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    • 7 channels doing 7 days of 7 Days to die?

      2 years ago


      I know this is a crazy thought and i am only dreaming, but would anyone else like to see 7 days of 7 channel(groups) playing 7 days to die?  I actually dont care what game, but i would love to see RT, Lets Play, Funhuas, Screw/Game Attack, Kinda Fun, The creature hub, and Cowchop all play one of this survive games as 7 different groups.  I think this could be an amazing monthly show for all the channels or an amazing one time event, that would really make the Lets Play/RT family feel more like a family!

      Jack I know you can talk every one into this.  Please Jack your my only hope!

    • Swear Jar Inc my YouTube Channal

      3 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      I have been a fan of RT a few years now. RvB was something I had seen a long time ago (like seasdon one or two) and though I loved it I did not think it would become something so I did not pay it asny attention. A few years ago I looked it up on YouTube and kicked myself in the ass for not keeping up with it. Well now I am a ragging RTholic. I have been trying to grt more involed with the community, and find friends that have this come interest. I'm also getting my friends addict to RT. But resentyly RT has inspired me, along with some youtubers, to start my own channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh-vhuln-oOmCflc7... is my channel. Come check it out if you got a free second. Let me know if I sucvk at editing or if you got helpful comments. Maybe just leave me comments about RWBY and why season three made you sad. I have been uploadf ING videos of Ark, Gta, Just Cause 3, and Doom!

    • Small Time Youtuber lets work together!

      3 years ago


      Hi everyone,

      You can call me Drail Death. I just started the channel Swear Jar Inc on youtube. I don't have much posted yet, and no views. I know there are a lot of us on here, with small youtube start up channels. We all want someone to watch and leave helpful comments. I am thinking we should all be helping each other out. I am hoping to find like minded people, who just want to create videos doing something they like, or love. I am not just looking for Lets Players, I am hoping we can get people who do everything and anything. So cosplayers, lets players, musicians, animators, commentators, makeup artists, writers, podcasters, thought providers, scientists, game scientists, gun nuts, car people, and what ever else you do. Hey even if you just are looking to play video games with other people lets work together. If interested reply to this, start watching other people's youtube channels, or look me up on:







    • Just saw Lazer Team!

      3 years ago


      Fuck Yes!!!!!! Greatest movie this year!! 11 out of 5 must cream over again!

    • Thank you Rooster Teeth, AH, and Everyone, for making me laugh when I did think I could!

      3 years ago


      My Great-Grandfather died a few days ago. I was named after him, and the lose has been really hard on me. Than at the same time work has been a nightmare I can't begain to explain. I took a week off for the funeral after being told it would be covered by bereavement. After an hour back today I get a call telling me that they had a meeting while I was gone and everyone above me decide that bereavement cannot be used for Great-Grandparent, so now i have to use all my vacation. Thank god i can watch your content at work. I don't know how much more i can handle any more.


    • Questions About RTX

      3 years ago


      Hello Any and Everyone,

      I am new to the site, and only a fan for 2, maybe 3, years now. I love all the content and Faces of Rooster Teeth. My Friend and I are already starting to plan out a trip to next years RTX, but we can't seem to find out any of the info we need. If anyone can help us figure out about what the cost for tickets, especially VIP tickets, might beand what kind of price have they got for hotels in the past. How difficult can it be to get into the bigger panels (how early do we need to line up). And also some info about uber or lift would be nice too. Does the RTX app still work? I know Rooster teeth always talk about it, but I have never heard of it anywhere else.

      Thank you to anyone who can help in any way!

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