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    • Kimono, kimono, kimono.

      8 years ago


      Ha! Of course! Kimono is come from the Greek word himona, is mean winter. So, what do you wear in the wintertime to stay warm? A robe. You see: robe, kimono. There you go!

      I should be doing homework, but instead, here I am, watching you.
      All of you.

      Creeped out yet?
      How about now? smiley0.gif

      Anyhow, I feel very accomplished today.
      I fixed my budget, paid my bills, am starting to pick out classes for summer and basically pull my life together once more. And I even caught up on everyone on my watchlist! Yay me!

      Long story short I just wanted to say hi to you all.

      Oh and do my happy dance. Why?

      YAY ME!!!

    • Middle Class Rut

      8 years ago


      Has been stuck in my head for over a week now, their new song is horribly addicting.
      You should hear it here.
      That being said!
      I miss you guys. I feel like I'm failing as of late to keep up. I fell behind due to sickness, work and school and between all of that and now the mass amounts of traveling I seem to be doing I don't feel like I'll ever get back down to having no new alerts! My watchlist seems to go on forever! Why can't you all just take a break when I do?!? smiley6.gifsmiley8.gif

      Anyhow, in case you missed me, I've been gone down to Nashville for a couple days. I had loads of fun, and the weather was AMAZING! As were the margaritas smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      Past that, not much is new other than I'm in the running for the new manager spot at my work, and while I don't really care about the bump up as I don't foresee my career staying at CVS long term, the pay bump would be nice!

      I wish I could put something awesome up here for your amusement but as I'm still trying to recuperate from so much travel and work, I think it'll have to wait once more.

      Toodles for now! I'm gonna get some sleep!

    • So....

      8 years ago


      This is a random journal.
      My coffee maker is making weird sounds.

      It went from 70 degrees yesterday to snowing today? What the hell Maine!?!?!?

      So excited for tomorrow, cause I leave for Tennessee!
      I'm sure that I must be the only person in the world to be so excited to go there.
      Can you say PARTHENON!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • HA!

      8 years ago


      I'm pretty sure I've just made an attempt to meet and greet all the RFR people from my FU day.
      Let's see how this goes. I'm not a fan of people that don't make a little nice!
      I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to sleep tonight.
      Work is at 5 am EST and it's already almost 11 at the time of me writing this.
      I have loads of homework (not all necessarily due tomorrow but I'm sick of being way way behind) and way too much running around to do tomorrow to want to do any at all tonight.
      Hmm...Decisions decisions.
      Well, we'll see how this goes. At the moment it's not looking too good. I'm about to put on The Walking Dead, and convert another person to the awesomeness of the show.
      In the meantime I'm gonna enjoy my beer, kick back and relax for a moment.

      And on a random side note, I'm relatively sure the zombie apocalypse has started out here in Maine. I seriously passed three different cars all running with their lights on and their doors wide open parked in the middle of the road. One of them was even cock-eyed. Needless to say, the creepiness factor sparked the need to re-watch the series.

      I have my zombie plan, do you? smiley0.gif

    • 8 years ago

    • Squeee!

      8 years ago


      Ok ok, since you guys gave me so much love yesterday.
      Yesterday...it was yesterday right?
      I'll give you guys some love!
      In the form of boobs!

      Seriously? Well, I'm glad you clicked. My newest buddy John needs some help making (one of hopefully many) dream come true! Help him out.

      The power of boobs compels you!

      I'll even toss in my pair if John raises enough money. Promise!

    • Wait a minute!

      8 years ago


      I'm still FU, that means you have to listen! Or something...
      I'm a bit drunk, and in celebration!
      It's because you guys are all that cool. smiley0.gif
      Nah, it's really because tonight was a party for a buddy of mine's 36th b=day.
      But you all came in a close second! smiley0.gif
      See, this is the part where I amuse you with things I found that you probably did not.
      It makes me look entertaining!
      Like this!
      Or this!

      Ok, I'm done now. Haha, I wrote down now.
      smiley12.gif & smiley0.gif
      from little ol' me!
      G'Night! smiley12.gifsmiley0.gif

    • D'aww!

      8 years ago


      I got feeling all shiny and special when I found out that I'm FU'd!
      You guys are awesome! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      All that being said...Hi!
      How may I offend you today?
      Here's some funnies.
      For all my internet neighbors and friends.
      And if you're worried! It's ok!

    • Thanks for all the fish!

      8 years ago


      And love! You guys rock! smiley1.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif
      Desidero Se Neco!
      I have no idea if that is correct. I think if my brain is working correctly it should be something like I kill myself in Latin, but as of right now I'm not even sure if that's the correct language.
      Long story short!
      I finished 2 out of 3 of my essays. In a couple hours flat. Most likely the worst piece of writing I've ever done, but at this point, I just want to get past these damn things.
      That being said, I'm not entirely coherent, and it's not due to liquor for once. smiley4.gifsmiley3.gifsmiley8.gif
      All in all, today and this week has been extremely productive.
      And yes, I'm also referring to the higher amount of drunkenness as of late. smiley0.gif
      That being said, I just need to somehow pull together a lot of money in a little time.
      When the heck did I get to be so popular anyhow?
      My rough/tentative schedule til next semester:
      March: Nashville, TN and midterms/make money
      April:Fundraisers, make money, short road trip
      May:School is finally over (for a short time), Cali bound for a week or two to see my dear friend get married!
      June: Summer session, and hopefully more traveling
      July:Another wedding, and definitely traveling
      Aug:School once more.

      Mind you I'll be busting my ass moving in May as well to another apartment, and also working my butt off trying to afford everything I want to do in the meantime.
      Joy of joys!
      But hey, Joie De Vivre! Right?
      So, I apologize for no witty remarks, or amusing tidbits at the moment.
      But this girl is exhausted and passing out now! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • Otay!

      8 years ago


      I'm gonna disappear from this thing (hopefully) until late late tomorrow or Thursday so I can get my homework done. Too many essays with too many distractions!
      Fear not though, I will return soon!
      Til then, ponder this.

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