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    • kg6ejp

      12 years ago

      You need more content!! Drogar-Loser(DBG).gif

    • katanafleetd

      14 years ago

      Whoa, you haven't been on in ages.

    • dan_omac

      14 years ago

      why the fuck havent I added you to my friends yet?

    • Psychokiller

      14 years ago

      Swearing that will never stop no mater how u try...

    • Paulrus

      14 years ago

      Be logged in when season three is released, lets see how many people we can get online at that time. Spread the word

    • NEZeni

      14 years ago

      This BAR sucks.

    • trentster222

      14 years ago

      Awwwww< i wanted to be first....I bet i have better vitals than you!!!!! (whats a vital?!?!!)

    • cocoa

      14 years ago

      cool hair

    • 1nF3Rn0

      14 years ago

      Its Drive!!! yay i made the first comment for him!

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