facing down the supreme firepower with strength in sheer numbers (and they had a robot of their own, too.) The battle began, and soon the field ran deep with the spilt blood of collateral innocents and the warrior dead.
      When it was all over, a lonely mortician carried away the amassed civilian casualties, to the horror of onlookers. High atop the wall overlooking the swamps, Metallica played a benefit concert for the survivors of the the battle. Their involvement was in part due to Kirk's tragic injury in the firefight.

      And oh yeah, Lars died. But that didn't really have much to do with it. *winks*
      okay, no more out of me, I've done with my idiotic stage and can't believe I posted all this.


      14 years ago


      Hello all! I’m back in the land of the living, or at the very least, the land of the somewhat coherent. *smiles brightly* no pictures yet, only one of three people even bothered to bring a camera.
      In any case, I shan’t get into detail about Friday too much, because frankly, I just don’t remember. We went to a restaurant/lounge and my darling best friend Iain had been drinking since 11 that morning. (It was 6pm, for clarification.) I drank $7.25 double shooters all night and spent about $88 on myself… (do the math on the equivalency of how many shots that is) and I had a grand time. Most of them were hard, or in a few cases BRUTAL, as our server was fudging on what was in them.
      “Hey, what’s in a lemon drop?â€Â
      “Umm, it’s kind of sour.â€Â
      “Cool! I’ll have a double.â€Â
      *takes shot* ……….. *falls over dead*
      *points to the lemon beside the shotglass*
      Once I decided to stop buy, Iain took it upon himself, as did some of the other people at the bar, and the bartender, to keep them coming. And that’s where I lost all grip on reality and the night does not exist. When it comes to what I ACTUALLY had from that point on, you’d have to ask lancerEVO for an approximation. I pretty much passed out.
      I had to go to work the next morning, and long story short it, I was drunk and giggling all day. I lost my glasses, my cell phone, and wore blue and red runners when only black dress shoes are allowed. I went home, passed out again, and was late for the company Christmas party. Once I got there, I joined some tipsy coworkers (I was coasting residually, not drinking.) where I knocked over some drinks, danced ‘til I got a cramp, and started a cross table wrapping paper fights with Angelica’s big german husband. She threw carrots and cauliflower and me, and Renee snorted up some potatoes laughing. It was really fun. I went home, passed out again, and that takes me to work today, and subsequently now. Check out lancerEVO’s journal for our halo driving adventures.
      and thanks for all the love <3

      edit: for clarification, that LEMON DROP was straight vodka. I learned the hard way that a Bearfucker is 151, Jack Daniels and Tequila. I also learned from the bartender there is such a drink as the Redheaded slut.
      "hey, I'm going to make you a redheaded slut."
      *blinks* "should I be offended?"
      supa-double edit lancerEVO actually finally bothered this morning to put up the pictures I was talking about last night. *shakes fist*

    • this is not a journal entry.

      14 years ago


      hello friends. I am going to type the shortest, most blah journal ever. I'll fill in later, or someone else can tell the story.
      at rain, I drank more than I ever had in my life. I hit walking zombie stage. My tab was ridiculous, and I barely remember it. lancerEVO might. got home late, passed out in my clothes and makeup, went to work early next morning, was drunk for most of work (AIYAH) then came home, passed out, came to, and was late for work christmas party. Got to party, was revived by lots of pop and dancing, and was hyper again. Now I am home and I am feeling dead. Many funny things happened. I will tell them later. but not about friday-
      I don't remember friday.



    • where did my life go?

      14 years ago


      School is really starting to get heavy these days. That, and always working, anyhow. It's wearing my mind down to the point where I'm really not any fun to be around. I want to do well in school, but I find I just don't care. I want to care...but I don't. Between school and work, I just don't do much, and if I can find the time, it's always the same old thing. I'm always trying to save money, and every month I cut back on gas, or food, or frivolities....but then again, tuition keeps going up and everytime I think I've made an advancement, there's something else to pay for and I'm left with next to nothing. I feel like I've made no advancement in my life whatsoever. I don't know why I'm here.

      Tonight is my best friend's 19th (legal) birthday, so I'm going to go home, do something nice with my hair, make myself up a bit (let's NOT start that debate again, this is different) and generally just dress it up. I want to feel good, look good, and let loose a bit. I figure I'll just treat this as the 19th birthday I didn't really celebrate either. I'm going to relax, get completely hammered, and for a while, let all the weight off my shoulders. I don't want to start a string of mopey posts, so this is just a prelude to when I post pictures of whatever we do tonight :)

    • for all my arizonians

      14 years ago


      These and the pictures are all I have left from my last trip to your wonderful state. That and we bought my dad a cactus for his truck antenna.
      His name is Curtis. The cactus.


      dancing time
      doo doot, doot dooot doooot! (I use that every chance I get, I know.)


      14 years ago


      Last night, I got my ass kicked. And damn if I didn't love it. Talk to anyone who knows me, and the effect that music has on me (LancerEVO and Cloud, to name a few) and you'll be enlightened to the fact that if music is my drug, then metal is like crack, meth, heroin, draino, and doritos mixed together and coated in sugar. So when Tomek asked if I wanted to go see the Ministry concert last night, I nearly peed myself in excitement.

      Getting there was entertaining. Vancouver at night is beautiful, but when you get downtown it's certainly a ...different sight. You walk down the streets past the trendy stores and clubs, and the bums are incredibly agressive. We had many run-ins:
      -around 7 or 8 bums and a transient looking for change/sell cigarettes
      -one guy with string mittens tied around his head that came to talk to us about how he was stoned and what time was it no wait, I really meant to ask...uhhh, damn, I'm so stoned *rolls eyes*, then sat outside the Ministry line and played britney spears, spiderman, and yellow submarine on a beaten up guitar (he didn't exactly gauge his target audience all that well.)
      - one bum selling a half decent sketch of a statue downtown, which apparently he traces and sells over and over again.
      - one of those deaf guys that hands out the cards. Tomek took it, looks at me with a wild-eyed stare, and says, "What do I do?!"
      - One wickedly dressed man that looked like the crypt keeper in a feathered fedora that all the other bums called "Magic", who walked around shuffling a beaten deck of cards through the air from one hand to the other.
      - A guy that I admittedly routinely give my change to, he'll draw a sketch of you on the spot with a shaky hand and the result looks something like yourself if you were looking at a mirror on an insane acid trip.
      -One guy that held up a necklace, pretending to measure it up against Tomek. Tomek looks at him and asks, "Oh, what- is that for me? <3" whereupon the guy looked disgusted and says, "If you're buying" and walked away.

      Enough of the bums! For anyone that's been to the Commodore ballroom, you'll know it's rather a nice place. I love the aesthetics of concerts, but I find metal ones take the cake. There was the usual metalheads and goth crowd, with a few middle-aged men with fishnets and studs. I've decided when I get older, I shall not change a damn bit. I'll be 60 with my pothole tights and spandex and chains, and I'll have tits that drag on the floor but I won't give up that life. There were a couple of really really good looking men; I'll be the first to admit that boys in eyeliner and leather boots get me all tingly-like. Other than that, there was an assortment of soccer moms, men in polo shorts and sandals, one man in a santa suit, and one guy we nick named pocahontas because he was native and just walking back and forth from one side of the room to the other, doing absolutely nothing.

      There was that pall of smoke hanging over the crowd- the one made of stale cigarettes and reefer and a little from the machines. Since there’s so much crap floating in it, the lights bounce off it even more wildly. That haze seems to make people get all crazy-like.

      Opiate for the Masses opened, and I actually really enjoyed the music they were playing, but frankly, I would have enjoyed them regardless because their stage presence is dominating. The singer looked like he was about to explode: he couldn’t hold still, his veins bulging and his hands shaking with every sustained note he tore from his lungs (and I say that because, da-yum, that’s what it sounded like.) I was more caught up with watching the drummer, because not only was he really good, he incorporated a lot of flash- so did the guitarists, but he did it better. Tossing sticks around, twirling them madly, water on the cymbals, smashing

    • a competition for laughs?

      14 years ago


      well, here we go again. I've had quite the week, and while I don't feel like getting into the workplace politics, the jewelry job is MIGHTY pissed about the Costco job. Subsequently, the jewelry job is firing as many hours at me as possible, regardless of my availability or my sanity.

      Speaking of pissed, thypstrmoby and I were talking about drunken pictures and thought perhaps a little fun get-to-know-you-competition was in order. So, let's see them: your WORST drunken, (hyper/caffeinated for those of brettw's and the underage persuasion) tipped off your can pictures. I shall open with a horror no one should see, therefore I am linking it. It's the no makeup swamp thing in the depths of the greenlake cabin; it looks like the flash has disturbed it. Perhaps we should be in the going of the running now...

      Alright. Let's have some fun with this, I have mod points galore.

    • Tuckertuckertucker! TELL CHURCH I SAY HI

      14 years ago


      I am just finishing up the Church wallpaper as I type this; *slaps my wrist* I didn't get it done by the time I said I would. And my sincerest apologies to MrSean, as it took me almost a week to do the simple task of SFW/SFkids the Tucker wallpaper. I'm sorry MrSean. School, no sleep, two jobs and a touch of depression make for unproductive Gina. Forgive me?

      YAY CHURCH PAPER. I suck, I know *pouts*

      I'd actually also like to mention, that any of the wallpapers in my journal are completely customizable. If you have a favorite character, and your favorite quote isn't the one I chose, let me know and I can send you the modded wallpaper.

      "Only now do you realize the folly of your follies!"
      "No, I used to draw them on my binder during study hall!"
      The short version is, WE'RE BONED."
      "Don't you ever install anything above the waist?"
      "I don't want to be dead! I want to be alive! .... Or, a cowbow!"

    • continuing the debate...

      14 years ago


      since my last journal entry stirred up a bit of commentary, I did a quick chop to a picture of me when drunk. Now, I suck at the photoshop, but it's demonstrative of the point I'm trying to make.
      pretty photo, no?


      this is the original.

      reality's a little different, ain't it?
      these are fun, mouse over the images. It's interesting to see the silliest little things they've changed, particularly when dealing with beauty/fashion shots.

      so there we go. Doesn't human nature suck?

      *goes off and watches 42 again*

      "So if I'm not on the team, and you're not on the team, then nobody's on the goddamn team. The team sucks."
      "That guy Phillip must have a fucked up shaped head. Yeah, screw this. I'm walking."
      "Make sure to wash your exhaust pipes every day!"
      "EVIL WINS! good-sucks-an-egg."

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