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    • Holy fucking shit it's RTX!

      3 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      It's that time of year again. That time when I question my sanity as I try to finish my cosplays at the last possible second and try to remember where I put that bag I wanted to bring that may or may not have disappeared into the ether. That's right, fuckers, it's RTX!

      I kind of fail at using this site, that should be apparent by how inactive I am. But hey, if you're going to be there and you see me, you should definitely say hey. I will be cosplaying as X-Ray on Friday, but the other two days I will be casual.

      Also if you got Sunday's Meg & Ashley signing maybe I'll see you there???

      Really looking forward to meeting new people, saying hi to my favorite staff, and taking so many pictures that my phone says fuck you. Most of all, I'm looking forward to being back in Austin and to NOT WORKING FOR A WEEK AND A HALF.

      Now if I could just find my holster bag, I know you're around here somewhere...

    • NaNoWriMo 2k15

      3 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      Briefly for those who have never heard of it. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Every November, avid writers everywhere get together to try and churn out 50,000 words in one month. This roughly breaks down to about 1700 words a day, assuming you know you will have all 30 days to write.

      Towards the end of October, I decided I was going to give NaNo a try this year. I have only won one year so far (you win by completing the 50K goal) and that was with a Tron fanfic. Even with the potentially busy November I have, and with the fact that I have been battling the worst writers' block ever, I figured hey, what's the worst that can happen? The only obstacle I have to winning this is myself.

      Is anyone else participating this year? Add me on the site: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/lady_daendre and I am always happy to help motivate if you need that extra cheering! I look forward to noveling with fellow RT fans :D

    • RTX 2015: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Con

      4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      So this was my first RTX, as well as my first really big con. I've gone to tiny ones (shout out to the Xena convention I went to in high school) but nothing of this magnitude, especially one that involved traveling to a different state. So, needless to say, this was quite the experience.

      The weeks leading up to RTX were full of stress because of course I decided I wanted to cosplay at my first RTX. Nope, couldn't just enjoy it in casual gear. Maybe next time I will start planning cosplay a lot earlier, but let's face it, I am terrible at planning in advance and even worse at procrastination.

      I did finish my two cosplays, though!! I was originally going to do one for each day but had to scrap Coco because of time and expenses. Maybe eventually I will cosplay as Coco, but RTX 2016 I am already inundated with cosplay ideas.

      DAY I

      ANYWAY this is an RTX post, so RTX 2015. We landed on Thursday in the afternoon and Team Best Hotel Room (@SamAcuna, @MLGKatie, @JoelMatos & I) took a bus to the hotel. We had some time before getting ready for our dapper dinner, so we grabbed pizza at DiVinci's which was some pretty damn good pizza. That dapper dinner though. Not only did I get to dress up all fancylike, but I also got to engorge myself with delicious Italian food. It had been a while since I've been to a decent Italian restaurant. Needless to say, that was a great way to kick off RTX.

      Next was K-1. I changed into something more comfy (which involved my LotR leggings and AH tank top) and a bunch of us took a cab over to the venue. While I did not end up racing at all, just being there with all the other RT fans and some RT employees was just surreal.

      My first RT encounter of the weekend was @Joel and shoddy indoor lighting inside, I think the picture came out gr9.


      DAY II

      Luckily Friday was not an early start, so I got to sleep in a little bit. But we did have to go on an adventure for breakfast foods, which led me to a delicious breakfast burrito. I probably should have already been in my cosplay at this point, but as I already mentioned, I do not plan things out so well. It didn't really matter, though, because after said breakfast burrito, I threw on my Yang cosplay (hipster Yang, because why not) and was still ready with enough time to meet up with friends and get to the line for the RWBY panel.


      At least I have the wig now, in case I wanted to actually do Yang at some point...?

      I will try to avoid recalling the hot mess that was organizing the line to get into the RWBY panel, but I will say that by Sunday the guardians did seem to have a better handle on the panels that took place in the hotels and hopefully if next year sees a similar setup, the first day of panels will run a lot smoother. I was just happy to get into the RWBY panel at all and that minus a near-panic attack because of escalators, the panel itself was a good first panel experience.

      Also shout out to the con goers that managed to cosplay team ABRN the day after they were announced at the RWBY panel. Good lord you guys work FAST.

      I didn't get a lot of time to walk the floor the first day unfortunately. I wound up at the How To live gameplay on CenterStage. Watching Joel and Adam play Alien: Isolation DLC live was entertaining, to say the least. Unfortunately I wanted to get to On The Spot, so I couldn't stay for the whole thing. ALSO UNFORTUNATELY On The Spot was full before I even got there. But at least I was able to get into Cards Against Humanity, so it wasn't a total waste.

      I met some really cool people on the line, who kept me company and were all around awesome people. Sorry I didn't exchange info, but if you remember tiny hipster Yang from New York, come to me!

      I think CAH panel was also the start of Penguin Guy, or at least it was my first encounter. Shout out to Penguin Guy, the real MVP of RTX 2015.

      By the time I got out of the panel, I hadn't eaten anything and was so exhausted that I didn't really want to do much other than eat and sleep. I did get dragged to Iron Works which, as my first real experience of Texas BBQ? 10/10 would Iron Works again.

      Randomly ran into @JoshtheFlanagan in the lobby, so naturally it resulted in @Mahar and I both taking selfies with him at the same time.


      Tried to enjoy a night out on 6th Street, but I should probably have just gone to bed at that point since I tried to squeeze too much excitement into one day. Now at least I know better for next time...?

      DAY III

      Shit just looking at this I am wondering how the hell I managed to do so much in two days?? Anyway, Saturday was RVB panel day which meant my cosplay was Locus. It also meant getting 3 hours of sleep because I had to BE ready and at the hotel by 8 for when the line officially started. @Danielle and I ended up getting to JW Marriott an hour early which turned out to be well worth it because we got third row seating?? The RVB panel was everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. Wound up crying my eyes out again over a certain recently deceased character. Got to watch the PSA from Sunday as well as this week's episode. And the Q&A was even pretty good??

      I have a few pictures of my Locus cosplay, which was loosely based on @synnesai's GFH designs. I wanted to do a more feminine approach and the camo jacket I had was not working at all, so I wound up making a ridiculous green and gray infinity wrap like a month before RTX. The helmet, though, was probably the most annoying thing to make. NEVER AGAIN. Unless I can find foam files or can repaint one of those Master Chief helmets because fuck that shit.


      I can facepaint good.


      No really, it took me two attempts to figure out how to get the face paint to look good. First attempt it was way too watery. But here is me with the wig that I wound up rage quitting before the RVB panel even began.


      Queen Locus after she betrayed Felix and took the Meta's armor for her own, obviously.

      At one point we ran into @Ryan who was seriously so nice and had an impromptu meet and greet in the Hilton lobby.


      Pretty sure this was before I realized my face paint was sweating off. Next time I am definitely going to have to get setting powder because the setting spray didn't really do shit.

      Next panel we had was the Improv panel with a few of my favorite voice actors. Before we got in though, I saw the most fantastic Felix cosplay and had to get a picture, because holy shit FULL ARMOR. Kudos to you because that Texas heat was not fucking around.


      I think the Improv panel was my favorite because a) it was so small and b) we had such an awesome crowd?? As much as I wish I had participated, I knew I wasn't feeling 100% good at this point because I hadn't kept hydrated (left my water bottle at the RVB panel) and should have snacked better. Next time, I am making sure I have better supplies on me at all times.


      Lee Eddy and Shana Merlin are precious cinnamon rolls.

      The rest of the day was mainly spent walking the floor. I was originally going to go to the Werewolves panel but when I saw where they were lining people up to get in, I decided to have a quiet evening instead. Which resulted in some of the best Indian food I have ever had. Shout out to G'Raj Mahal.

      Wound up going to bed early that night because I knew I just would not be enjoying myself if I pushed myself too hard. Besides, I got to SLEEP IN for once.

      Day IV

      Sunday I had no plans on going to any panels. I had originally wanted to go to the AH panel but I didn't want to spend three hours waiting on a line to get in. The only line waiting was spent meeting @Gray and @Arryn. No regrets here because I really, really wanted to make sure Gray got to see my Locus helmet up close. Besides I needed them to sign my Locus helmet, which was just a tiny bit more awesome as a result.




      I gave Locus the flower crown because it was Gray's birthday. Locus is now the prettiest of princesses.

      In total I think I got the following autographs on it: Ryan, Shana, Lee, Gray, Arryn, and Jen Brown...

      Speaking of Jen Brown. So remember how I lost my water bottle at the RVB panel? Well I went to pick up said water bottle at the lost and found and ran into her as I was leaving. I was originally going to go back and wander the floor, but she wound up inviting me to the impromptu meetup she had just tweeted about. Memo to self: start listening to her podcast, Women in Caskets.

      I would have stayed longer but I had to ship a wall scroll back to NY before the UPS Store closed in the Hilton.


      THEN it was time for the super secret White Fang meetup. We helped close out the floor with the Guardians and then got really confused as to whether the meetup was still technically happening. I would have stayed longer but I really needed to eat something before cheering on the guardians, so I wound up grabbing food with my roommate @bellison and her RTX roommates.

      I am honestly shocked I did not destroy my voice at Cheer on the Guardians.

      RT Side Quest had rented out Buffalo Billiards, so we all wound up there. I was so exhausted and didn't feel much like drinking so I could survive the flight home, so I went back to the hotel to pass out...


      ...but not before this picture was taken. It me!!!

      DAY V

      Not really sure this qualifies as a day, but our flight home. It was incredibly bittersweet, packing everything up in the morning and checking out of the hotel. Getting through security was a breeze, and then next thing I knew we were landing in New York again.

      It felt like so much more than three full days were spent in Austin. Already I am coming up with excuses to go back and visit. No matter the drama that had happened, I still had a blast. It did open my eyes to a lot of things, and I feel like a new person with a new perspective on life.

      I realized a lot of things during that short period of time. Life is fleeting and I do not have time for anything that will make my day to day experiences anything less than amazing. I am worth more than I give myself credit for.

      I also realized it's time for a career overhaul. I have spent the last seven-eight years stuck in a job because I didn't believe I could find anything different. I want to do something where my skills are going to be appreciated, not something just to pay the bills.

      So I guess it's time to brush up the resume and see what extra qualifications I may need in order to make myself more desirable in the field I am switching to. It's going to be hard since I have been a paralegal pretty much since I graduated from college, but I have to believe it's doable. @CassG, I will probably be in touch, I hope you don't mind.

      Anyway, there you have it. My RTX experience. If you were there and we didn't run into each other, please tell me your favorite things!! I want to hear about all the fun things :D

    • Username change

      4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      soverypunny > eowyning

      now my username matches my PSN ID!

      I will probably write up a post-RTX post at some point once the RT site stops eating my pictures. Until then, party on, dudes

    • 4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      I missed my 1 year RT anniversary! I signed up 5/5/14. Much excite.

      Also typing this from a new computer!! It's so tiny and awesome. I named it mogarisready. I wanted ot name it what memes may come but that was too many characters...so I made it the description. I just need to get a desk (so I should probably make room for one in my new place...) and a mouse and I should be set for a while.

      I guess now would be also be a good time to mention I moved to Astoria? It's been almost a month now and I'm loving it. Hopefully we'll have a free weekend soon to really do some exploring though.

      I...should probably go work on my cosplay some more. I've got a helmet that I need to finish in about two months. Womp womp. I'll be for sure bringing a female version of @synnesai's GFH!Locus and a hipster spin on Yang. And if money and time permits, I will also be bringing Coco. If not, I'll save that one for NYCC I suppose, since it would seem I'm for sure going to that (yaaaay).

    • Apartment Stuffs

      4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      So some of you know that I have been trying to find a new apartment since my lease is up at the end of the month and I can't afford the expensive as fuck rent anymore. Plus I wanted to get off Long Island. I was beginning to get very, very sick of apartment hunting. If you've never gone looking at apartments yet, brace yourself. You will see a lot of shitty apartments before you find the one. You will see a lot of apartments with bedrooms that are too small, with kitchens that are outdated, that are too far away from where all the action is.

      But the good thing is, when you find the "one" everything else that you saw will make it look like an absolute gem.

      Yesterday I went looking at apartments for the third time since I started looking last month. Luckily I had gotten the month extension with my current landlord because March was way too busy for looking at apartments and I would obviously be shit out of luck. While I was hopeful that we would find something, I was starting to lose hope. And then the second apartment that we looked at turned out to be pretty damn okay. It's no fee, it's within our budget, and it's close to everything. All the bedrooms are around the same size and the living room area is pretty decent as well. Plus it's in a nice quiet, safe area. It pretty much satisfies all our requirements so now comes the nerve-wracking part. Filling out the application and crossing our fingers that everyone passes the credit check.

      But if all goes well, @bellison and @Priscille334 and I will have our very own apartment to move into in Astoria. This is so very exciting and I really, really hope everything works out now because I don't think I can look at any more apartments D:

    • RTX HYPE!!!!

      4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      Weekend Pass: Acquired.

      Guess I should get my butt into high gear and work on my cosplay ideas, huh?

    • 4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      I was tagged by @MLGKatie for that 5 facts thing, so here goes!

      1. Broadway shows are kind of my thing. My dad used to take me to at least one a year, and then for a period of time when I discovered lotteries and student discounts, I went...a little overboard with the musicals. Off the top of my head I've seen Cats, Les Mis, 1776, Jekyl & Hyde, The King & I, Phantom of the Opera, Hair, Godspell, American Idiot, The Addams Family, Next To Normal, Assassins, On The Town, Kinky Boots, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. And that isn't even all of them because goodness knows which ones slipped my mind. That said, if anyone in RTNY is ever down for a Broadway show, come hit me up.

      2. I'm very musically inclined. I've taken lessons in flute and piano, have taught myself a little ukulele, and took chorus in college. I can match pitch, too, so I spent a good amount of time teaching myself various songs on the flute. I think there's an Irish tin flute somewhere around here and I may just know how to play Concerning Hobbits on it.

      3. The first convention I ever went to was a Xena convention. It was actually one of the most fun days I ever had and I think I still have an autograph of William Gregory Lee lurking around here somewhere.

      4. I have a knack for animal impressions. Dog, cat, monkey, sheep, cow, horse, duck, rooster, seal. Still haven't perfected a dolphin but I'll let @MLGKatie keep that one for herself.

      5. I love horseback riding. I haven't gotten the chance to do it lately, but it's just something I've always loved to do. When I was younger, I used to go to a summer camp that taught horseback riding. I kind of wish I kept taking lessons, but it got to be expensive after a while. (Again, if anyone in RTNY wants to go horseback riding, let's do this)

      I never know who to tag so...if you want to do this, go for it and pretend I tagged you!

    • This is mostly me trying to process what's going on.

      4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      The world has lost someone incredibly talented today. My heart is heavy with sorrow as I try to piece together what is happening. How do you say goodbye to someone you've never met? And how is it that someone that you've never even met can touch you so much and influence you to the point where his passing causes so much pain, it's like you've known him all along?

      But I am reminded that someone so creative can pour himself into his own works and it feels like you knew him, like you've met him. And what better way to say goodbye to someone than to remember all the amazing things he's accomplished, all the great work he's done for a community? But it is also important to remember that everyone copes with this sort of thing in their own way, and sometimes you just have to let someone be sad. There is nothing wrong with being sad, and there is nothing wrong with celebrating Monty's life and his accomplishments.

      I see more and more just how much of a family this community is. The amount of outreach is incredible and makes me feel comforted just to know that I can count on you all if I need a friend to talk to. And I of course offer my own services, however I can help. If you need a friendly ear to chat or rant to, if you just need someone to cry with, you can come to me. Nobody needs to feel like they have to keep their grief to themselves.

      And I know how hard it can be to open up to someone about this, many people aren't able to even talk about it right now. It took me an entire phone conversation about something else entirely to finally tell my mom what I was going through, and I'm glad I didn't. Something about having that kind of validation from someone who isn't personally going through the same thing as we are helped a lot. It made me feel like I'm not crazy for having all of these emotions about someone who I never personally met.

      Anyway, I'm going to try to cut myself off before I ramble too much more. I've never been really good with writing in this form, although under the circumstances, I'm sure that's understandable.

      That said, I will reiterate: please, if you want to talk to someone, please feel free to send me a message. This may be a difficult road ahead, but you don't have to walk it alone.

      And please, Rest in Peace, Monty. My thoughts and prayers are with you, with your family and friends, and with the rest of the community. I have faith Monty will live on forever, watching over us and making sure the creativity never stops.

    • 4 years ago

      eowyning Word Warrior

      It's been awhile (I hope you all have Staind in your heads now. You're welcome). I haven't posted lately because I haven't really had much to...report on? But it's the holidays and I'm feeling majorly sappy, because it's that time of the year where all the holiday decorations make me giddy.

      It's crazy to think that a year ago, I barely knew what Rooster Teeth was. I think the first time I saw the Rage Quits of the Impossible Game and Surgeon Simulator was a couple of years ago, but I hadn't watched anything else. It took me a long time to rediscover that Rage Quit and then boredom had convinced me to watch more Rage Quits, which led me to discover that there were more than these videos, and that Achievement Hunter was a shoot off of the company that created Red v. Blue, a webseries I only had vague ideas about and had never seen for myself.

      Flash forward to now, where I have a huge queue of AH & RT videos in my Watch Later because they produce so much content I can't even keep up. Where I have a group of friends both local and scattered across the world with this one common interest. I have been a part of various "fandoms" across the years, but I have hardly seen anything quite as close-knit and wonderful as this. The closest I could compare it to is the Broadway fandom, because Broadway is pretty much in my backyard, but the thing that I love most about RT is that it doesn't matter where you're from, you still get to enjoy the content that gets put out on the daily. There isn't a sense of elitism, we're all friends (and friends love each other, or so I hear). Sure there is the occasional scuffle, but it doesn't cause a mass exodus in the same ways I have seen in other fandoms.

      Several months ago, I was in a really low place. I had finally moved out of my parents' house and was on my own and had managed to isolate myself and dig myself down into a hole that was really hard to escape from. I hadn't realized how expensive it was to live on my own, and with my sister's wedding and paying off my furniture, I had no money left over to see concerts or Broadway shows, which used to be my way of therapy and catharsis. At that time, most of my friends pretty much spent their time and money on this form of entertainment, so I fell out of touch with them over time. Finding a home at this website turned all of that around. The comedy and the sense of family that Rooster Teeth has created with both its content and the other fans that hang out on this website and on tumblr pretty much saved my life. I can't remember the last time I had such incredibly generous and amazing friends that went above and beyond the content that we get excited about. I am only sorry it took so long to find a place I could call home, but I like to think that I was just in the right place at the right time, and timing is everything.

      So basically, I just want to thank all of you for making the last half of this year the best I could have ever asked for. I know I joined a little late in the game, but I love that there is no sense that you aren't a real fan unless you have been here since the beginning. I love you guys and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!

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