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    • "Eyyy, Dr. Baron-von-evil-satan!"

      14 years ago


      oh god, finally. worth the wait though...three in a row? hurrah!
      I'm at school, so not a real update at all. In fact, I'm at a loss for what to say. *blinks* when the hell does that ever happen?
      Today's lecture was on the respective objectification of women and men in advertising and fashion. It makes me think of what I was having a conversation with Jarek about last night; you ever take a good hard look at models in pictures? Sometimes they're so exquisite they don't even seem real. It's funny, because everyone knows they aren't, but still, what they can do digitally and with makeup will still just blow me away. All you need is a few nice features, and the things they turn out are fascinating.
      That retarded America's Next Top Model show drew me in that way; you see these bitchy, idiot girls with acne and gross hair who seem pretty, in a bland way, get stuffed into something couture, spackled with makeup, and BAM, the picture they turn out is astounding.
      Just my silly notice for the day.
      I plan on having the church wallpaper done by this evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest *grins* turrah.

      "Uhhhh, except you, Vic. You can be assistant crusher."
      "It'd be just like a huge homing device...but indian style."
      "I pushed the button."
      "Wait, act like someone not like you. Someone more brave. And smarter. And more masculine, for god's sakes."
      "Church is going to be soooo happy with me!"

    • I'm still alive, I suppose

      14 years ago


      I'm just stopping in to say thank-you to everybody who's been so nice and left comments for me...I'm feeling alright. I've nailed it down, I think...the thing I really hate is me. I won't get started on that, but, well, there it is. my nightmares are back as well, which just means a sleepy gina is a cranky gina.

      I've had a great first two days at costco..ferret's right, it really is a tight bunch. One of my best friends works with me, so it makes things that much easier. I hope to quit the jewelery job, but I can't burn my bridges just yet. Since I just don't have the time to do everything I should (like read your journals :( ) I'm going to leave you with a slightly edited picture from last night's drunken get together of me, for a bit of a comedic enhancement to an otherwise dull post.


    • of work and life and all the rest

      14 years ago


      Today and yesterday have been quite hectic.

      Yesterday, at around 3:30, I applied for a second job. They took my resume, and had left a message on my machine by 4, asking if I could come in that evening for an interview. I was back there at quarter to 5, and had a first interview. I had put the fact that I've been playing organized fastpitch for most of my life, and the guy that was interviewing me was thrilled- most of the interview was talking about fastpitch (which he played) or school (he went to SFU as well.) I figured that was it, but he said, "We never hire without two interviews.....So, uh...hold on!" And out he dashed; he brought in another lady and I went through it all again, except this time, apparently she used to live right across the street from me, and I had dealt with her before at my jewelery job. *blinks*

      It seemed like all the stars were in alignment, or some sort of crazy thing; I left there after forty-five minutes of interview and headed to school, where I met up with Jarek and we had a lovely time, except for a horrid homeless lady.

      I had just passed a man, who had some things he was selling and a sign asking for food, money, or any help. I didn't have any change, so I gave him the cookie in a little bag that I had just bought from the bakery. A few steps down the road, were accosted by a canterankerous addict of some sort, who must have seen me give him the cookie. She asks me for money, which I say I don't have. I offer her a piece of the one last cookie Jarek and I are sharing, to which she responds by saying no, she needs money and starts babbling about something on her leg. I again, say that I don't have change, and that I could only offer her the food, and she looks at me and says, "I'm dying here, this isn't funny! This isn't a joke....I need money!" I couldn't believe that she was getting irate with me; most people don't even stop to look at them, yet I've stopped, and I've offered her the last bit of food that I bought for myself, and she has the gall to start raising her voice to me.

      In any case, she walked the other way, and I walked the other way, making sure to call her "a stupid fucking bitch" very loudly, and that put me in a foul mood for a while. It's reasons like these that I just lose my faith in everyone. I do my best to give everyone I see out on the streets at least something; I always make sure to talk to them first, and I always offer food before money if I can, since it sorts out those begging for a fix from those who really do need it.

      Today has been the usual; school, and then back home. I just got the call now, I start at that new job tomorrow, so that's pretty crazy- the whole process took about 25 hours. So, hurrah for me, I suppose.

      I have been feeling really down lately, I'm not sure what it is. I have everything going for me in terms of school and friends and family, but for the most part, I have no confidence in myself. I can't really explain it...I can speak in public with ease; those interviews were a cinch- it's not that kind of confidence I'm lacking. But it just sees to get worse and worse and most night that I'm left by myself I spend quite miserably. I really don't know how to explain it, and this is lengthy anyways, so I will keep that to myself. Here's to tomorrow.

    • Full Halloween Post

      14 years ago


      Here are a couple of pictures, since I am so damn proud of my pirate costume. One of my girlfriends took these; I'm still waiting for some better ones of the explosions and the aftermath. I am very sad, my dad threww out my Homestarrunner "Hey, Steve!" pumpkin before I could take a picture. I'm very impatient and that bastard took hours. *pouts*
      So here we go:

      me being menacing with some of the people at the festivities...I'll slit your throat, yarrr!

      myself and a

      some of the amassed fireworks:

      and one of one of the smoke-can-bombs:

      That's it for now....I hope to have one or two more sometime soon. The destructive power of these smoke bombs must be demonstrated. *grins*

      Here are some of the other pics that I have finally gotten....more pirate-y goodness. I look like a double chinned fruitcake in them, but they show off my costume a bit better. I also have a short movie clip of it, if you MSN me for it. I am glad to make this post complete-

      some more swaggering pirate me.

      those were taken before this....horror of horrors...I have broken my sword! I am unfit to be a pirate. I'm a broken, empty shell of a sea dog.

      a small example of one of the many explosions of the night :)

      and finally, a picture of the aftermath of the smoke bomb. That is my boot, for reference. It got covered in melted tarmac :( (so worth it.) clicky click-

      there you have it- happy after halloween, everyone *smiles brightly*

    • HALLOO0oo0OO0oo0OWEEN

      14 years ago


      Last night was really great...there was much burning and melting to be had by all. Since I don't actually have any of the pictures of last night yet, until I update them, here is one of saturday and my drunken malibu maracas.


      I'll update later when the actual halloween pictures are uploaded. YARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    • yay, back on track!

      14 years ago


      since I have readily accepted this is turning into a series, I just went with it. Any Tucker fans out there?

      I think this one turned out the best yet (which sucks, because caboose is my favourite.) I'm hoping I'll get people who will ask for certain things when I make the rest of the characters. It's more fun when I get input from other people, and usually means they help me pick the best quotes.

      I'm going to go buy fireworks/firecrackers tonight! *dances joyously*
      Completely unrelated, but it made me laugh hysterically:
      my sister just yelled down the stairs, "Anyone seen my spandex?"
      Well, I thought it was funny.

      ...I like me.

      PS: I'm making a shirt that says, "Stop staring at my treads."
      Somebody keeps modding me wayyy down. I guess that's life in the fast lane.

    • blood red moon-

      14 years ago


      Yesterday evening I rented Van Helsing again. It's such a horrible movie, but there's just something about vampires, werewolves, frankenstien, Mr. Hyde, and Kate Beckinsale in a corset that draws you right back in again. Made for a good laugh anyways, as it's one of the stupidest movies ever:
      Hay guys, me and mah vampire hoes filled a castle full of squirmy, putrescent baby things and if we could just get some werewolves to help me find frankenstein's monster to microwave, we can totally bring them all to life! *blinks*
      In any case, it's eye candy, and it's not school work, so I suppose I have no right to complain.
      Today, I worked, and derived a ridiculous amount of pleasure knowing that my boss called in 'sick'. Turns out the head office phoned and she got ROASTED for having that sale. Everyone wins! Evil, cantankerous sales manager gets her comeuppance, customers buy enough gold to sink the British Navy (or the Canadian Navy, twenty-seven times) and weary, deprived li'l red buys herself some nice 14k hoops for under $20.
      Other than that, nothing interesting happened, although there was apparently another snatch and run as I was leaving.
      School was rather boring, and so I slept through most of my lecture. I'm getting very good at it; my neck is strengthening up, and my head doesn't droop continually anymore.
      After class I went up the Harbour Centre tower, which is basically a revolving restaraunt and lookout tower, to watch the lunar eclipse. It wasn't any better than the view from the street, but I got to pose with a whole bunch of Japanese people. <('-')^ Kawaii, crimson-chan!

    • more wallpaper? INSANITY!

      14 years ago


      Since everybody has been so wicked nice about the Caboose wallpapers I put up, I thought I'd try my hand at taking a request. Since brettw_10 asked, I made a Sarge one:

      I somehow get the feeling that this is gonna turn into a whole series, but I'm down with that too. *smiles brightly* so Sarge fans, enjoy.

      Yesterday's exam went alright, and it marked the end of my midterms. That means this is my one week/weekend to live it up. (or at least, moreso than when I have a bajillion assignments.) I'm planning on being a pirate on halloween. I know it's not very exciting, but I really love pirates (YARRRRR) and I have a REALLY wicked hat. *stabs you with my dollar store dagger* I be the terror of the high seas, matey! Anyone ever heard the song, "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate"?

    • CABOSE

      14 years ago


      Since I've gotten so many messages about that Caboose wallpaper in my images, and some actually legitimate criticism *winks* I thought I'd try making a second installment.

      So, instead of studying for my midterm or listening in any of my lectures this morning, I cranked something out in Adobe. *queues vanna white* If I'm going to fail Comm 223 and Anthropology for you folks, I'm going down with style.

      The desktop features more hilarious quotes from the king of comedic stupidity himself, a stylish blue colour scheme, and a hand drawn picture, to take off that hostile edge apparent in the first one. Please note that our good friend has marked his name in the upper corner.

      That being said, click for huge, and please enjoy it. Consider it a gift to all the people who've been so nice to me in the past week, and an extended hand of friendship to those I haven't met yet. The original is still around for anyone who wants it. You have but to ask.

      Now, I'm back off to school to fail that Anthropology midterm, where I shall discourse on group dynamics within the RvB universe as my bullshit human nature studies topic!

    • on the monumental consequences of...

      14 years ago


      ...advertising typos.

      Last night turned out to be a rousing good time, with bad driving, good friends, straw sculptures, McDicks, a metric fuckton of chocolate and those god-sent little powdered donuts. Combine this with a fevered game of monopoly, and I'm having the best night since midterms started, gathering so much money that I have to start using cherry nibs because I've run out of hotels to put on my lots. *grins and taps nose*

      However, I should know better than to let my monopoly games run until four in the morning. Especially when I have to be at work at eight. *pouts and rubs my head* So, running on three hours of sleep, (which shouldn't be hard, but I loooooove to sleep, and a week of papers/midterms/sadistic torture has worn me down) I got to work, and saw that we had to adjust our signage because of a typo in the newspaper.

      It should be known that I work in a jewelery store. And our paper ad was a full page.
      Somehow, our gold jewelry, was 70% off.

      So, instead of trying to explain to every person that came in screaming that they'd better get their little yellow piece of bendy metal at THE BEST ADVERTISED price or they'd call our managers, sue our grandmas, eat our dinners and rape our pets, we just decided to go with it. I mean, why not?

      Because it's nine hours of sheer toture, that's why. *wrinkles nose and collapses* I'm sure some of you work retail, and you know exactly where I'm coming from. For the most part, the day went well, considering there were six staff manning just the gold island ALONE- nevermind everything else- and we all had to work extended hours.
      The last little bit was hell, as customers will scream at you because you don't have any stock left in an effort to vent their frustrations at being too late to buy a pretty bauble.

      I was debating on whether or not to gloat to the REALLY irate ones that I and the rest of the staff had picked the stock over that morning, and there were drawers upon drawers full of gold, right next to their feet. *grins evilly* I just kept it to myself. Makes for a good giggle.

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