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    • fasgfagh

      13 years ago


      I hate u JesKid

    • Wow, school is not fun!!!!

      13 years ago


      Yeah, so i'm sitting here in my BMMT (muisness managment and marketing technology) class and i'm bored as hell. I've had my work done for about 30 minutes and have had nothing to do rofl!

      Anyways, i'm still a little mad about losing all my karma levels, but thats slowly wearing off. Anyways, i know that no-one reads these journals of mine, and frankly i dont care. Its just something to do when i'm bored, or i think i might have something cool to say that uninteresting to others!

    • This is Weird

      13 years ago


      Ok, so i log on yesterday and i'm karma lvl 24 almost 25 with alot of mods that i was gonna use to host my contest with....

      I log on today and i'm a wopin -1 karma....WTF?!?!?!

      if anyone can figure out why this happened, please drop me a line and let me know!

    • Boring life!

      14 years ago


      After an exciting and completely non-uneventful weekend, i'm back to my boring life of sitting at my computer listening to music and playing games! :(

    • Here and back again....

      14 years ago


      A Darkarc's tale of how going to chicago and back went....

      to be posted tomorrow, when he has gotten some sleep because he has been up for the last 39 hours straight!


      14 years ago


      Apparently my mom likes giving me bullshit about how i'm only 16, and even though i'm gonna be with 40 other peeps from RvB , that i'm sure arent going to kidnapp me, she says i cant go to fucking chicago!

      I am SOO FUCKING PISSED!!!!!

      i called off work, and have been trying so hard to go just to have it all get fucked up!

      To whoever is going, hope u have a wonderful fucking time and enjoy chicago, and to Jeskid, Congratz man again, Shades of Gray really deserved this and is definately going to be the best film there!!!!

    • Getting back to work...

      14 years ago


      I finally got back to work on the Insagne Studios site today! I added a forum so we can maybe get some feedback that we've had the lack there of in our e-mail.

      N.E. ways, i'm starting to get back to work on that when i can and we at the Insage Studios staff hope to be getting more videos up soon since we have ou mic working again.

      Also, drop by and visit Free Eagle Productions which is a soon to be affiliate of Insagne Studios, and whom i'm voiceing an character for in they're upcoming series, Delta Spartans.

      Ok well, i think i've dragged this journal on for long enough, talk to yall later, and I STILL CANT WAIT FOR AUG. 14th TO GET HERE!!!!!!!

    • Aug. 13th cant get here soon enough!

      14 years ago


      I've been sitting around the house the last week waiting ever so patiently for Aug. 13 to get here! I want to get out of this house and go to chicago so bad but it seems like time is just dragging.

      Ohwell i'll manage...

    • Anime Reactor - October

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      Hey, Anime reactor happening in October as some of u may know, and i was just wondering if anyone is gonna be going! Some friends and i are gonna be getting a room at the hotel and spending the whole weekend there! Well, if anyone is going, drop me a line, would be kewl to see some of ya there!

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    • Insagne Studios

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      Hello to all fair machinima lovers!

      My friend and i Skeedrick, or on RvB Junkiemonkey, have made Insagne studios!

      We are a machinima maker like most of your who get a kick out of RvB and love making machinima for the fun of it! We are currently working on a Machinima Mini series called "The Pyramid of Power" and also a Halo 2 commercial series.

      Our site is Insagne Studios Home If you want to check it out.

      On the site you'll find that the Halo 2 commercial series has been slowed down because Skeedrick has lost his copy of halo 2, but we will be workling on our mini series Pyramid of Power, which is based in Halo.

      Now, some of you might remember us as the creators of the "Hell on Earth" epic drama/comedy series! We are saddened to say that we have cancled this project due to our overall laziness and total lose of interest in the series.

      If you want to contact us, our e-mail is insagnestudios@gmail.com, or u can drop me a line at everbane2000@hotmail.com!

      Thankyou for your time, and now i will continue onto my long, and uneventfull life :P

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    • MyRideIsTex

      14 years ago

      Hey! This is (MyRideIsTex), duh, lol. You are #178 on my "I will talk to all 600 of my friends" tour. Laters.

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