Hey everyone! This is actually my first time posting to the RT Forums. Usually I'm not big into forums, but this is a subject that I needed to get more public with. SPOILERS: Illya was just confirmed to be lesbian. Or rather, as confirmed as we'll ever get. And while I'm loving the story implications its providing, a few of my friends are actually quite upset. They believe the way they went about introducing the first LGBT main character was wrong, and that she shows the "Psychotic Lesbian Trope". As much as I try to argue that she's not psychotic, they still believe that its poor representation. POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING: I actually believe that Illya's fate is to die by the end of this season. She represents what Blake could have been if she had stayed with the White Fang, and how she would have inevitably met a terrible fate. She also represents the horror of Adam's corruption, and may spur Blake to put her foot down and face Adam once and for all. HOWEVER, this idea also upsets my friends as they think that shows the "Bury Your Gays Trope". So I'm at a loss. I know for a fact that Miles and Kerry would never do anything malicious just because their character is gay. I myself am not LGBT. I'm a straight male with nothing but love and support for my friends, but only basic knowledge of the LGBT community. So am I in the wrong here for thinking that RWBY didn't poorly represent the first "confirmed lesbian" (honestly even thats not entirely true)? I am ignorant on the subject, so I'm not trying to do this to say "HA I WIN!" I'm doing this to learn what the community, specifically the LGBT community, thinks about this subject. Thanks!

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