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    • The Beginning of a new series!

      14 years ago


      With this journal i bring great news...yes!

      Along with the FAQ section fully finished on Insagne Studios, Skeedrick and I have made a new Video! And this new video can only be found at Insagne Studios and is the beginning to a new Machinima mini series by Insagne Studios!

      You should check it out. We at Insagne Studios Believe that its one of the best vids we've put out so far, and cant wait to continue on with the mini series, and our commercial series (Once we find skeedricks copy of halo 2 that is).

      Here are some fun links for you to play around with!!!

      Insagne Studios

      Warthog Commercial

      Pyramid of Power (The machinima mini series) Character intro

      Have fun and enjoy!!! Also, i'll be finishing the Links page either tonight or tomorrow! on Insagne Studios that is!!! :P

    • Insagne Studios Site Up!!!!!!!!

      14 years ago


      The site is finally up and runnign witht he new design! We got the home page and the media page up and will be getting the FAQ and links page done by tomorrow! The site is looking pretty sweet and the vids are pretty good! except the warthog commercial with a few spelling mistakes. BUT anyways, feel free to check out the site, that is if u want too of course!

      Insagne Studios Home

    • We Shot anyways!!!

      14 years ago


      So anyways, Skeedrick a.k.a skeet, came down and even though he had lost his halo 2, we got to shoot our news update with the original halo. So, if u wanna check it out, have at it...

      6-15 2005 Insage Studios Interactive News Update

      We're really hoping to get the site up soon, even with all the problems we're having with dreamweaver and such.


      14 years ago


      Ok so anyways, i decided to put up the new website designg for The Insagne Studios Home Page.

      So i booted up dreamweaver, loading the images and a bunch of shit, and started the work. After much yelling at the monitor and slamming the mouse through my desk, i gave up.

      Even though i sometimes enjoy web design, i really hate it more. Maybe if i had another program, i would save money on buying mouses for my comp.

      N.E ways, sense the site is big time busted now for a bit, heres a link to our warthog commercial.

      The Warthog commercial Right Click Save as

      P.S. Please forgive me on the spelling mistakes at the end, i have to fix them still rofl!

    • Man Skeet, I cant believe it!

      14 years ago


      So anyways, as some of u may know, JunkieMonkey and i are the producers at Insagne Studio productions. Sure we're a bit slow getting teh site done, but i assure u its well on its way.

      Insage Studios

      N.e. ways, Skeet (JunkieMonkey) came over to my house tonight because we were gonna film the scorpion commercial and a news clip, but low and behold, HE LOST HIS HALO 2 COPY! So....that took out that.

      We ended up recording the audio for the news clip and are hoping to find his halo 2 within the next couple days so we can finish some filming!

      If anyone does actually care about our site, lmao, we're sry for the delays, and if u have any complaints or just wanna say hey, e-mail us at insagnestudios@gmail.com, and yell at skeet!

    • Awsome independant films!

      14 years ago


      Just surfing around RvB yesterday, i looked into the profile of Jeskid!

      After just looking through it and around, i decided to go watch his independant film, "Shades of Gray"

      After reading some reviews of it while the download was in progress, i got really interested in it! I ran to the kitchen, poped a bag of popcorn, some mountain dews, and sat down for the feature presentation.

      Now, i've watched alot of independant films, and this is probably one of the better ones by far. They didnt lose their story line, it was serious and funny, they mixed both the aspects together well!

      At the end of the movie, i had gotten more mountain dew on my shirt then in my mouth i was laughing so hard. If u ever get teh time, i highly recomend this independant film!

      also if u have time, check out the multimedia section on their site! They have some seriously funny shit that u wont want to miss!!!!

      Last, thankyou Jeskid for the link to one of the best independant films i have ever seen!

    • Man, bored again

      14 years ago


      just sitting around! been swimming alot and getting ready for my sisters graduation party tomorrow! Been swimming the last 6 days, and oh man do my arms fucking hurt lol! at least i'm getting a nice tan, under the sunburn that is!

      N.E. ways, the insagne studio site is goign quite well! Vallsack is doing a great job on it but he had to start over! he lost the last layout due to a power outage int he middle of working on it and didnt get it saved. We're hoping to have it up within a week! but noone knows what could happen, or how lazy we might become!

      well, i have to get back to the family!

    • Boredom hits!

      14 years ago


      Dont you just hate those nights where your sitting in front of your computer and you just have nothing to do?

      Like where u want to do something, but you dont know what to do?

      Yeah, so thats me tonight, bored as hell, wanting to do something, but not knowing what to do! God i hate this!

    • A Step into my boring life!

      14 years ago


      What happened today....

      Shit....Shit.....Shit...Shit.....ummmm.....more shit....and more boring shit!

      Thankyou and i hope you have enjoyed todays presentation!


      Yea...thats mee saying fuck the world! lol

    • Gah, havnt been here in awhile!

      14 years ago


      Hola all ye of fair RvB!

      I havnt been on the site in quite awhile, well i have actually, just havnt been updating my profile and such. N.E. ways, from all those who have had me on their friends list before and saw all the photoshopping i did, i will eb adding it again to my images.

      Anywho all ye whom are fair. Thou shall be playing xbox live more often. Look me up. Game name "Darkarc"

      So on and so forth, all ye who have attended Acen speak now, or forever shall you hold your peace.

      Acen rocked. I was kinda disapointed because there wasnt as much to do there as there was at Anime Reactor, which i'm going to again in october, but it was good. Got a whole bunch of shit including tons of eva figures, some shirts, manga, and of corse, anime, and hentai.

      Well, theres an update for you. Until next time i deside to post all ye of fair rooster teeth worshippers.

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