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    • RT Podcast Hunt! HEEELLLPPP.

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      Okay so there was this podcast; it was a pretty recent one. At some point Gus tells a story but words it a bit awkwardly saying "I had recently come into a child...     I mean, that is not how I was supposed to say that." or something along those lines.

      I need to find it bad but it's quite the 30 second needle in the hours of podcast haystacks. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help!

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    • Entry #4 - Broken

      1 year ago


      I joined the military in an effort to better myself. This was the purpose of the entire endeavor; protecting this amazing country, and free education were just cherries on top of this level-up sundae. I thought I could force myself to become a better person by leaving it all in the hands of the US military, and while they had very capable hands, I failed. 

      I found out the hard way that I can't just force myself to change by voluntarily dropping into a boiling pot. I found that putting myself in a crucible doesn't guarantee that I come out a stronger, better man; there is a possibility for failure. It's sad, but it's the truth, and I guess the experience and the lesson are now permanently carved in my bones. I at least can thank the US Navy for making me realize that among other things that I learned from basic training.

      Now, it's a few weeks later, and I have a grant to go to community college. I have a place to stay with my family. I possibly have a part-time job, and I get to live this American life. Despite this failure, despite the grave that I started digging for myself, life continues to ask me to keep on living. Funnily enough I found a notebook with some of my journal entries and poetry written in it, and I found this old little passage I wrote on a train before I even thought about joining the Navy.

      Thoughts on the Midnight Train #1

      "Beauty. I live for beauty. This world holds so much beauty, it's something I keep forgetting, but it is the truth: I have reason to live. I don't wish for death, I do not. I have, for too long, surrounded myself with darkness. I never fought the poison. I let it consume me because I was small and weak... But no more! I am alive! I am strong! It will not be a swift or easy undertaking, but I will claim this life as my own. I will live, if not for me, for this beautiful world that deserves to be recognized, and deserves to be preserved. I do not wish for death. Not anymore."

    • Entry #3 - Last Few Days

      2 years ago


      It's almost time for me to leave, and it's scary as hell. Not one day in my life did I ever think I'd be joining the military. I binge watch RT videos now, and I keep thinking "Man, these guys are awesome, I wish could meet them at one point even just for a hello and to show my gratitude." and for a split second I held in my head this little shard of hope that I could see myself working a regular life to make ends meet doing what I love, like RT does. That shard of hope turned into a permanent fixture in my head, it turned into a promise I made to myself: that I would do this in the future after my service. After years of the military molding me into a stronger, better version of myself, I will live how I wish to and succeed, and in that future I will make a way to tell Rooster Teeth my infinite thanks for the laughs they bring, and the hope they inspire.

    • Entry #2 - A Second Step

      2 years ago


      Damn, didn't use this as much as I had wished. I have a little over 45 days before I leave for Boot Camp. My first ever decision to do something with my life starts in about a month and a half. The decision I've been hoping that will build this lazy, afraid, broken, slightly chiseled ass into something that deserves the life it was given. Until then however, I have Nier, and Persona 5,and this amazing company to keep me company. 

    • Entry #1 - What to make of this?

      2 years ago


      In my efforts to support Rooster Teeth, a company I regret to say I've only recently discovered, I stumbled upon this little feature. Maybe this will be a good way to record random thoughts or events, and be an interesting thing to read in the future. Whatever the case, this will be entry numero uno, which is mostly meaningless, but will serve as a possible step for a habit I hope to keep.

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