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    • I'm on a show!!!!!!

      2 years ago


      Although there's no episodes out yet because they're still in post, I'm the co-anchor of Fullerton Titan TV's tech news show, Tech On! I'd write a whole novel here about how I'm excited about it but... I already wrote one on my blog I never update. Maybe go check that out and whenever the shows get uploaded I'll post them here (if I remember!). 


    • Living on My Own for the First Time... Kind Of

      2 years ago


      So here I am. Sunday night in my undergrad apartment. Three bedroom, two bathroom, nice but small kitchen, open living room, and quaint dining space. Oh, and five other girls live her aside from myself. So saying I'm living on my own for the first time is... well, it's not entirely true. However this is my first move from my childhood home after living there for 21 years.

      Luckily, the first week of living here/going to school was not as awful as I dreaded to be. However everything I was worried would happen did. Hurt myself, got sick, had my good old time of the month, and had a migraine. But you know what? I made it through. Some of those things I would've let get to me a week ago but I'm already barreling on through them.

      I'm really surprised how homesick I'm not. Like believe you me, I am homesick. I love my parents and my brother, but living away from home is been pretty liberating thus far. Be responsible for myself is super fulfilling and has given me more of the feeling of adulthood (next step is the driver's license... but that's a different story.) I may be saying all this prematurely as I've only been here 8 days total and I went home for the last four. Things have been going pretty great so far.

      There's been a lot of down time between going to class, homework, and socializing. I decided on a sponsorship because why not? I've been wanting to watch Day 5 and Crunch Time as well as Theater Mode. I wish I could bring my xbone out here, but according to our RA, the internet is not good enough to run xbox live which is a bummer. No GTA stunt races for this old gal.

      But yeah. I like my apartment. My roommate is cool and my suite mates are more than tolerable. Maybe I'll check in again sometime soon to update you guys.

    • why it do this

      3 years ago


      I made this long ass post about living on my own (ish) and my browser decided that clicking post wasn't okay and got rid of it and IM TOTALLY NOT MAD

    • Grateful

      3 years ago


      You're looking at a recently changed from entertainment/tourism comm. major into a cinema/tv comm. major. Can I get a what-what?

      I've been feeling really emotional tonight about a lot of things (mostly because I move out in less than 20 days and I'm only freaking out a tiny bit), but the one I'm gonna talk about is why I'm at where I am in terms of education.

      Last summer, I chose a major and a university. Before that, I was so lost. I started going to community college in 2013 and was upset because I went in without a major. The classes I was taking were just to fulfill the basic requirements needed to go to any university whenever I decided on what I would study. To go through school not knowing where you'll end up is stressful and tiring, to take classes that may not even help you is depressing. School wasn't fun for me until I picked my major.

      I think I've posted about this whole thing before, but I finally chose to go into production for cinema and television due to the creation of FunHaus. I saw my opportunity to possibly work for Rooster Teeth right in my beloved home state of California. I set a goal for myself and even let myself understand that even if I didn't work for the company, I'd still have an incredible drive to work in the industry.

      But I was hesitant at first. My brother is a film student graduate with no film career and only a few sets that he worked on. To say the least, I was scared to go into an industry that if you don't have a foot in the door or know someone who can get you through the cracks that you'd be fucked. I think a big reason that I had no major for two and a half years was because I did really want to work in film and television, but I saw the way things worked for my brother and I didn't want things to end up that way for me.

      I don't care now. This is something that I had a taste of and I'm craving to learn more. I start my first semester at university next fall, taking a screenwriting class, intro to film and tv, aesthetics of film class, television production, and a woman in society class (that's for upper level GE requirements). I am so excited to push myself and learn to be the most useful and flexible person on a set.

      Rooster Teeth, FunHaus, Achievement Hunter, everybody in this fucking company: thank you. I owe you big time on this. You drove me to pick my dream in life and work at it. Whether or not we cross paths in terms of working together, you are my biggest inspirations. Someday, I'm gonna impress you all.

    • Dapper Chats - A Table Talk Series

      3 years ago


      Hey guys! It's been a while since I've post here on the site. Since the last we spoke, I've conceptualized and made real a series on my YouTube channel I think I'm gonna really enjoy doing. It's called 'Dapper Chats'. Basically, it'll be myself and one to two others sitting down and talking about a subject that connects us all. For example, the first episode includes myself talking with my friends Josh and Amy and our connecting subject for this video is that we're all bisexual individuals. I'm hoping to make episodes of this at least once a month as I need to connect with people that interested in making the series with me. Go ahead and check out the first episode and subscribe to my channel!


    • Dear Anxiety

      3 years ago


      Please stop. Please leave me alone. Give me peace. Let me rest. Stop attacking me so often.



    • Thank you, Rooster Teeth

      3 years ago


      Three years ago, I started community college with no real goals. I was taking classes just for the sake of fulfilling general education requirements. No major, no real drive to even go to school, no nothing. I dreaded stepping foot on campus because there was nothing really keeping me there.

      In that same year, I found Rooster Teeth. It was something I'd never really seen before. A company that was really only based on video game related content. I was hooked from the first Achievement Hunter video and haven't stopped watching ever since. There's just something about the community and the members of RT that make me happy and always wanting to come back for more.

      Flash forward to last summer, summer of 2015. I needed to to pick a major and a school to go to. I had thrown ideas of what I wanted to do. Maybe psychology, but there were too many classes I didn't want to take. Women's studies looked fun, but the job world didn't look very good with that backing me up. I was scared and worried that there was nothing I wanted to do.

      But then I had a thought. I love production. Editing, shooting, acting, lighting. All aspects of things I had done in broadcasting my freshman year of high school and in theatre were things I really loved. My brother being a film major helped inspire that. But I also really loved what Rooster Teeth was doing. They were a production company that was filled with many well spoken, intelligent people that also loved video games.

      So I said to myself, "You wanna do that, don't you? Whether it's with Rooster Teeth or not, that's exactly what you want to do." I went in to see a counselor at my college. After about an hour of talking, we figured it out. A communications major. That was what was going to finally make college enjoyable. I'd take writing classes, speech classes, but more excitingly, production classes.

      Come October, it was time to apply to a university to finally attend after three years of community college. I applied to CSUF and CSULB under a communications major, anxious and worried that they might not even want me. But my mind was geared for learning and ready for progression because I had a goal. I wanted to be like all the people I had admired at Rooster Teeth. I was ready to learn what I needed to be able to work at a company like that.

      December 2nd, 2015. After a long day away from home, I turned on my computer as I was settling in for bed. I opened up my email and saw a reply from CSUF, my top choice school. Upon opening it, I saw the word 'admitted' and I screamed. I cried. I did it. Finally having a purpose got me a future - at least for the next few years. It was the most exciting moment of the entire year.

      So why am I writing this? Why is this important? Well, because Rooster Teeth got me inspired for picking my educational path. I chose communications because it really was going to help me broadly learn a lot of the things they do at the company. Without immersing myself in a let's play community through RT, I would still be picking through the hundreds of majors out there.

      I got my dream. I have a goal. I know where I'm going and it's because of Rooster Teeth's employees, content, and community. Thank you.

    • I never knew I'd have a cool semester?

      3 years ago


      Dude, like, next semester I'm in the coolest classes I've taken since starting community college. TV production, podcasting, news writing, and interpersonal communication. Fuck, man. I love my major so much. I can't wait to go to university next year and learn so much STUFF. I've even thought about applying to local television stations and like holy shit, dude. Who knew I'd be super hyped on this? Not me. I thought three years ago I wanted to be a psych major. Fuck that. Well, actually, I still respect psychology and think it's cool, but it's not for me. I'm finally so happy with my education!!!

    • Livin' that sponsor life now

      3 years ago


      I guess it was a matter of time before I actually paid for sponsorship. Time to watch all the things

    • Busy

      4 years ago


      I didn't realize I'd actually be this summer with actually shit I gotta do. Three days a week I'm in rehearsal and I still have three more weeks of a six week online astronomy class. It's not a lot a lot, but like, it's more previous summers. I don't know. This feels weird to admit, but I'm getting more and more grown up. I've sent out an email to someone I'm interested in working with or at least talking to about career help. I've got a major. I don't know. It's all coming together. I guess I should probably get my license now, but like hey, I don't have a car drive when I do so why should I? Cue nervous laughter. Anywho, yeah, grown up, me. Is this really happening?

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      Hi. Welcome to the site. :)

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      Welcome to this site' :p

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