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      Sonys Dissappointment Timelime

      8 years ago

      Quoted from Gamespot

      We all know Sony has been taking a lot of bad press from the PS3, but lets take a look back at the year that has lead us to the Nov. 17th release date.

      First, we start with Sony itself. Yes, I was going to only make a timeline of the PS3 news, but how can you ignore this arrogance from late 2005?

      Nov. 10th, 2005 - Sony is caught hiding a rootkit inside music CD's that place a virus on users computer. Sony's Tom Hesse defends the decision by stating that people don't know what it is, so they shouldn't care

      Now that we know Sony cares about us, lets move on to the PS3...

      Feb. 27th, 2006 - Sony misses it's Spring launch date
      May 8th, 2006 - Sony holds it's E3 conference announcing the pricing of the PS3 at $600/$500
      May 8th, 2006 - New PS3 controller will have six degrees of motion, but no rumble feature. Sony's Phil Harrison states that rumble was last gen and no longer needed.
      May 31st, 2006 - Sony's Phil Harrison denies copying the Wiimote and states that the PS3 will replace the PC
      Sept 6th, 2006 - PS3 is delayed in Europe until March 2007
      Sept 6th, 2006 - PS3 launch shipment is cut from 2 million to 400,000 in the US (100,000 to Japan)
      Sept 8th, 2006 - Sony's President admits that the company's hardware is in a current state of decline
      Sept 26th, 2006 - PS3 first-party titles announced to be the same price as third party titles, at $59.99
      Sept 26th, 2006 - Square Enix will not exclusively support Sony's PS3 as much as they did with the PS2.
      Sept 29th, 2006 - Sony's President Ken Kutaragi states that his company does not care about the Xbox 360 and Wii competition.
      October 12th, 2006 - Sony Exec calls the 360 and Wii "too expensive"
      October 19th, 2006 - The infamous spec sheet comparison and how Sony claims the Xbox 360 requires HD-DVD to play games
      October 20th, 2006 - Announced that Sony may have to replace your PS3 controller for you after it no longer holds charge
      October 24th, 2006 - Sony sinks Lik-Sang
      October 26th, 2006 - Sony's Q2 profits decrease by 94%
      October 28th, 2006 - Sony president Ken Kutaragi said he expects the PS3 to be capable of running games at a stunning 120fps
      October 30th, 2006 - PS3 will push Sony $1.71 billion into the red
      October 31st, 2006 - Japan launch of the PS3 is cut to 80,000 units
      Nov 8th, 2006 - Sony ships without update. You must update your PS3 out of the box in order to use PlayStation Network
      Nov 9th, 2006 - NBA Live 2007 is cancelled on the PS3
      Nov 9th, 2006 - Oblivion is pushed back from launch title to Jan 2007
      Nov 10th, 2006 - Sony's Phil Harrison states that he can no longer confirm a March 2007 launch for Europe
      Nov 11th, 2006 - PS3 launches in Japan and rewards few
      Nov 11th, 2006 - Sony unprepared for Japan launch
      Nov 14th, 2006 - Sony will miss 400,000 unit target for the US. Approx 150k to 200k will be shipped for launch
      Nov 14th, 2006 - PS3 has backwards compatibility problems
      Nov 16th, 2006 - PS3 downscales 720p games instead of upscaling to 1080i
      Nov 16th, 2006 - Sony's Jack Tretton comments on the PS3 BC problems and states that the Wii has 0 backwards compatibility
      Nov 20, 2006 - NYT not impressed with PS3
      Nov 21, 2006 - PS3, PSP Rainbow Six held till '07
      Nov 23, 2006 - Saving Sony, one console at a time
      Nov 26, 2006 - More PS3 exclusives head to 360
      Nov 26, 2006 - Bloomberg: Sony missed PS3 ship targets
      Nov 30, 2006 - Sony shuffles senior execs
      Nov 30, 2006 - Analyst: "I cannot imagine a PlayStation 4"
      Dec 4, 2006 - Sony Australia: Wii "More Fun" than PS3
      Dec 8, 2006 - Court rules for Immersion; Sony to pay up
      Dec 11, 2006 - Industry watchers weigh in on "record-low tie ratios" for Wii and PS3 and other results from the month of the new systems' debut.
      Dec 19, 2006 - Time says PS3 was a bust
      Dec 21, 2006 - Virtua Fighter 5 dukes it out on Xbox 360
      Dec 21, 2006 - Sony filed a patent for wiimote style hand-held controler

      While it's not all of Sony's fault, they have done little to apologize for their delays and arrogant statements. It's a bad trend that they've started, and the more they continue the more we'll be seeing article after article on Gamespot.....day after day about something else they've done to flaw the PS3's image.

      I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flaming cow responses, but hey that's expected. I can understand their crankiness b/c I know I'd hate to be in their shoes atm. Hopefully Sony will have some sort of eye-opener to the amount of distaste they've started among gaming consumers, and will get back to what they used to do best.

      WII60 FTW!!!!!!!!!

    • darkwhisp3r

      Gmod House

      8 years ago

      Me and thenext4 made an awsome house in gmod 10.. check it


    • darkwhisp3r

      [2HAWT] Contest Winners

      8 years ago

      Yea I was waiting awhile to give the award but the winners are..


      XXXruinerXXX - Kari Sweet


      Edher - Eva Longoria

      afropuff - Jessica Alba

      PhoDacBiet - Yukie Kawamura (Top One)

      thenext4 - Morgan Webb

    • darkwhisp3r

      [2HAWT] Contest

      8 years ago

      This is the sequel to my contest. For those of you who are new, its basically post the hottest picture of a girl. At the end of the week I will judge them, and the winner will get 50 mods.


      -You may make ONE post containing ONE pic
      -Your post MUST contain the name of the girl featured
      -You may repost a girl that has already been posted as long as the photo is different
      -Your pictures must comply with Red Vs Blue Standards (no nudity, etc.)

      I will be the judge on who has posted the hottest. The winner will take home 50 mods. There is only one winner that recieves mods. Second and Thrid will just get kudos on having good taste smiley0.gif .

      GIRLS POST TOO this isnt just for guys!

      Have Fun

    • darkwhisp3r

      New iPod Video

      8 years ago

      Yea i just got a black 30gb. Its the new 5th generation,.. its pretty sweet, i was watching borat today in 16th century world history class smiley0.gif

      also its getting pretty cold up here in canada... gunna be -1 overnight.. so im thinkin about havin another [HAWT] contest... hehe


    • darkwhisp3r

      In Game Advertising Goes Too Far

      9 years ago

      OMG... check this out... a screenshot from an NPC in Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World.


      In Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World, a forum goer Scero found an NPC that told him about the Dungeon Siege PSP game and offered him a code for it, as well as saying the PSP game had a code for items in the game he was playing. Way to help suspend disbelief. Even worse, this "ad" was voiced by the character. Wanting to advertise in a game is fine, but I think this is kind of sick; characters in games should not try to talk to you about other games the developers want you to buy.

    • darkwhisp3r

      TSRP Server

      9 years ago

      Ive been working on a The Specialists Roleplaying Server for like 2 days lol. Its a long process but it should be up soon. Everything i think i need as far as plugins go and stuff is working good.

      If anyone plays on these servers and have any plugin recommendations just post em.

      The server im running is like one of the only TSRP servers that are actually running on a real server and not some home pc.

      Server Specs
      Dual Pentium 3 750 Mhz
      768 MB of Error Correcting RAM
      20 GB IBM Hardrive

      It isnt very good compared to tdays standards but its overkill for a half life 1 mod server lol

    • darkwhisp3r

      Flight Simulator X Demo

      9 years ago

      So far looks promising.. alot of indepth options are gone like AA and shit.. and u can only start off in some shit ass places in the middle of nowhere... and there is only a few planes.. not really worth the download in my opionion.. id rather just continue play 2004 untill X is released. anyways excited for it smiley0.gif

    • darkwhisp3r

      The Coolest Toilet EVER!

      9 years ago

      Here is a pic of a public toilet is Switzerland. You can see out but ppl can see in. Pretty cool but I would still be kinda uncomfortable takin a piss in there.

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      7 years ago

      Hey hows it going? Im down in London

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      7 years ago

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      vote for the car of the year 2007

      vote here


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      you look fine az hell

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      cod 3 kicks ass

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      Happy 10th Anniversary

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      8 years ago

      hey how are you doing

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      dude, you need to make another journal

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      hey wasup

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      8 years ago

      Hey, why can't you be awarded by Burnie. (And your the second Greg I've seen on the site. It's cool cuz I know very few is all.)