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    • evilcherry


      6 years ago

      so garrett, his friend jon and i went to 311 last night.
      it was awesome.

      (and for those of you who talk to garrett, this is not to be repeated.)
      garrett passed out twice, one right after another at the show.
      it scared me shitless.
      on the way out one lady looked at him and said "wow he's really green"
      first of all lady, my boyfriend just collapsed, hes probably not going to look too good.

      once we got out and everything felt a little better, i started cracking up.
      they looked at me funny and asked why i was laughing.
      i told them right after it happened, when garrett was pale and green,
      he looked like something from left for dead & that i was going to go home and play tonight.

      my boyfriend looked like a zombie from lfd.

      anyways... 311=awesome
      time for some lfd now. HAHAHA

    • evilcherry

      tell your boyfriend

      6 years ago

      if he says he's got beef,
      that i'm a vegetarian and i ain't fucking scared of him.

      lifes busy.
      my car died. my dad paid for it to get better when theres still parts that are broken...
      coolant started leaking, water pump went out, power steering fluid disappeared, and the belt came off...
      all at the same time.
      yep, that was fun.

      i've been working a lot....
      lots of concerts coming up.
      311, eric clapton, summerfest (including rise against, rancid, dropkick murphys. and staind), blink 182, and augustfest (bands unknown yet but i always go)

      i love concerts.
      gotta go find a ride to my car now.

    • evilcherry


      6 years ago

      i love floridia.

      i'm on vacation with garrett and his parents.
      his parents are so much fun.
      mary and i are making mojitos tonight!
      i layed outside for less than 30 minutes... and got intense tan lines.

      and NO i did not burn for the grovaughsons.
      i went tanning before i came so i wouldnt.
      i wanna move to floridia...

    • evilcherry

      my mom

      6 years ago

      is bad ass.
      you know why?

      she lands on a plane coming home from california...
      and calls me at 12:04 am to say happy birthday!

      ultimate mom!

    • evilcherry


      6 years ago

      im never on this... because im never near a computer...
      whenever i go on facebook or myspace its from my phone.
      and my phone wont let me push the sign in button on rvb...

      ...i think they need to fix that!

    • evilcherry


      6 years ago

      its absolutely beautiful out.

      i'm going to fly a kite today.

      at RRR.


    • evilcherry


      6 years ago

      i got this new phone.
      im at baller status now.
      samsung propel.
      it slides up and has a full key pad.
      the only problem:
      no phone i have ever had lets me go on rvb.
      not one.

      kinda sucks...

    • evilcherry

      i love garrett

      6 years ago

      my boyfriend is amazing. in so many ways.
      how i love him dearly.
      and all he did was have some of my friends at his house today.

      love life.
      <3 hope you had a good day.

      culli i'm sorry your sickly. feel better. ^_^

    • evilcherry

      hyphens are bad ass

      6 years ago

      Answer these questions...
      USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

      1. Where is your cell phone?

      2. Your significant other?

      3. Your hair?

      4. Your mother?

      5. Your father?

      6. Your favorite thing?

      7. Your dream last night?

      8. Your favorite drink?

      9. Your dream/goal?

      10. What room you are in?

      11. Your hobby?

      12. Your fear?

      13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

      14. Where were you last night?

      16. Muffins?

      17. Wish list item?

      18. Where you grew up?

      19. Last thing you did?

      20. What are you wearing?

      21. Your TV?

      22. Your pets?

      23. Friends?

      24. Your life?

      25. Your mood?

      26. Missing someone?

      27. Car?

      28. Something you're not wearing?

      29. Your favorite store?

      30. Your favorite color?

      33. When is the last time you laughed?

      34. Last time you cried?

      35. Who will repost this?

      36. One place that I go to over and over?

      37. One person who emails me regularly?

      38. My favorite place to eat?

      39. Why you participated in this survey?
      dunno.... lol

    • evilcherry


      6 years ago

      i've been rather busy lately. thats why i haven't been updating.

      nothing special.
      my break line broke friday night.
      i had a horrible weekend. i dont even wanna go over it.

      but its a new day and much better.

      i learned how to play left for dead... i'm kinda obsessed now...

      work at mario's is nothing special.
      same bitches every day.
      you think someone would tell them they aren't hot and to loose the attitude cuz all it does is make them hated and people wanna punch their face in...
      i really dont like one of my co-workers if you couldn't tell

      rosati's is rosati's. same shit different day. always. i hate it
      but at least there we all get along and have fun.

      my throat is hurting.
      how have you guys been?

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    • PUC

      PUC MASH1778

      4 years ago

      21 year-old female from Don't Stalk Me

      Don't worry I only stalk 26 to 29 yr old's.. your safe
      For now!
      (over the top evil laugh)MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Seriously though... Nice Headline I lol'd

      Oh... I didn't notice... You haven't been here in over a year.
      Dammit good joke wasted on a site Ghost! I frelling hate it when I do that.

      Post edited 1/08/11 7:59AM

    • grim487


      6 years ago

      congratulations on being hot nerd of the week

    • Thoric

      Thoric Yikes

      6 years ago

      You have been nominated!


      make sure you let all your friends know and get them to vote! smiley13.gif

    • Cerberus_


      6 years ago

      Simple really. They were just talking about their car or something and mentioned how they loved how it looked in red. I was bored so I said that it would only look gray to me, that I'm red/green colorblind, just on a whim. They acted weird toward me after I said that, like I told them I have cancer or something.

      C'est la Target.

    • Cerberus_


      6 years ago

      That's awesome.

      You're awesome.

    • Cerberus_


      6 years ago


    • Fallout


      6 years ago

      Well, it works for you ;-)

    • Cerberus_


      6 years ago

      Got it at Jimmy'z.

    • HaloPenguin


      6 years ago

      well, good. It's true though.. lookin' good..

    • Fallout


      6 years ago

      No problem!