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    • bluetard91

      12 years ago


      how long did that take you?!? haha thanks man!

    • KhoasKitty

      13 years ago

      I also just got my black belt.....thats awsome.....and i know the feeling of having to do that long test to approve......where did you go to be taught?.....It only took me 5 years cuz my teacher advanced me like 3 times because of my progress.....like i moved from purple first degree all the way to Green....same thing when i was blue belt......it was awsome!!!!!! Im even now an assistant instroctor....and ive taught a whole class on my own...^_^.....it was awsome.....well just wanted to say hi....and see if i could be your friend?......ttyl cya

    • Hunji_Mofo

      13 years ago

      Want me to watch you? Go here, comment and I will.

    • mejd

      13 years ago

      i love the pics

      may i be ur friend?

    • spartin400

      13 years ago

      dude the pillow video was funny

    • bowchikawow

      13 years ago

      socom 3 rules... sry if it was by the slightest random lol

    • Deadaim357

      13 years ago

      hey dude thats funny did u make that movie of the army guys urself??

    • grifcano

      14 years ago

      he's right it is funny

    • dandman3039

      14 years ago

      hey guys go here it's wicked funny warthog high jump for thoes of you that havn't seen it!!!!
      Just copy and paste the link above in the address bar.

    • dandman3039

      14 years ago


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