The reason for this is to bring attention to an anomaly in the audio of the 2nd dream sequence in vol 4 ch 2 that could be a possible clue as to Pyrrha's fate. It was discovered by the user revanninja and confirmed by several others, myself included. To hear this for yourself you have to make sure your audio is set to stereo and not mono and be using some sort of headphones/earbuds/ whatever you call them. At around 10:28 is when the whole dream sequence starts and what you are going to do is listen to the part right after Ruby wakes up and hears Pyrrha calling Jaune's name. If you listen to this scene regularly with both headphones in, the video recording of Pyrrha will be faintly playing in the background as Ruby gets up to investigate. At one point (not at 11:34, but before that as Ruby is still getting up) she says "Follow these instructions". This in and of itself is odd as the word "follow" is heard a lot louder and a lot more clearly than anything else so far it it has a kind of echoey (can't think of a better word) quality to it. In order to understand why it sounds this way we have to go back to the point right after Ruby wakes up and hears Pyrrha frantically call for Jaune. Pause the video and remove one headphone so that you are only hearing out of one ear. Press play and this time you will hear one of two things depending on which earbud you removed. One option is that you will hear pretty much the same thing as before except maybe the video of Pyrrha will be slightly louder and more understandable (not sure if this is just me). If you get this then go back to when she wakes up and change earbuds so that if you had the left one in now you only have the right one in. This time you should hear the other option which is that the video will be mostly silent except for ambient noise and then you will clearly hear Pyrrha say "follow". There is no way that something like this was done on accident so it means that when Pyrrha says “follow” it is not actually part of the video as the episode would lead you to believe. This would seem to imply that Ruby’s dreams are something more than PTSD or a manifestation of hearing Jaunes video in her sleep. While we do not have enough information to say for certain what this means it does provide some new information that possibly disproves some theories and strengthens others. All we do know for certain is that there is more than meets the eye with Pyrrha and that there is definitely something strange going on.

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