Hellooo people of the internet, my name Jeff and I want to- ok yeah I can't do that stuff. Hey everyone I'm Finyte and I wanted to make this thread to talk about RWBY and the direction it's going, this is NOT a hate thread I don't hate the show in fact it's quite the opposite for me, I love the show, and I'm a bit worried about it's future; mostly because of certain characters that have/had little to no development over the past five years *cough* Like Cinder *cough* and different plot points that have been so vague that I don't even consider them to be part of the plot like Faunus discrimination, we don't see evidence of that in the show besides just hearing about it every once in a while. I want to chat with y'all about the show and where you think it's heading, I'm open to discuss anything! (Even the insane ships..) 

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