Hello lovely site members!!

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to be on a little show we do called Fan Service, and you can actually watch the episode right here! If you missed it or if you’re new, this week we talked about 3D and CGI anime and dove into a lot of the technical aspects about what makes a 3D anime good visually vs a bad one. It’s a super fun in depth conversation plus it gives you a good inside look to both how the 3D team in RT Animation tackles these issues. Like I mentioned in the episode, I enjoy watching these 3D/computer-generated anime because of the unique challenge they are presented and it’s fun to gauge their successes, but also because sometimes I just genuinely enjoy the story, the characters, the world, etc., even despite of their less-than-great animation or visuals. Unfortunately, this is another point to my argument that I didn’t get to really discuss! Oops.

For example, despite trash talking Berserk (2016) for its animation in this episode of Fan Service, I really have been enjoying this anime for its story and characters. It genuinely catches my attention every week and keeps me coming back for more. This anime never fails to get me hyped. I’d definitely recommend Berserk for its story and moody, dark-fantasy atmosphere despite its very apparent flaws, and if this latest adaptation is a little too rough around the edges for you, at least check out the manga, games, or previous anime adaptation for this great series.

While the crew talked extensively about Blame!, I didn’t get to touch much on my favorite Polygon adaptation: Ajin: Demi-Human. Polygon Pictures definitely is one of the biggest and well known 3D animation studios out there, and for good reason! The quality in Polygon’s series is always high and very consistent, and is definitely one of the few studios have approached the 3D-but-2D-inspired look and have more or less succeeded. Unlike Berserk, Ajin has few to no fumbles when it comes to visuals, and may be a bit easier for viewers to digest. While I did enjoy BLAME!, the plot and characters of Ajin just sit way better with me personally and is definitely up there on my favorites list for anime.  Ajin is also adapted from a manga (an award winning manga, if that’s any indication. Winky face~ (・ω<) ) and is going to soon receive the live-action treatment later this year.

And finally, the anime I’ve been watching most recently and recommended on this episode to check out was Kado: the Right Answer. After the first few episodes aired, I was surprised that despite having good reviews, most people were still quick to dismiss it and flat out refusing to watch it because “ew, 3D anime!”. Honestly, it made me a little sad, because Kado is another 3D anime that looks gorgeous and does it right with a fascinating premise and characters to boot. The pacing is a little slow and unlike the previous shows mentioned, there’s little to no action or fighting: it’s very much a story about how characters interact and react to one another, on top of how humanity reacts to an otherworldly being offering otherworldly possibilities.

TL:DR; don’t boil down how “good” an anime based on the animation alone, and don’t be too quick to dismiss 3D anime. This is all ~*just my opinion*~ of course and I’m definitely not an expert by any means, but I wanted to further explain why I’m into these shows and maybe provide new angle of looking at them. There are some gems out there, I promise!!

And of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on 3D or CGI anime! As well as any recommendations; I’m always on the lookout for new series and I know we definitely missed a ton of great ones this week. Thanks! ♥