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      3 years ago


      So I had an idea for an RT short.

      Gavin's finishing up a long press junket, riding an uber to his house. We see him tweeting "27,500 miles, 2 weeks, glad to be back in Austin :)". He gets home, his key doesn't work. Gets back into the uber, goes to the office. Front guy doesn't recognize him, so they call Geoff up, he says "Oh Gavin hey buddy how you doing. Been a long time." Takes him back to the AH office and his stuff is gone, Geoff explains they had to find a replacement for him. Flash back to 2 weeks ago, Geoff and Burnie are meeting, Burnie says, " Views are down. What is going on over at AH?" Geoff says, " Well it's getting harder to film, we just don't have a full crew anymore. Gavin is never around. Always slomo guys this or youtube bullshit." Burnie responds, "Ok. This is out of control. Lets fix this." Geoff, " Ok. I got it handled". Flash to an audition sign and AH auditioning random losers and they are all terrible. Geoff looks over to Michael who is watching a video on his phone and laughing. Geoff says" what the fuck are you looking at?" Michael "This dude is fucking hilarious." Geoff looks over, its a youtube show by the name of "Quick Chaps" with 16 million subscribers and 300 million views. A british dude that just speeds up video "for science" to benny hill music. Geoff says "Oh we need this guy" So flash back to present and Geoff explains it's not you Gavin its us at AH and we just had to move on. Quick Chaps guy walks in and says "who is this bloke?" Geoff says, "nobody" Both walk off. Gavin walks around the offices, no one recognizes him. Comes up to the Free Play set, Quick Chaps is talking up meg, who also ignores Gavin. Gavin loses it, runs around crazy like, shit spinning around, he wakes up in the car, realizes it's all a dream, then sees his broken iphone youtube app open and it's on the quick chaps page. End.

      Note: Quick Chaps guy is dressed like Malcolm McDowell in the opening scene of A Clockwork Orange. Codpiece and all.

    • 2019 years ago

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