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      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      This is a journal about the people I met up with on my big trip. Just the people, not sights or anything (except insofar as they relate to the people). Because that was the whole point after all, right? Here we go:

      Jedipoet - Poet is a fun guy. We had a blast like every minute, even when we were driving around completely lost looking for comic books or when we were fending off zombie homeless people, we were having a great time. If you get the chance, hang out with this fucking guy, completely worthwhile. Also, he drives a girl car and is eerily similar to his mom in many respects.

      Cubsfan - Just met up with him to grab a hamburger before my train at a restaurant with a racist name. We have a lot of the same interests, though, and a great conversation. I could have talked to this dude all day.

      Sharpasatack - Tack was a busy guy, but I got to spend like a whole day with him when we drove to Fools' house and back. He's basically exactly what you'd expect if you've ever listened to Retcast. Also, I probably wasn't catching him at his best after the whole incident with ... that girl. So, yeah.

      Foolsfolly - Fools lives out in creepy yet picturesque hillbilly land. He's like this intelligent, geeky oasis in the middle of a cultural wasteland ... unless your idea of culture includes like trees and rednecks and stuff. No judgment here. Awesome fun guy, though, and if you're not too worried about getting shot you can probably meet shoeless Fools, his horses (he named one Serenity), and his mighty beard.

      Raynos - I love this guy. He's a total sweetheart, really nice. He looks like a redheaded hobbit, only taller. His car is named Kaylee, and she's pretty nice too. I didn't see him fly anything or save any lives, but I hear he can do both of those things.

      Veela - Very interesting lady, and the three of us had fun hanging out (she belongs to Raynos ^). Geeky jewelry maker. You should buy some from her or something. Unless, like me, you don't wear earrings and stuff.

      Morelikepuma - Raynos and I were at his house all night, sometimes on his bed. It wasn't like that. ... Seriously. ... I don't have to defend myself to you!! Anyway, very good with the conversationalisms, this guy. Also, he's like everybody's best friend and is always talking to people on the phone, but not me. Great stories. He told us one about illegal substances. Then he drank a giant thing of Irish cream, got moderately drunk and wanted to record Retcast, but we did not. So, yeah, good times.

      Colonelmcmuf - McMuf is in the military. So I totally did not sleep on the floor in his room where he's not supposed to have guests and shit, and it was totally not really convenient and money-saving for me. He also doesn't have a collection of pipes that he smokes where he's not supposed to and a closet ostensibly filled with pizza boxes, but which could actually have had anything in it, including the chopped up pieces of his neighbor who he hates but who I never saw. He's the model soldier guy, and when we played xbox I was his cousin.

      Ren - Ren is awesome. She's super reserved, and we got to bond over our mutual distaste for roller coasters as we sat outside and let mcmuf ride them. I feel like the two of us totally got each other. She's one of my favorites. No hugs, though. Touching ist verboten. Underneath it all, she's completely sweet, though.

      Chipperhalf - This is the second time I've met Chipper, and I swear, she is quite possibly just the all-around best person I know. I don't say that just because she gave me free video games (which was awesome by the way). She's just got like this caring, generous spirit about her. If I could custom design like the perfect friend, it wouldn't be exactly like Chelsea in every way, but anyone who knew her would find the two eerily similar.

      DarthJ3sus - Dude is tall. The three of us saw a movie and had dinner and stuff. He's very New York, but in a good way. Extremely nice, and like the only person I met on my trip who had actually read the Dresden Files. So big points right there. I liked him. If I'm ever back in NYC, we'll have to hang out more.

      Filmgeek - Fellow mod and all-around awesome guy. He let me see a movie for free in his theater and then took me to an after-party where I hung out with his friends while he was networking. Then he stayed up with me till 3 AM while I washed clothes, and we played Halo, and I defeated him consistently, which made me feel good about myself. There's a reason why everyone loves this guy, and I don't mean his lack of Halo skills. He's really great.

      Baraxis - Also pretty much exactly what you'd expect from Retcast, though even skinnier than you might imagine. Dude cooks a mean potato wedge, let me tell you. I had such a good time with these Canadian folks, and they were so nice that they might almost be Canadian stereotypes.

      Maeghan - My description of Baraxis kind of bled into what I would say about her a bit. She is super cute, though. I don't just mean like looks, but other definitions of the word as well, I think. These two are completely perfect for each other from what I could tell, though she might be a bit more mature than him. I say perfect, but I suppose they could have been hiding their violent disagreements while I was there. Hard to say. But, Maeghan, if you ever get tired of his backseat mario karting and his poor band leadership, you should totally give me a call (you mind passing that message along, Baraxis? Thanks, buddy).

      Continued in comments ...

    • What do you think?

      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      I read a Cracked article that says people outside of the state have no idea what this is. So now I'm curious if that's true.

    • Names have power

      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      Fantasy writers say things like that all the time, but the statement remains true without ever bringing anything mythical, magical, or metaphysical into it. If nothing else, names have the power of familiarity, and familiarity means comfort. If you know something's name, you can put it in a little box in your mind, a box with a label and a description with innumerable little headings. Strengths, weaknesses, fears, dangers, likes, dislikes, hair color, favorite pizza topping, etc. Knowing a thing's name can make the most dangerous creatures in the world perfectly manageable because you know what to be careful of and how to protect yourself. 

      That having been said, names have more power than that. There's a reason I don't go around handing my name out to people if I can avoid it. Sometimes, of course, there's no getting around it without flat out lying, which is probably going a little far. When the guy sitting next to me on the train holds out his hand and says, "I'm ______, by the way," social niceties sort of dictate that you respond in kind (I say ------) because I've already forgotten his name). Then a few minutes later I was reminded of a very good reason to avoid that when we both went to the dining car, sat at different tables and I heard him tell someone, "I'm sitting by Data (sub my real name there), and he's going to Richmond. That's him over there at that table." Names are power, but your name is only power in relation to you, in other words, power that a complete stranger is more than happy to simply hand out to anyone. 

      It may be paranoia rather than reasonable caution, and names are easy enough to come by (mine is on a sign in my cubicle at work, which I would remove if I could), but my problem is like Pandora's in that once the thing is out of the box, you can't get it back in, and there's no telling where it will go. I'd be lying if I said that thought didn't gnaw at me just a little bit.

    • Just a note

      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      For anyone who isn't already, I encourage you to follow my continuing advenures on Twitter. The name is datalaughing. I will probably be tweeting frequently on my trip right up till I cross the Canadian border. International data charges are unacceptable.

    • It has begun.

      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      Given that I am now sitting in the airport at DFW, I think we can safely say that my trip is officially underway.

      I'll be seeing many of you soon. For anyone else, you suck. Though, if anyone is going to be in the towns I'm visiting (particularly Chicago, Aug. 4-5, which is looking a bit lonely, damn you, Rekon) there's still time to let me know.

      And if you're one of the people I'm supposed to meet, and we haven't exchanged phone #s yet, send me a pm please.

      Next stop, Las Vegas.

    • 9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right
    • 9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right
    • World Leader Fantasy Fights is BAAACK!!!

      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      Well, it's been a long time since the last round of this. I just got to thinking about it, and I figured, why not finish it off? We're to the quarter-finals at this point anyway. And if anyone doesn't remember, all the better. It will help make things fresh again.
      For the uninitiated, these are one-on-one battles between the characters I will be describing. It's a single-elimination tournament (just like life). First off, I'll give the results of the previous round, complete with little fight descriptions, and then I'll give you the combatants for this round. Vote in a journal comment, choosing the one person you think would win from each of the current round fights.

      Anyway, here are the results from that previous round:

      Genghis Khan vs. George Washington
      After having kicked the shit out of Charlemagne, Genghis doesn't have a lot of respect for these leaders from the West, and on Washington's side, it took him about 5 whole seconds to chop Chairman Mao into bite-sized chunks. So ol' George is thinking this is gonna be a cakewalk. So not a lot of respect for the opponent on either side of the fight here, but the overconfidence can only pay off for one of them.
      Washington shows up with his cherry-tree-chopping axe again, but one quick swipe from the Khan's scimitar, and the American general is left holding a shortened piece of wooden axe handle and seriously reconsidering his position. Another swipe comes before he can form a new plan of action, and he's left with nothing above the shoulders. East beats West.

      Abraham Lincoln vs Vlad Tepes
      In their previous fights, Vlad impaled the shit out of Saddam and Lincoln came out on top in the duel of the beards by spinning Castro's neck around 180 degrees for him. So now it's Honest Abe vs Dracula.
      Vlad, true to his nickname came prepared with an armful of pointy sticks to impale the Great Emancipator with. Unfortunately for him, Lincoln came prepared with a rifle. A shot rings out, but it's a little off the mark and hits Vlad in the shoulder. It does make him drop several of his pointy sticks, but now he's pissed. "That was my impaling arm!" He rushes Lincoln with his biggest pointiest stick forward, but the injury and being forced to impale left-handed has put him off his game a bit. Lincoln dodges, snatches the stick, spins around, and smacks his opponent in the head with the blunt side.
      Vlad hits the ground hard, losing his grip on the rest of his pointy things. As he scrambles to retrieve one, Abe walks up to finish him off, but before he can deliver the blow, Vlad gets a hold of one of his weapons and jams it down into the president's foot. Lincoln lets out a howl of pain and several very un-presidential swear words, but instead of backing off, he's just more pissed than before and brings the pointy end of the stick down on Vlad's back, going right through the infamous ruler's heart and ending the fight.
      Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, in stores now.

      The Quarter Finals Begin!

      First up:
      Leonidas vs Napoleon

      So far this game, Leonidas has carved his way through England's Lord Nelson and France's Joan of Arc. Now it's time for him to face the Corsican Ogre. Leonidas was one of the kings of Sparta, which makes him the king badass of possibly the most badass society of all time. Legend says the man was descended from Heracles. He led 300 of his Spartans (and a bunch of other Greek dudes) in a fight against the might of the entire Persian empire, and he was kicking their Persian asses until a traitor let the Persians in behind them. After he was dead, Xerxes ordered his head be cut off and his body crucified, because you don't want to take any chances with a guy like this.

      The Little Corporal wasted Robert E. Lee and Richard the Lionheart to make it this far. Let's see if he can keep the momentum going. Napoleon pretty much conquered all of Europe with the French army. Yeah, just let the sink in for a minute. This guy's tactical genius changed the way people fought wars. He personally led troops in battle pretty much anywhere in Europe you can think of. The entire continent had to band together to stop him. And then a few years later, he came back ready to start over again. When the pope pissed him off, Napoleon annexed the papal states and imprisoned the pope for 5 years. Then he imprisoned 13 cardinals because they did not attend his wedding. Basically, you didn't mess with this guy unless you had an awful lot of guys backing you up.

      Teddy Roosevelt vs George Patton

      Teddy has bull-moosed his way through Hong Xiuquan and Hannibal of Carthage thus far in this tournament. Roosevelt was physically weak as a kid, asthma and stuff basically meant that his parents hardly wanted to let him out of the house. How did he respond to this? Through sheer determination and force of will, he trained his own weak body to be awesome. Smart and badass, he went to Harvard where and did some boxing. He became police commissioner in New York City where he famously began a campaign to weed out corruption on the force. He was busy whipping the Department of the Navy into shape when the Spanish American War broke out. Being Teddy Roosevelt, he couldn't sit around in Washington when there was an opportunity to be fucking awesome. So he quit his job and personally went out to find the most badass mother fuckers there were to be found and put them together in one group called the Rough Riders, who he then led into battle. This is all before he became the youngest president in US history, won the Nobel Peace Prize, built the Panama Canal, etc.

      Running out of room. Patton description in comment

    • Last Airbendercast

      9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right

      So the plan is for me to appear on Retcast to discuss The Last Airbender. Probably going to record Sunday or Monday after we've all had a chance to see it. Presumably there will also be other topics of discussion and other guests and of course the ever-entertaining hosts. So if you've got any questions, comments, suggestions, wild hypothetical fill-in-the-blank scenarios or anything else, now would be the time to start sending in emails. Dont let me down, watchers.

    • 9 years ago

      datalaughing Always Right
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