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    • Final Countdown

      8 years ago


      I have one more day before I have to pay my landlord for the extra 15 days I'm staying here.
      Which means, fifteen more days to very very quickly find a new house.
      Which means more stress.
      Also, in the next fifteen days, school will be wrapping up.
      Which is stressful.

      All in all? Everything should be awesome again after this month (May) is over.
      I'm just waiting.

      Oh, and I'm sick again.


    • Fail

      8 years ago


      I think I have finally figured out the source of my consistent, constant headaches.
      All my reading, translating, poring over books, and surfing of the internet has finally killed my eyes.
      Either that or my genes are just that bad, as the majority of my family wears glasses, and I think it's time I inherited the family trait.



    • Accomplished!

      8 years ago


      I feel so accomplished right now!
      Today, because my morning Latin class was canceled, I went ahead and started working on my giant to-do list.
      This is how far I've gotten:
      -Get out of bed. Check!
      -Make coffee. Check!
      -Eat! Check!
      -Call CA about amended tax return. CHECK!
      -Figure out summer & fall courses. Check!
      -Look up/Call about apartments. Check! (Even got a couple lined up to go see later this week)
      -Dishes. Check!

      Yay me!

      Now to go get all of this done:
      -Go to class tonight.
      -Translate the rest of Mors Orpheus.
      -Write my Op-ed paper.
      -Start my report on the Weather Underground for my Criminology class.
      -File my *massive amount of* paperwork.
      -Start packing.
      -Sleep, because 4 am wake up call for work at 5 am tomorrow comes quick!

      How's your Monday going?
      this is stuck in my head for some reason. smiley4.gifsmiley6.gifsmiley8.gifsmiley0.gif

    • Wait, What?!

      8 years ago


      Has it really been almost a week since I've been on here and said hello to your lovely faces?!
      Oh my word. This is so not good. smiley5.gifsmiley4.gif
      It's funny how I miss seeing you all around on here, and yet sometimes you get so caught up in your life you can't even take the time to slow down and say hi. So here I am, once again apologizing for slacking, saying hi, and that I miss you all.

      Here has been life as of late:
      -Still no luck on finding an apartment that fits my qualifications.(aka: area, price and a decent place)
      -Since the promotion at work, I've been working more (go figure) and hating my job even more (I know, not really a surprise).
      -School has been kicking my butt, but the good thing is I think I'm almost breaking the barrier with Latin, and if anyone else out there has ever studied a language for a long period of time you know what I'm talking about.
      -Money is still an issue with me as of late, I'm broke constantly now that I'm down to one job, but I can't afford to get a second job until I know where I'm going to be living. Which for those that I'm dying to see this July, I need your best wishes sent my way so that way I can get up the money I need so I can actually see your smiling faces!
      -Oh, and somehow, I managed to severely screw up my taxes. I'm working on getting it fixed, but I should have gone to see someone about it. Thankfully, I have a wonderful boyfriend who spoils me in that he's busting his ass to correct it for me.
      -Other than that I suppose, not too many issues. I'm catching up on school and I've been super busy, so my social life in all aspects has been cut pretty drastically for now. But soon! May will be here *and hopefully a new place with the start of that month* and school will be over.
      And my goodness, I know I need the break.

      Anyhow, hi guys! How are you? Flood my page with your love. I miss ya. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      Here are some giggles:


    • AWESOME!!!

      8 years ago


      I found Reeses! And they're frozen!

      NOM NOM NOM!

      They're gone now. smiley4.gifsmiley5.gifsmiley3.gif

    • ugh

      8 years ago


      Even the sound of children on tv is aggravating as hell right now.

      So hi all, sorry I've been distant lately. I've got a ton on my plate right now. Between trying to find a place to live (still not a hell of a lot of luck) training at work for my new promotion as a shift manager, and school with finals coming up...well I'm feeling a bit ragged as of late.

      So, for now, you may see me momentarily...here and there, but I think I'll be gone for a bit again until things get settled again.


    • Oh my word

      8 years ago


      I know an internet meme, in real life. In fact, she has been for the better part of the last ten years my best friend.

      Internet life and real life? Please stop colliding so much!

      If you're curious, Google image search blonde bitch *works best on a moderate or safe search*

      Edit: Just an fyi for those that did look her up, my friend is actually a very nice and hardworking young mother. And after doing some more research I found the source of the meme is from her ex boyfriend. Just remember to not just a book by it's cover.

    • Optima!

      8 years ago


      Please oh please oh PLEASE! Let this rental I'm going to look at Friday *hopefully* be a decent place!!!
      I really need the peace of mind.

      Until then 1797_9350_450.jpeg is how I'm going to view things.

      And for a good laugh check out this guy.
      Just do it already!

    • queso? quasi? Casa!

      8 years ago


      I need a new place to live.
      My lease is expiring here at the beginning of May and I'm still not finding anything that I can both afford and is within a reasonable distance to my work and college.

      And after two months of looking I'm starting to get stressed out.

    • Kick Ass

      8 years ago


      Better be kick ass! Cause I'm about to watch it right now!

      Hai guys! What's new with you?
      Me? I'm just doing the usual: working, sleeping, eating, school stuff, traveling.
      And the not so (fun) usual stuff, stressing out over bills, feeling exhausted almost constantly, more stress...etc etc.
      The weird part for me? I'm doing less than I was before in the last six months. And I'm not even kidding. I dropped two jobs and one class and I *technically* shouldn't need to work more since I now have some financial backing to support my schooling. All in all, I'm just curious, did I get old way the hell too fast or am I just burnt out from having such a crazy year life?

      I dunno, I know I honestly shouldn't complain. All in all things are going good. Actually really really good. You might even say fantastic! So why do I feel so burnt out?

      Edit: Just thought a solution! Booooooze!
      And with that I bid you all a wonderful night!

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