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    • Thank you Rooster Teeth

      3 months ago


      Dear friends,

      Today I’m announcing that I’m stepping down as President of Rooster Teeth effective April 26th. Working at Rooster Teeth has been one of the highlights of my career. This company is so special and I am forever indebted to Matt and Burnie for giving me this opportunity.

      When I became involved with Rooster Teeth the company was about 60 people; today it’s many multiples of that size. I am so proud of what we have built together. I wanted to thank the entire team from creative to support staff for making my time at Rooster Teeth such a fulfilling experience. You are all so talented and work so hard. You all truly inspire me and have become a family to me.

      I also want to thank each and every one of you in the community. This community is something special and I feel so lucky to have been welcomed into it and supported by you all. You make Rooster Teeth stand out and provide the fuel that propels Rooster Teeth forward. You are all so passionate, creative and good. Don’t take this for granted; don’t take each other for granted.  

      Between Fullscreen and Rooster Teeth I’ve been running hard for almost 8 years. It’s now time for me to step back to spend some time with my other family. When I realized that my frequent flier balance was rivaling that of Burnie, Gav and Geoff it became clear that I needed some time to chill. As my wife always reminds me, these are precious years with our kids.

      Finally, I wanted to thank Matt, Burnie, Geoff, Gus, Yvonne, George Strompolos, Jesse Jacobs and Peter Chernin, Andy Forssell & Tom Pickett. You guys are the best and have given me more than you know.  

      Thank you all for your patience with this transition. I know you all will stay focused on your goals and the opportunities that are opening up for Rooster Teeth. In the interim while we look for a replacement for my role, my direct reports will report to Matt.

      I know it’s a cliche way to end this post but, Keep Moving Forward. There is so much goodness ahead.

      Very best,


    • Lixxieb asked ezracooperst a question

      Hey Ezra! Any idea when we can expect to hear an update on whats happening with the UK store?

      Answered: Mar 15, 2018

      We're still working on how best to fix. It's a hard market, but we'll have more leadership in the territory to announce soon. 

    • moaibr101 asked ezracooperst a question

      Just curious, can you explain how your role as president differs from Matt's role as CEO, are there responsibility's you share, or are your role's vastly different etc.

      Answered: Mar 15, 2018

      I'm mostly charged with steering the biz operations. Matt owns the creative operations.

    • Altered Carbon

      1 year ago


      The only down side so far is too often this image comes to mind when say the lead characters name...which is all the time.


    • HypeD

      1 year ago


      This has been a week of meetings and email that have me pretty pretty pretty excited. This is going to be a huge year at Rooster Teeth!! 

      I am so hyped. More to share very soon. 

      My Dad is also coming to Austin for the first time since we moved. So that's cool. 

      What are you fired up about right now?

    • I'm sure you can relate

      1 year ago


      When your pile of RT shirts is about to pass your non RT shirts. 


    • That idea

      1 year ago


      You ever had that experience when you are instantly hit with what you believe is a stroke of genius. Like a bolt of lightning, you have came up with a brilliant new idea. It’s an idea so good, so novel that you can’t help but feel excitement. An idea becomes an immediate obsession...it’s a gamechanger and you start scribbling notes and the outlines of a business plan. By the time you get home you have already played out the execution in your mind and are counting the money the idea made you. Mogul status!! 

      And then you decide  to google the idea just to make sure it’s truly as special as you think it is. 

      Oh, shit. It was already done. Some other person got rich on it...back in the 90s according to their website. 

      So, do you feel bummed or a pride in humanity for thinking of that idea way before you did? I guess a bit of both. 

      Anyways...on to the next one...

    • Rules

      1 year ago


      An Achievement Hunter Sweatshirt should always be provided to a cold wife. 


    • HCD to you...

      1 year ago


      Happy Community Day!! You all rock!! 

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    • Dopp ROLL TIDE

      1 year ago

      Yo, what happened? 

      You gave us hope. You were posting. Interacting. Making us feel like you guys remember this place. 4 months... sigh... I miss the good ol days.

    • DuoAchievement FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold This Fucking Weeb

      1 year ago

      Hey Ezra! I just wanted to say, thank you for hearing us out about some of our concerns. I know my journal turned into a bit of a rant instead of suggestions, but I am happy to see that you're responding to us and continuing the responses days after the journal. We're really just hoping for the best for this site that is important to us, and you taking the time out of your day to listen to us is really hopeful.

      I know I said this before, thank you again and welcome officially to the RT family! Hope you can stick with us for a while, we know we're the weird cousins in the family tree but hey at least we can make funny jokes jack

    • Dopp ROLL TIDE

      1 year ago

      I know I was more than a bit blunt in your last two journals. My bluntness towards issues on this site has both gotten features I like back on the site (Friends' Journals) and also has gotten me blocked by Burnie on Twitter (the last straw for cancelling my 11-year sponsorship).

      Despite how I come across, the fact that you're not only asking us, but responding to us is something I really appreciate. This site's slow slide to where it is now was hard to watch in real time and it really does feel like losing a friend. Not a death, mind you, but one who has moved off and now has other friends that keep them occupied. 

      I hope this continues. If so, you could possibly see what this site once was. <3

      • ezracooperst President

        1 year ago

        I hear you. I also describe RT as a community FIRST content company. Without the community we are just another content company which in the age of the internet is a commodity. We need great content but also need to reinvest in community. This means product, communication, etc. Hope you make the move back to FIRST member but I get why you stay on the sidelines as well. I'm noob, but will try my best make RT the best community and content company in the world. 

    • Count3D FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Site Admin

      1 year ago

      Welcome officially to Rooster Teeth!

  • Questions answered by ezracooperst

    We're still working on how best to fix. It's a hard market, but we'll have more leadership in the territory to announce soon. 

    Nah - mostly same same. I feel more connection to and responsibility to the RT community since taking the RT title.