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    • OMG...

      13 years ago


      Just for fun I am trying to get my comments per journal up to 5.. Hence I will be posting journal entries less often (um you know.. like SLIGHTLY less than 50 times a day)

      Sooo... my "daily" quote will be turning into something less frequent (even though it has not been occuring everyday anyway)

      But since I am making an entry atm anyway:


      This one is UBER nerdy and MIGHT be seachable on google. There is a catch however: You have to know what the thing this quote discribes IS and what WELL known (as in obvious to everyone) application it was used in. If you do I (dispite being and insufible mod whore rather conservitive with my mods) will hand out 6 mods.. for low level people it might actually be cool... Of course 6 mods isnt worth a whole lot but I am counting on the fact that you will just enjoy trying *sounds of people clicking away*

      "The on-chip controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data."

      Also I am way to lazy to come up with a clever random fact so I will ask you to do so and post it here.. I will hand out 480 mods to the person with the coolest one*

      I feel obliged to type more even though I know most people have stopped reading long before they got to this point so I will put in a pointless update of my completly unexciting weekend:
      Friday: I did nothing and I felt like the guy from the garfield comic.. because I was doing nothing (like a loser)
      Saturday: I had friends over and we had a party.. much alcahole consumed.
      Sunday: It was a longish party... and it was strill going...
      Sunday afternoon: Still partying... I had a long conversaion with a freind about very "alternative" types of sex.. and other disurbing things which for some reason we found very funny...
      Sunday evening: We went to a cave but were turned away after a bizzar exchsnge with the care taker and some people who seemed to be drunken forest ranger impersonators (I think they later murdered the caretaker and are currently thinking how to best pin it on me and my friends but I can't be sure). We went to another cave which we knew we were allowed into and it rocked... well... I had already been there several times so it didnt really rock.. but there were a lot of rocks.. My friends GF was worried she would die. The end (abrupt and wierd because I am getting nearly as bored typing this as you are of reading it)

      *um.. if I had 480 mods... Um.. actually it wouldnt happen even then but maybe if I had 1000+ mods.. um. wait... it still wouldnt happen.. Ok.. I'll be quite honest: I lied.

    • OMG.

      13 years ago


      Take a look at my friends list. Next to the kzulch and bugdog is a blank friend.. its hobbie and he account has entered and awesome "stealth mode" do to a glitch occuring on the site atm. You might be able to do it as well if you edit something in your prfile (i.e add am image) I am not sure I want to try it though.. seems risky.

    • Ah...

      13 years ago


      I want a Buggoti Veyron. Most people will think its not even worth dreaming about but with the way things have been going a am fairly sure I will be able to buy one at some point.. Maybe even in the not-to-distant future. This should be a pleasent sensation.. something to look foward to but instead it makes it worse... Like being a kid and waiting for christmas to arrive... the last hours seemed to take a lifetime. I will be the first to admit I am pretrty damm matirialistic. I freely admit to parteners and investor I am doing this whole thing because I want to make a lot of money plain and simple. They are actually happy to hear this seeing as they have the same goals (though they may not admit it so readily). This might even be one of the reasons I am so comforable in in the business "world". But anyway... While I am waiting for a payday that draws closer everyday.. faster than one might expect but far slower than I would like I spend at least a little time each week looking up a few awesome things I would like to buy. Today I looked up a private island.. being sold by Coldwell bankers for just under 30 million (35,000 undeveloped acres off the coast of Mexico.) I also looked up that perennial desire of mine: The Bugatti Veyron. I know (as I have been repeatadly told) that there are plenty of cars 90% as good for only a fraction of the price but it is the sheer scale of the engineering that I am captured by... the sheer awesomeness of the achievment... The kind of thing that can only be done by people that truly love what they are doing. Despite very public derision in the press and repeated setbacks in the engineering the folks at Bugotti pulled through to make a car that can only be discribed as a peice of engineering artwork. I am posting an artical below that I found on the internet that discribes what I am talking about. It will appear in the comment because there is not much room left here. Here is Link to the actual artical

    • [s] Daily quote [/s] periodic crap

      13 years ago


      OMG! WTF?
      ^No there wa no reason for that... I just felt like saying "OMG! WTF?"
      Seriously though: Why the hell are so many people on here tech support of some sort? As far as I can tell its a WAY out of line with the statistical average of people who are in support.

      Now I am obligated to come up with a quote because.. um I donno..
      But this one is not from a movie... And if you can find out who it is from you will get a fell 4 mod points! OMFG.. Thats a LOT! </sarcasm>

      "Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish. . . You have to see the world in the purest, clearest way possible, or you can't make decisions on a rational basis"

      HINT: one word: google

      I am at work and my enployer is paying me to type this so it seems I should make it good but I decided not to for some reason.

      Also why does strikeout not working in the title? lame..

    • Plays-For-Sure vs. iTunes.

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      First: I know vs. thread are not generally allowed however I am hoping this one can generate some intelligent debate as opposed to just usless flaming. So:
      Mods: If it does degenerate into a flame war feel free to lock it.
      Other people: Please try to be reasonable. I am hoping this can be a good thread. Also if you have problems with either system feel free to post here and maybe someone can answer them.

      I am personally in favor of the Plays-For-Sure approach from Microsoft. I have both an iPod and a Pocket PC (I also have a PSP but I don't think it supports licensed music at all and I only have a 32mb memory card) and I have had a number of problems with my iTunes iPod combo but I will try to list the pros and cons of each as I see them:


      IiPod=sexy. No ifs, ands or buts.. the iPod is sexy as all hell and its a hot status item.

      Easy to use if everything is working and you are only trying to play music (now tv and videos as well) from iTunes and nothing else.

      Battery life. I only have a mini and it has great battery life. I imagine then nano would be absolutly awesome.

      Size. The iPod is tiny compared to some music players

      Standardization. You get some benifits from the fact that everyone has one one example being that there are TONS of iPod asseccories.


      Proprietary as all hell. This one is the killer. Ipod only works with iTunes (yes I know there are methods but I am talkig by default here) and iTunes only works with iPod. This is really the one flaw in their otherwise awesome system but it is a complete killer for me and gave rise to the following problems at least in my case.

      Song you want not on iTunes? sorry but your shit out of luck (unless you pirate but this isnt the place to discuss that).

      Want to use another media player? Ditto with above

      Want to use another media format? You guessed it...

      Also well as I mentioned its a great system when everything works but I would like to share an expirience that turned my off to Apple for a long time: I used my iPod with iTunes... I was the picture of the perfect user: I obtained all my music legally, I didnt use other media players.. I used my iPod exactly as Apple recommends. So when they had the firmware update that (among other things) disabled the ability to use Real-Player with your iPod (which I did not and had never done anyway) I decieded "what the hell.. I might as well download it". I did and much to my supprise iTunes, my iPod and quicktime all stopped working. I tried uninstalling and downloading an older version (they didnt have them so I used the disk that came with my iPod). No luck... they disabled it in someway.. it told me to download the latest version. I tried everything I could think of INCLUDING restoring my computer. No Freaking Luck. I called apple tech support and waited on hold for an hour before I said fuck it. It worked again when I re-downloaded a few months later (whatever was wrong they apparently fixed it). But that whole thing left a really bad tast in my mouth... Here I was the picture of an ideal user and got fucked over just because they were so freaked out that .1% of their customers MIGHT be using another media player...

      Now I know I was ranting but that kind of pissed me off.

      Plays for sure:


      Works with a range of devices. I use my Dell axim and I freaking LOVE it.

      Works with a lot o stores. I use Wal-Mart but if they don't have the song I want I can go elsewhere

      Normally quite easy to use.

      Many differnet formats allowed.


      None of the devices as cool as the iPod as far as dedicated music players are concerned.

      If you lose your licenses or need to transver to another pc it can take some figuring out (though Wal-Mart's music download store tech support is helpful and there is no hold time at all)

      No downloadable video (not legally anyway.. many devices do support video).

      So please post your own expirience with either system and your opinion one which is better but try to back it up with actually facts.

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    • I am now "1337"

      13 years ago


      I am level 30.. so thanks to everyone who helped me get to my goal for karma.. I will now no longer be a krama whore but since I am such a competitive goal oriented person by nature I will still be working on various mod point related goals: i.e my previous one of having received more mods than I gave out. I am I will have to new goals: to have as many mods in reserve as I have given out and to get to 200 (currently 104). But since I have reached 30 I will try to be more liberal with the mod point dispensing.. In fact since it is monday I need a pick me up right now... post something that amusses me and I will give you a few mods (if I havnt seen it before).
      SPEAKING OF MONDAY... (if you have actually read this disinteresting journal up to this point). Today I was comming off the exit ramp from the freeway onto a 6 lane highway into toward the city of lexington when me rear wheel drive mustang lost traction (despite having electronic traction control) skidded accross the entire highway did a 180 and landed facing the wrong way in a ditch... Fortunatly no part of the car collidied with anything and there was no damage.. I just drove up onto the shoulder, waited for a opening and made a U turn back onto the road.. I got the fuck outta there and the cops havnt found me yet.... lol

    • "Daily" quote

      13 years ago


      Its amazing I am still calling these daily...

      Since I am to lazy now to pick a quote I have memorized I have compiled a list of the top 25 movie quotes of all times... Of course this list is only for those even lazier than me (wait.. if you were lazier than me you probably would not be breathing) since I actually managed to google it... of course I only copied 25.. and there were 100 of them... Oh well.. I tried.

      Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

      I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

      You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.

      Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

      Here's looking at you, kid.

      Go ahead, make my day.

      All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

      May the Force be with you.

      Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.

      You talking to me?

      What we've got here is failure to communicate.

      I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

      Love means never having to say you're sorry.

      The stuff that dreams are made of.

      E.T. phone home.

      They call me Mister Tibbs!


      Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

      I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

      Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

      A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

      Bond. James Bond.
      DR. NO

      There's no place like home.

      I am big! It's the pictures that got small.

      Show me the money!

      One might also note that I failed misiribly at formating this entry in any reasonable way to which I might respond: "You think I get paid for this!?"

      I will also note that I have seen only a small number (which none the less seems to be higher than I can count) of these films... This begs a contest for who has seen the most but it seems verification would require work..an activity which is quite clearly foriegn to me.
      So I will just ask how many and/or which ones of these films have you seen? note I buried the question in the middle of the rest of the pointless text virtually garunteeing I will not get any responses (Algibra would be easier to read than this probably.. I said read.. Comprehnsion not required). So I will post a random fact as well: My House is a little messy

    • YAY!

      13 years ago


      I am 3% to level 29... once get to 30 I won't really care about how much my karma is.. 30 is my primary goal. Thanks to Vixy for the mod that almost got me there.
      Thanks to everyone for all the other mods and even more for the amazingly fun times... I never imagined a website could be so awesome....

      More daily quotes tomorrow.. it is to late now and I have had a number of awesome drinks: me and my friend made everclear based gello shooters after hearing about them on "web bartender" (they were of course warning that they could be FATAL but we simply choose to ingnore that warning...)
      we called it "gelloclear"... lol it was great but we ran out of everclear (and jello) so we have decieded to go to bed after my friend choose a movie to download but since it turned out to be a porno we decieded not to watch. (He CLAIMS he didnt know it was a porno.. RIIIGHT...).

      Later everyone.

    • Myspace

      13 years ago


      Myspace has always seemed to me to be a place where losers hang out. Now I have at least some evidence (not statistically valid but compelling none the less).

      Anti-semetic kid talks about blowing away some chick at his school with a shotgun

      Dirty pervs meet underage girls

      Wierdo teen posts pics of his firepower

      Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think there have been many national news stories about the wierdos on RvB... Also I know people who are in love with RvB and not one of them could be called anything other than a loser. Furthermore additional news stories can be found on Google... Like the emo kid who commited suicide "live" on Myspace. What a bunch of losers.

      Question: (sorry girlzilla.. I liked the idea of leavingt a question in my journal so much I had to steal it)
      Does Myspace have any redeeming qualities beside keeping these losers tied to their computer so we dont have to deal with them in the real-world?

      Also see my previous entry for infor about how to win ALMOST enough mods to care about.

      Now todays "daily" quote:

      Well.. right now most of you are thinking "OMG DAILY? wtf..." or something equally incoherent and usless... another group (probably the larger) is thinking "thank god this loser stopped journalling for once in his life". But the sad truth is I am WAY to self centered and disfunctional to even care what EITHER group think so I am going to plow ahead with the daily quote. (YES daily.. so shut-up!).

      "... So go ahead and stamp your papers, sign your forms because frankly I don't give a shit"

      This is a great one. HINT: It is from a movie which seems to be the favorite movie of a lot of people on this site.

    • I love my new title...

      13 years ago


      Now for a journal entry COMPLETLY unrelated to its misleading title...

      Two cool people have now asked fro pics of me so I have decied to start a contest:

      Pick something crazy and cool and generally awesome for me to do and I will photograph it and post the picks... I will choose from all the entries adn anything will be considered. The reward is 10 mods plus half of any mods donated to the contest...

      When submitting an entry keep in mind:

      It can be ANYTHING and I mean anything.
      I have no phobias or stuff like you have to worry about when picking.

      up to 3 entries per person

      The more people you send to the journal the cooler this will be

      I am willing to spend a fare amount of time for a really cool entry so don't worry about that..

      I have a fast(ish) sports cars so let your imagination run wild (I am not likely to choose something that has a VERY high chance of getting me arrested or ticketed but that dosnt mean your driving related entry has only involve 100% legal grandma driving... there are some really rural road close by)

      I am not really a mod cheater (previous entry)

      Things requiring video will be considered if they are really cool but due to the fact thats its less convienent to post they will have to be REALLY cool to be picked.

      Once again you could win 10 or more mods and all you have to do is come up with an idea crazy enough for me to do and photograph and/or film

      EDIT: the pics in my profile ARE me but apparently I need more.

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