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    • Way to jam...

      8 years ago


      So, you know, college has been one really crazy experience so far.
      Very minimal xbox 360 in my life, but very rarely am I just sitting
      around in my room. For example; tonight there will be a sleep-over
      in the fourth floor lounge of my 'residence hall' with a ton of our
      friends. Mattresses and all. I can't say I wouldn't rather be playing
      Halo, because...well, I would rather. Especially considering that I
      have to work at eight in the morning tomorrow, and that I have a
      whole paper to write by Monday, with no time tomorrow to do it.
      ...maybe I should NOT want to play Xbox and do that instead.
      Eh. What's wrong with old school?

    • Favorite....what?

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      I know everyone has their favorite things about Harry Potter; favorite books, characters, ships, and all that goodly stuff. So therein lies my question - what are your favorites? You have them. I know you do. And i'm interested to hear about them, and debate them. Because i'm pretty heavily opinionated myself. Biased. Whatever.

      My favorite:

      Book: The Order of the Pheonix
      For some reason, that book had everything I wanted. I've read it a thousand times, and I cannot, for the life of me, get over the fact that it has the marauders in it. That's probably why it's my favorite. But it is, and I absolutely adore it.

      Character: James Potter
      Yes, I know. We never really even met Jamie P. But regardless of that, i've created my own interpretation of what he'd be like if JK had really shown him to us, and i've gotta say, I love what I see. Amazing. Ah-may-zing.

      Ship: James Potter/Lily Evans
      I'm old school; so sue me... Oh, come'on, they're damn adorable. Love. Love, love, love them together. Screw Snape/Lily. It's disguisting.

      Movie: The Chamber of Secrets
      The irony behind that is that I hate the second book, but I think they captured the essence of that book better than any others. Plus, the actors were all the perfect age at that point; no one looked too old, or too young. It was perfect, even though the story bothers me.

      Moment: The scene outside of the forest in DH with the Marauders and Lily.
      I know it seems strange, but that book was just alright to me, until that part. With Sirius, James, Remus and Lily outside of the forest with hiim. It had so much emotion, and I just remember absolutely bawling my eyes out when I read it, because it was so incredible.

      So, there's just a few of my favorites. I could go on for much longer, but i'd rather not. It'd be wayyy too long. So, let me hear what you think!

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    • Infinitus 2010, anyone?

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      Just curious if any of you Potter fans are going to Infinitus. A friend and I are going down, and it's going to be the greatest three days of my life. It's my graduation gift, so I don't really even have to pay for that much. I know, i'm a lucky bitch. ; D Maybe i'll see some of you down there!

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    • Favorite Character Analysis

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      So, I know there's already been a poll and everything about everyone's favourite character, but there surely must be a REASON that this character is favorited, right?
      I didn't want to start the conversation on the poll, because it didn't seem like the appropriate place for it. But here we may speak freely and talk about exactly why we love our favorite characters.
      I really want to start this one. xD

      Okay. My top three characters are pretty straight forward, starting with Roy Mustang, followed closely by Mayes Hughes, and after him comes Edward. Of course.

      Now, the reason I love Roy so much, and maybe this is a little stupid, but it's because he's badass. He's the most badass good guy ever. AND not only is he badass, but he's bad, and he's an ass. Yeah? He's incredible! His snide, smartass comments are second to none; if I could think of retorts that good, people would worship the ground I stand on. Unfortunately, i don't have his wonderful sarcasm. Though I really wish I did. -sigh- I love Roy Mustang. Easily my favorite.

      But HUGHES. Oh man, he keeps me in non-stop stitches. Everything he says makes me laugh, whether it be in the Manga or the Anime. I was so devestated when he was killed, I actually cried. You really got close to him. Every time he talked about his daughter, it just made you want to roll over from laughter, if only because of the look on everyone elses' faces. He made the whole Manga and Anime series worth reading/watching.

      And finally....he's Ed. Need I say more?

      So, what about the rest of you?

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    • There's a First Time for Everything!

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      Now of course, no one came out of the womb with a book in their hands, reading away while the doctors cut the umbilical cord. Nope. Everyone had their start, and it is that which makes each of us so unique, in our own special little ways. So let us all know: How DID you get your start? Whether your parents read to you at night as a little kid, you picked up a book in first grade and read ever since, or you found one series that got you addicted later in your life. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

      How did I get my start? Well. Ever since I was a little kid, my parents read to me all the time. I had an early start, I guess you could say. I liked to read; I read all of those lame little books that kids read, the ten page ones that seemed eternally long, but I was never really that interested. The first book I had ever read, which was actually longer than thirty pages, was Harry Potter number one. Now, please note than HP numero uno came out when I was still in first grade. (I actually had to do math for that. Sad.) So naturally, I hadn't read it in first grade. I wasn't THAT good. I'll wager that I read it in either fourth or fifth grade. After reading that book, I started to look into other books, and continued to faithfully read the rest of the Harry Potter series. (Although I was a very late-comer, and by the time I was fully obsessed with the series I was already in eigth or ninth grade.) I love the fact that i'm able to say, "Oh yeah, I started reading because of Harry Potter!" It makes me oh so proud. : D And now, eleven years later, I love reading more than ever. I can easily admit that it is one of my absolute favorite hobbies.

      So guys, what about you?

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    • Favoritism in Literature

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      Everyone has a favorite book. EVERYONE! If you don't, then you obviously don't read a whole lot.
      So naturally, this post would be for everyone to give us their favorite books, and the reason why.
      Be respectful of everyone elses' opinions, too.

      Okay. So I have to say that my favorite book of all time is also probably the best book EVER. But you know, maybe it's just my opinion. Favoritism. It's a curse.
      The first book in the series is entitled The Naming. The others that follow are The Riddle, The Crow, and The Singing. They're the most incredibly written books...you'd be shocked. Another friend of mine read the first, and also fell in love with it. She thought it was slow at first, but once it picked up, she was basically...she loved it. If you see it, buy it. It's incredible.

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    • Rules are necessary to existance.

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      Everywhere you go, you need to have rules. Lest people get out of hand and destroy themselves, and everyone around them.
      Hey, I think it's pretty damn logical.


      ONE. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas, which is something everyone needs to respect.
      TWO. If you feel the need to spill a rude comment...don't. I'm not afraid to neg. And trust me, i'll be around.
      THREE. Facts are great, as long as you actually know what you're talking about.
      FOUR. Speak like you do normally. Dnt tlk lyk dis. It is really, really irritating.
      FIVE. Make sure to check the forums. Don't make a topic about a book that was already done. That'd be a waste of space.
      SIX. Figuring out an alternitive to someone elses' idea is one thing. Making them look like an idiot is another. Don't do it.
      SEVEN. Make friends. Don't be shy! We won't bite your head off...cannibalism is frowned upon here. Sorry to all you Cannibals out there.
      EIGHT. If your thread is going to have explicit material posted on it, make sure to place this, [M], in the title. Spare us, please.
      NINE. Have fun!

      I hope that those aren't too difficult for anyone to handle. If they are...well, too bad. Get over it. You can leave.
      Enjoy the forum, and take advantage of the oppertunity you have been given- the chance to discuss great literature!

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    • And now...

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      Well, Reconstruction has met its end.
      We discovered that our dear Leonard Church is the Alpha, the original AI, and that he was based off of the Director himself.
      Tex is 'dead', the Reds have now been stationed at Valhalla, (minus our dear friend Donut), and Caboose is acting more unusual than...well, usual.
      So what now? The only thing that is certain is that no one knows exactly what will come next.


      ONE. Everyone has their own opinions, and you need to respect that.
      TWO. If you're going to post something rude, don't bother. I'm not afraid to neg.
      THREE. Facts are great, as long as you actually know what you're talking about.
      FOUR. Speak like you do normally. Dnt tlk lyk dis. It is really, really irritating.
      FIVE. Figuring out an alternitive to someone elses' idea is one thing. Making them look like an idiot is another. Don't do it.
      SIX. The season is over, but that doesn't mean that Relocation can't be pulled in as well. There are some key points in that series that may need to brought up in order to help prove a theory or whatnot.

      Okay. That's it.

      The first topic that i'd like to bring up is that of Agent Washington. What one earth...or Halo, could have happened to him? Did he get overtaken by Command? When the EMP shut off all of the electronics, did he have time to escape? And if so, where did he go? During the last episode, they made it seem as though something had happened to him, by not showing us where he was. This could also bring in the Meta. When the EMP went off, did he return to the old Agent Maine, still more powerhungry than ever? So many questions, so few answers.

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    • Freelancer FanFictions

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      Otherwise known as FFF's.
      Having just begun my own, I began to ponder...
      "Hmm...could others have had the same ephiphany as I?!"
      And so here I am, bestowing my work upon you.
      Of course, it's no where near done, but it's pretty badass. Enjoy it.


      And of course, reading other's work is almost as incredible as creating your own.
      We want to read that work!

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      Hey , check out the news on the Fullmetal Alchemist group. Its going to be updated more often.

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