after finishing volume 3, I decided to go back and rewatch RWBY. In V2C6 Burning the Candle, Yang reveals how she and Ruby are daughters to different mothers. We know that Raven (Yang's mom) is still around, even hough we don't know what te hell she's up to, but all we know about Summer's fate is that she "left for a mission and never came back", and is presumed dead. You know how it is with these shows, if you haven't seen the body you should keep some doubt in your mind, and I think this is specially true with such a mysterious character and how important she could be not just for being Ruby's mother but also for having the fabled "silver eyes" power.

Having such a person as an uncomfirmed death just leaves room for some awesome twists later on. You'd think taking down someone who has a power that Grimm fear wouldn't be easy - look at what Ruby did without not even knowing about it and being just a child. And I don't think Summer just plain left, that would be really unfortunate for this family to have TWO mothers walk out on their husband and children. So, was Summer captured, possibly by Salem? That would make Salem pretty damn powerful. Will Summer show up in the show, even if just her body to confirm the death and maybe shed some light on who killed her?

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