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      I need a least two new admins so if you think you have what it takes just send me a message.

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    • Swish

      10 years ago


      Well today was enjoyable. I woke up to find out that we were going to tweed heads (very large shopping mall) so I got dressed and ate breakfast and we were on our way. When we got there me and my brother went of while my sister and mother were clothes shopping (shudders). We went into the video games store and lokked around.

      my brother called me over to show me a copy of halo wars. It was only for laybye so we decided to laybye a copy. Its was really cool beacuse when we laybyed it we got a flaming worthog with it. So after that we meet with our mum and had lunch and after lunch we went home. When we got home we found out we were having a BBQ. And that concludes this journal so if your still reading Plase stop.

    • A Gamers Guide to the Galaxy

      10 years ago


      Violence dose solve problems.
      When a zombie runs towards you holding a buzzing chainsaw, do you A) talk to it? Or, B) blow its head off with a shotgun? That’s why you don’t see many games featuring UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

      Girls don’t like video games.
      You girlfriend and your Xbox are natural enemy’s. Females can’t understand why you’d spend hour upon hour of adrenalin-rich excitement with your console, when you could be cuddling up to them. So id you’re a gamer avoid girls.

      Video games are cheep alternatives for babysitters.
      Parents, why spring for a sitter when you can have your children looked after by Carl Johnson or Donkey Kong? They’ll be learning important skills such as: jumping, drive-by shootings and how the Homies “get things doneâ€Â.

      The Sims.
      If you don’t have your own life you can have one here. Its also a substitute for being a parent to, theses stupid little people can do anything for themselves, wether its eating, cleaning up after themselves or just getting out of the damn pool [although you can take away privileges such as pool ladders}

      Road rules are for suckers.
      Throw out your RTA handbook when you start gaming. If you want a car just
      jack one from the geek driving besides you and if the police chase you, just

      ram them off the road. Simple. But unfortunately playing 50 hours of GTA is no substitute for getting those hours needed to get your P’s.

      The world divided in two.
      In this world your either an Xbox or a Playstation man under one leader, Bill Gates or Sony {boo} endlessly fighting a historic battle, where only one side can immerge victorious. {Xbox!!}

      You can’t trust an alien that’s just sucked out your friends brain.
      Stands to reason really.

      Early arthritis just means your having fun.
      If God didn’t intend us to play hour upon hour of video games he would have given us better things to do such as,,,,,,, well there’s nothing better that I can think of.

      Games are always there for you.
      Unlike those damn people, I hate them so much!

      Duke Nukem isn’t a good role model for kids.
      Come to think of it neither is: Sam Fisher, Darth Vader , Mario or even pacman.

      Cheats do prosper.
      Most teenage gamers have the reflexes of a mongoose. If your 30 something the only way you’re going to win is cheats, you’ll also be teaching the younger generation that life isn’t fair. Your doing them a favour really.

    • 2012 Damn

      10 years ago


      How a wave could get that big I have know idea

    • The Chaser Team

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      Just stuff about them and what they've done.

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    • Its alive

      10 years ago


      finaly I got my computer working. For some reason it just shut down and did'ent start back up. It seems a cable inside of it had come lose. But its working now.

    • Just Wait

      10 years ago


      Only a few more weeks until I can get xbox live. I can't wait to get out there and start killing.

    • 2012

      10 years ago


      How a wave could get that big

    • Werewolfs

      10 years ago


      If you love the big hairy things that snach children join the werewolfs group.

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