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      So apparently I am featured...again?

      6 years ago

      Hey everyone it has been 2 months since I was last on. It really doesn't seem that long at all. But to let you all know everything is going pretty good for me right now. Oh the bar is now out and the surgery went great. The next day I went to work and everything went fine. Ain't gonna stop me that easily!

      Lets see what else...mainly I am stuck doing school and work these days now but right now its spring break and it is nice. Also got a new HP Laptop on the way which will be lots of fun to have and to go with it a colleague of my dads gave me a bunch of graphics software's to tinker with so I will have some fun with those, and annoyance's since I have no instruction manuals to go with them. But thats not going to stop me! It will just piss me off and slow me down a bit but whatever. And to go along with the software's I have been drawing more because I am going to need to know some of the fun basics to go with it. And i am getting better!.....slowly. Oh so very slowly. But whatever.

      I know i'm not on here like I used to and i'm probably going to disappear again for awhile but hey nothing wrong with little ninja journals randomly popping up is there?

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      this sucks

      7 years ago

      I currently have no computer or 360. I am pretty much shut from the outside wold and I have to say.....it is sucking.

      That is all.

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      Red ring of death!

      7 years ago

      Damn it all. So yeah, the infamous red ring of death has appeared on my 360. I'm pissed. smiley5.gif However, I did call the 1-800-4myxbox and they are going to send ,me some box to send my 360 back to them for repairs. Good news, I don't have to pay for it. Whats bad? Well have to wait 3-5 days till the box they send me gets here, then I have to send it back and wait up too about 12 days till I get it back.

      Only way this could be really funny? Well this has happened to a few friends of mine, so my friend Matt fears he is next. And this is how it could be funny. He reserved Guitar Hero III and it would be funny if he got it right as it came out.

      He is hopping it doesn't happen.

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      <.< >.>

      7 years ago

      So yeah its been awhile hasn't it? Well as you can see I have not died! Yes Ebay is alive! Well what has been going on i'm sure you are wondering. Well school is sucky. Got some work to do and I don't want to do it. Epically my art class. The teacher is not a good one and not very supportive so no real motivation there. Then there is work which is still fun, though it keeps me busy and gets me money. WHICH I NEED!

      Oh and Halo 3, woot! Been on that alot and I can say I was at the front of the line to get it. Actually me and my group of friends where and we didn't plan it! Though not Paul because he is stupid. He was way in the back. But I was in the front and got the very first one! I felt special. smiley0.gif

      Hope all of you have been doing well!

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      Hello all

      8 years ago

      Yeah I am still alive, just veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery busy. Still trying to get a car and looks like in a few weeks I will finally have one. Yay! smiley0.gif

      Also there is the joy of getting ready for school. Apparently I was put down for full time when I went and put my classes on so I have to add one more, just need to find my book. And also I have to go in and pay for my classes, and then there is the joy of books.....woot

      But besides all of that everything seems to be fine. Working more, got a decent amount of money, and the occasional gaming.

      Oh last Saturday I was in a kayaking race at the beach and again, plenty of dolphins, and a sea turtle. I was happy to see that. Never seen one out in the wild before that was dead on the beach from a boat running over it smiley2.gif

      Hope everyone is ok!

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      Harry Potter

      8 years ago

      Well I have finished it. And I can say I was happy with it and it is easily my favorite of the 7. If you don't currently have a copy go out and get one and read it. Don't wait for the movie, go get it now. Its worth every penny.

    • ebay


      8 years ago


      Ahhhh fun times. Ok anyways YES! this movie kicks ass. It...was every bit as good as I hoped it would be....and more! Oh thank you Micheal Bay and Steven Spielberg for making it so fucking good.

      Ok seriously go see it. You will love it. If you don't then you have no soul.

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      Die Hard

      8 years ago

      OMG this is a great movie. None stop action, violence, asskickery, explosions, and taunting of the bad guy. Seriouslly I thought this movie would be good but ti was better than I hoped. Its been a long time since I have seen a movie with none stop action and this is it. Go see it now. Bruce has still got it!

      And next week TRANSFORMERS!

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      8 years ago

      As of yesterday I have officially graduated. I have to say it feels good. Now all I need to do is save some money and get a car. I think I can do this. I'll try to have some pictures up later for you all to see.

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      I'm back....again I think?

      8 years ago

      Yeah sorry I haven't been on much. My video card has been crappy for awhile and I had no idea why and I got it looked at and the fan to the damn thing was buster. It overheated way to fast and would cause my monitor to cut off. Needless to say it was getting annoying. But not I have a new video card and my computer is running fine. Oh and graduation is next Tuesday. WOOT!

      So how is everyone?

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      Congrats on being FU.

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      Happy FU Day

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      Gratz on FU

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      Happy FU Day!

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      hey congrats on the FU! I haven't talked to you in forever! =D

      hope things are going well.

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      Hey congratulations on being FU, Even though you haven't been on in 2 months!

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      Congrats on being FU!

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      grats on being FU

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      GRATS on le FU!