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    • Red vs. Blue/ Rooster teeth RSS feed.

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      I wanted to throw a suggestion out and see if anyone supported it and what people thought.
      I would like to see a Rooster Teeth RSS feed as a sponsor extra. Here are some of the features I imagined it could have:
      Karma level
      Mod points
      Mod history
      Your threads (the last page so you could see replies)
      and obviously notification when a new video is up.

      I use started using Windows Live today and found a number of awesome RSS feeds for my homepage and that made me think how cool a RT feed would be. What does everyone else think? Any other features that should be there?

      P.S I posted this here because I imagined this feature as a sponser only extra. If it would be better suited to another form would a mod please move it?

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    • RvB/Rooster teeth RSS feed.

      13 years ago


      How cool would that be. A Rooster Teeth RSS feed that tells your karma level, mods, mod history, the news and when a new video is up.
      That would be awesome if I could put it on my windows live home page so I could see the relevent data right from my homepage like I can do with my Halo 2 stats (at least I HEAR you can... The stat tracker is down atm and I just got Windows Live so I havnt added it)

    • Halloween?

      13 years ago


      I didn't realize until 3PM it was halloween yesterday. In fact I was a little slow on the uptake even when confromed with an obvious clue as shown in this transcript of an IM conversation from yesterday:

      Want to get on live?

      My friend:
      No.. I'm sitting on the pourch passing out candy to little kids

      Um... ooooooooooooooooooook...

      My boss also told me to "have a happy halloween" when I left work... I had no clue what he was talking about but I thought he must have said that because halloween would be here sometime in the coming weeks... lol

    • Broadband speed test

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      Find out you broadband speed by going here Post your results here.

      be sure in to include:

      Upload speed (most important for gaming which I think it is safe to say represents a large part of the Rvb community)
      Download speed (technically equally important but far more likely to be in greater supply)
      Your internet service provider (ISP)
      Type of service (DSL, Cable, etc)
      ISP claimed speed for your connection

      Note: the test is free so feel free to take it several times for an average (this will be more accurate) and also the test does not support speeds over 6Mb. It goes without saying you should choose the server nearest your location.

      My results are:
      5580Kbs Down
      492Kbs Up
      My provider is Insight broadband
      over a cable connection
      I have the premium service with a claimed max speed of 6Mbs down and 512Kbs up
      I am located in Lexington, KY

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    • Quicktime/Itunes help requested

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      I have an ipod mini and naturally Itunes to go with it. I recieved a message asking me to upgrade. While I knew the opgrade would take away the ability to add songs to the ipod via real-player I had never done it and didnt care so I downloaded it. The only proble is now it simply will not work. Everytime I attempt to open iTunes or quicktime the program immediatly crashes.
      what I have tried:
      Clearing temp files, unistalling and redownloading
      The installer file clean-up utility from MS (and then the above AGAIN)
      restoring the computer (to attempt to regain the old version at least)
      Reinstalling with all other start-up programs (basicly MSN IM and google desktop search and the STEAM client) disabled

      The result of restoring told me some files were missing and could I please upgrade (the subsiquent upgrade did the same thing it had before)
      my pc is a 2.8Ghz p4 running xp pro with 512Mb of ram
      Anyone know how to fix this (short of reformatting)?
      any help would be REALLY appreciated

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    • Your PC: current/dream system

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      Not sure if theres a thread like this already but I wasnt sure what to search for so sorry if there was.
      My current system:
      P4 2.8Ghz
      512 ddr400 ram
      80Gb ide Hdd (7200 rpm)
      256Mb Radeon 9550 (8x AGP)

      My dream/currently under construction system:
      P4 (yes there is a good reason for this vs AMD) 3.2Ghz daul core socket 775
      dual PCI-e BFG 7800 GTX .oc graphics card in SLI
      2Gb ddr2 pc 8000 ram at 1000Mhz (this is the reason for the p4... I cant find any motherboards for AMB that have all the features I want plus 240 pin dimm ram slots... maybe someone knows of one?)
      8 channel audio (integrated in to motherboard... im still choosin between about 3)
      dual 10,000 rpm raptors in raid 0
      and the 800w ps i will sadsly probably need.. lol
      so far i have the case one of the hdds and my pride and joy (but nopt yet able to be used) a brand new shiny marvel of engineering prowess (sorry... i have had trouble building a digital circuit runnign at 14Mhz you'll excuse me if im impressed with something with a throughput of 36Gbs) one of the 7800s.... It will almost be a let down to put it in the pc where i wont be able to admire it so easly... wait... i actually have a nice large case window! woot! all is well

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