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    • RWBY Soundtrack transcription group

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      Would anyone be interested in a new group that transcribes the soundtrack into sheet music/ tabs? I would like to get some numbers so this doesn't just crash and burn. (There is one already but it is really dead)

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    • The RWBY Bible (questions and theories on the topic of the RWBY Bible)

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      Hi all

      So I have been seeing some people mention the RWBY bible a couple of times now and in one of Miles' twitter posts ( ). I have been trying to find a thread about it but I just can't seem to find one (unless someone can point me to it). So now I have decided to start one! 

      To start us off I have made a few questions that can be theorised on.

      1. What does/ do you think the RWBY bible looks like. Are there multiple books or one big book?

      2. Do you think that there is multiple testaments for each volume, the beginning of Remnant, Pre volume 1 story, testaments for future concepts/ base storyline, and fan made ideas that line up with Monty's (god bless his soul) directions.

      3. Do you think we might be able to get the bible in the future?

      4.If we are going to get this in the future, will there be one big bible after the series is done or will there be multiple testaments in orders, for example:

      A) Beginning/ creation of Remnant

      B) Ozpin's first (few) clash(es) with Salem and the full story of the creation of the maidens

      C) Great War and Storyline of team STRQ (maybe a mini series) and leading up to Volume 1

      D) Volume 1

      E) Volume 2

      F) Volume 3 

      First 3 volumes could be tied together as the pre timeskip testament.

      G) The time skip and volume 4

      H) Volume 5

      Time skip, volume 4, and volume 5 could be tied together as the post time skip testament

      I to L)Volumes 6 to 10

       - This can be variated.

      Other than that pose more questions and theorise! I will try to participate in the thread more too.

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