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    • If you are LGBTQ+

      2 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      I do not hate you. I do not fear you. I do not think of you as any less of a person than myself or any other. I love you, wish the best for you.

      But I do not agree with you.

      You are human, and I am human. I have my faults. I have a tendency to lie when I know the truth will bring about disapproval. I choose to be lazy and self-indulgent rather than be productive and helpful. I have been full of bitterness, spite, and hate toward others.

      And yes, technically, most would consider me bisexual. I am more sexually attracted to women, although I have only ever sought out men as partners.

      I believe God created a standard in the world. If He meant for men to be with men and women to be with women, then they would be able to have children together. After all, that is the truly natural purpose of sex.

      I know people are born with natural tendencies to be homosexual, bisexual, etc. People are also born with a natural affinity for alcoholism, with greater potential for psychosis. Just because you are born a certain way doesn't mean it is right. It doesn't mean it should be embraced.

      I do not hate you. I will not ostracize you. You are a person, just as flawed and imperfect as I am, and I do not blame you for it.

      But I will not pretend to agree with you. I will not say "congratulations" or "good for you" when you are doing what I believe in my heart is wrong.

      I have drawn my line and will make my stand.

    • Summer Plans

      4 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      So, I figure I might as well go ahead and say that I have no current plans to attend RTX this year. Although I would seriously love to attend and participate in all the wonderful stuff that happens every time, I just don't think it's going to work out for me right now.

      This mostly falls upon the timing of the event, which is August 7-9. In order to pick up my badge in a wonderful, timely fashion like I did last year, I would have to leave on August 6...which just so happens to be my father's birthday. In addition to that, my birthday is August 4, and I am certain my family would want to do something. I'm hoping I can convince them to do Medieval Times in Dallas, but we'll see.

      Also, there is a prominent money issue this time. Since I graduated in December, the government is going to be knocking on my door soon asking me to pay back the money they lent me for school. Bleh. So an $80-something ticket plus the gas money is starting to seem a little pricey.

      However, I do have one tiny spark of hope that might make all my hopes and dreams come true: the production artist position that is available here at RT. Currently, I don't have enough sketches and things sitting around for a proper portfolio, but hopefully with a bit of quick work, I can have something presentable. And if I could get that position, it would seriously be the greatest dream come true: working for RT and drawing for a living. smiley12.gif

    • That was weird

      4 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      Don't know why my sponsorship didn't auto-renew. It was rather distressing to not be able to watch the podcast last night, be assaulted by advertisements on the videos, and lose my shiny star. Oh well, it's fixed now. I just get to pay ten more bucks a year than I used to. Hmm...maybe that's why. smiley12.gif

    • Time to Say Goodbye

      4 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      Monty Oum.

      This is so hard. I almost find that I don't believe it. I was shocked and speechless when my friend Julie texted me the update. I'd been unable to get on my computer all day because I had a doctor's appointment, and my mother had to be rushed to the heart hospital yesterday.

      What can I say? Monty is literally the reason I am a Rooster Teeth fan. My brother showed me the RWBY trailers around in January 2013, and I fell in love. The Red trailer was particularly breath-taking and is still one of my favorite videos of the show. I couldn't really get into RvB until I watched season 8 when his animations brought new life to the series. His Haloid and Dead Fantasy videos are just as phenomenal, despite their age. It's sad to think that now we'll never know the ending that he had in mind for Dead Fantasy.

      I always found his work inspirational. Whenever I'd watch his fight scenes, I would be captivated. I always wished that I could learn how to animate like that. At the very least, I have a similar imagination to him, if I lack the skills. I often choreograph epic fight scenes in my head while I listen to music. For example, whenever I listen to @Williams "Falling Toward the Sky," I actually see a dragon fight from Skyrim that I would love to put together in Poser. I had always hoped that, should I have ever gotten a job at Rooster Teeth, or if I at least lived close enough and had the pleasure of knowing him personally, I might actually get to learn the art of animation from him.

      I feel that Volume 2 of RWBY had a weird level of foreshadowing that no one had anticipated. The mood was remarkably darker than the first volume. More notably, a lot of the music had to do with goodbyes and death. The title song was "Time to Say Goodbye." Other songs that continued this ominous feeling were "Die," "Sacrifice," and, to a lesser degree, "All Our Days."

      The terrible truth of life is that we have no idea how much time we have left. The merest chance can take anyone. This is why you should live your life to the fullest. Monty certainly did that. His creative drive and energy were inspirational. There is now a huge hole in the world, a creative void that a thousand others cannot fill.

      "Monty is like a machine. When he's awake, he's awake to work, and to animate, and to do stuff. And when he's done, he just powers down."--@burnie

      Rest well in your eternal Sleep Mode, Monty. Know that you will be missed by many who loved you. smiley12.gif

      EDIT: Well, I think this post sufficiently answers the question posed by @RTContest this week. smiley12.gif

    • Unintentional Predictions

      4 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      So, I was thinking last night about how very easily I had predicted certain plot points in RWBY without realizing it back when the show was only four trailers. It actually left me kinda stunned to think about it.

      First off, the very first time I ever saw the Red trailer and saw the silhouettes at the end, I immediately noticed Blake. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw her was, "Wait...does she have cat ears? Okay then." Then I watched the Black trailer and saw it was a bow and for a while, that was that. It wasn't until about mid-first volume, during Oobleck's lecture, that I started thinking about it again, recalling just how cat-like her design was, and thinking that if she wasn't a Faunus, they really would have missed a good plot point. Made the reveal not surprising at all, of course, but still a good one.

      Now here comes some more obscure and creepy predictions I unintentionally made.

      Again, back when the show was still the trailers, (even before Yang's came out) I decided to make role-play characters based off them. One important point: I predicted that Red's name would be Ruby, because that's what I named the character before her name was revealed, or at least before I knew it. Another thing: I predicted that her mother had died. Not much of a mystery with the context of the trailer, but still. You can check the timestamp on the post here if you want.

      And here's something even creepier: I predicted that Ruby and Yang had the same father, but different mothers. Proof: My character, created June 1, 2013 and never edited.

      Either I'm a genius or a really good guesser. smiley12.gif

    • My Gaming Hand Twitches

      4 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      So, this game has literally been my life for the past week. I've barely been able to put it down, lost several hours of sleep over it, and have completed two play-throughs. I seriously don't know what it is about it--I'm not a major fan of the turn-based combat play style. The story is decent and makes a lot more sense the second time soon. Of course, anything involving time travel is going to be full of plot holes, but for the most part, they covered their bases. The animated cutscenes are astoundingly beautiful. I guess all the little things about it put together are what make it so addictive.

    • Super Fight

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      firestar1992 Pandora

      How is there not a thread for this awesome, amazing game yet? Okay, how many of y'all bought it, and how many of us bought it at RTX? What expansions do you have?
      I wish the blue deck was available. I've seen them use it in the Sponsor Plays. For those of you who don't know, the blue deck adds locations to the mix. It makes the game so much more smiley13.gif dynamic. smiley13.gif

      Also, a random scenario I pulled out of my decks, for anyone who wants to debate: A vampire has two heads, is wearing a gold bikini, and is chained to a Cyclops VS Level 50 Robin Hood, who dated the vampire's mom. FIGHT. smiley12.gif

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    • RTX weekend reflections (pt.3)

      5 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      As my group gets excited about going in, the Guardians come in and inform us that the casting company has reached their limit on the number of people they were going to see that day, and so the rest of us had to leave. Angry uproar. A number of people tore apart the confidentiality agreement. And considering how long we had to pour over that confidential script, I think that despite the fact that the Guardians took the scripts from us, enough may have had it memorized that some particularly vengeful individuals might had the memory to post it on the internet for all the world to see, since there is nothing legally preventing them from it now. I'll admit, the thought even crossed my mind and I still remember everything about my script except a little bit of wording on the directions. Still, I'm not THAT angry anymore. Though I did take care to inform @matt of my outrage and hurt.
      You see, there is one way I know of to make me truly angry. That is to let me find out that I have been lied to. It doesn't matter so much by whom or the motivations behind it. I just hate being lied to, especially when it wastes my time. During the course of this casting call, I believe I have been lied to--both times I believe unintentionally, but all the same--not once, but twice. The first time was by the Guardians, who told us to wait outside the checkpoint. I feel like the situation would have been handled better if they had told everyone waiting for the casting call to go outside the checkpoint, and allow us who had been waiting where they wanted us to go in first. Instead, they ended up rewarding those who did not listen to them and screwed those of us who did. So, unintentional lie. Start of outrage.
      The second, unintentional and rather innocent lie was the result of a miscommunication between @matt and the casting company. It appears to me that they did not tell him that they were only going to see a limited number of people that day, or otherwise there was a misunderstanding between them. Otherwise, I cannot imagine that Matt would tell us that we would all get a chance to audition only to have the casting company drop this bombshell on us. This mysterious miscommunication has resulted in a lie that fueled a certain amount of anger, which slowly dissipated. I will admit, a little of it is still lingering, though most of it is directed at the casting company, since they appear to me to be the most guilty party.
      So, yes, I wasted pretty much my entire Sunday and drove back to College Station furious, near tears, starving, and desiring both chocolate and alcohol. I'll admit, I got drunk for the first time in my life that night. I'm not that fun of a drunk, it seems. All I want to do is lie down so the room will stop spinning and try to fall asleep. Although I will ramble about whatever topic happens to cross my mind until I pass out.

      Conclusion/Monday: I messaged @matt and apologized profusely for any undue anger I may have directed toward him.
      I also apologize to any Guardians who were just doing their jobs. Although I don't agree with how you handled the beginning of the line, I understand that communication can be difficult during an event like this and you were all doing the best you could. I don't blame any of you for kicking us out. I'm just angry about the level of miscommunication that occurred, especially in regards to the casting company.

      So that was my weekend. RTX was quite fun. @Barbara, @gus, the main thing I would suggest for next year is that you expand the floorspace in order to accommodate more than twice as many people as you had the previous year. And definitely get more Guardians. As many as you can, especially if you end up selling more tickets than you had initially anticipated. Also, if possible, it may be a good idea to invest in a radio/walkie-talkie system for certain leaders among them so that as many people are on the same page as possible. I saw a few with radios, but again, I feel like more is better in this case.
      RTX 2013 felt relaxed and enjoyable. RTX 2014 felt rushed and stressed. smiley12.gif

    • RTX weekend reflections (pt.2)

      5 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      Once again, I was struck by the sheer number of people there. If I thought last year was a bit crowded, this year was downright claustrophobic. Even just the line for pizza was at least a 5-10 minute wait. I decided instead go get into the 1-2 minute line for Chi-lantro. Not too bad, though not as much food as I would have liked. Also get another DDP. Price: $12. Wow. Just wow. Talk about exploiting us. Oh well, I dealt with it. I also made sure to buy Superfight, which was the only purchase I knew I had to make this year, and I played the RWBY game demo. Then it was about time to join the line for the RvB panel.
      I got a better place in this line than I had in the earlier one, though I still wasn't fast enough to the microphone. Meh. Like I said, extremely crowded. Still, very good panel. Excellent episode, which I am sure you have all seen by now. It was nice to see the opposing side for once, and all sorts of new theories have been cropping up.
      As soon as I exit this panel, I know I have to find the line for one of the night activities, although I hadn't yet decided which one I would attend. I just found a line and stood in it to see where it would go. Turns out, I never got to find out. Some jackass decided to pull the fire alarm, which made the CC staff go on red alert. Everyone was evacuated and the night events were canceled. Well, okay. I guess I can eat instead. I walk in the general direction of the garage and stop in a Thai food place. Had 2 Diet Cokes, a glass of water, and a bowl of more food than I could hope to eat. Price: $11. Which of my two meals that day sounds like a better deal? Righto.
      Make it to the garage and realize that thanks to the loser prankster, I no longer have access to wifi connection. So, in all my infinite wisdom, I decide that since I'd made the drive several times last year and at least once this year, I could probably make it back to College Station without the GPS, right? Right? About an hour and a half later, I'm on my way to Lampasas. I call my awesome friend, who informs me that I am headed in the wrong direction, and we try to figure out what to do as I make a random turn and continue to drive aimlessly until I find the name of a town she is familiar with. She tells me to head in the direction of that town and to call her back when I get there. I do so, and she gives me directions to Georgetown and from thence to Taylor. My phone begins to die, so we hang up. She calls me back a few minutes later and commands me to stop at a McDonald's in Taylor to steal their wifi, and while she is clarifying again the exact route to Taylor, the phone kicks the bucket. So, having left Austin at around 8pm, I finally drag into the A&M campus at around midnight. GRUMP. I have to stop and ask for directions to her dorm again, and then wander around for a few minutes trying to figure out how to contact her to let me in when she comes out to look for me. I collapse in bed again, having to wake up extra early tomorrow to make it to the AH panel.

      Saturday: Get up, get dressed, set the GPS route, and leave. Thankfully, the tablet finally decided to cooperate for the weekend. I made it back to Austin without incident. Got to the center at about 8ish, probably a little earlier. Barely manage to squeeze into the AH panel. Since I'm far away from the microphone, I decide not to even try today. The intro video they made was fantastic. Some of the questions were halfway intelligent. For the most part, it was a whole bunch of fan gifts. Made me a little grumped about the day before, but okay then. I spent pretty much the rest of the day on the exhibit floor, playing Castle Crashers, eating food, visiting the RT "museum," playing Castle Crashers, attempting Cloudberry Kingdom, and playing Castle Crashers. I also played some Castle Crashers. Also, this was the day I visited the express checkout for the store. Spend $80 on three items. My poor wallet was probably feeling like it was being raped. Then I made my way to the RWBY screening line. Got a halfway decent seat. I decided to stay until the end of the epic Grimm battle of episode 8, and then headed back to CS. This time, I stayed up for a little while before heading to bed.

      Sunday: Get up extra early because I'm someone inclined to try to make it to the Gauntlet panel. First thing I do upon arrival is ask the Guardians about the Lazer Team casting call. They inform the that the line will not start until 2. So I get lunch, play some more Castle Crashers, and then head upstairs. My paranoia about missing the casting call drives me to skip the Gauntlet, even though it would end at 1 and Lazer Team was still scheduled to start at 2. The Guardians also inform myself and others that they want us to wait outside the checkpoint until the line is formed. So, I am literally waiting from 11-2 for this shindig to start. 2:00 rolls around and we are informed that the Lazer Team line has already formed on the other side of the checkpoint. Moreover, there are already about 300 people in line. Additionally, we who obeyed the Guardians' requests are now not guaranteed a place in the casting call, because no one is certain on what the cap is. We do make it into the holding room, and I am about halfway through line 4. (The lines go -1, 1-8 I believe.) Enter @matt, who seems shocked yet not surprised by how many of us showed up. Still, he assures us that we will all get a chance to audition, even if we have to go a bit late. This raises our spirits considerably. The Guardians hand out the consent forms and the confidentiality contracts for us to sign. They also hand out the scripts, having everyone pair up. We spend the next several hours rehearsing as groups of five pairs enter the audition room. Finally, my group of five pairs prepares to go in, and I'm one of the last pair. (To be continued.)

    • RTX weekend reflections

      5 years ago

      firestar1992 Pandora

      Well...this weekend was...eventful. Let me just start from the drive to Austin and we'll see how the story goes from there.

      Thursday: I'm driving to Austin, borrowing my dad's tablet as a GPS. I get several hours down the road, maybe halfway there, when suddenly I can't see the screen anymore. It was the result of a combination of the super dim screen and the sun shining directly on it. So I pull over and call my dad to ask him how to brighten it. He tells me, and then suggests I stop by a Walmart along the way to get a USB car charger, which I do.
      I make it to Austin and find the convention center. I proceed to look for a place to park. I spot the entrance to a garage that is labeled "Guest Parking." My brilliant, travel-weary mind thinks, "That must mean convention center guests. I'll park there." I pull in, grab the ticket, and find a space to park. The thing that weird me out a little is that this garage is underground, while the ones I remembered climbed upward. After I leave my car, I look around for the elevator. The signs painted on the wall declare: TO HOTEL with arrows. And I find myself thinking, "Oh crap...what have I done?" I get in the elevator and ride up to the lobby of the Hilton Hotel. Yeah. I just parked at the Hilton. Wondermous. Well, too late to do anything about it now. So I walk over to the convention center and get registered for RTX in under five minutes. Fantastic! This was way faster than last year! :D
      I take a few minutes to rest, as I don't need to be at K1 Speedway for several hours still. However, my car needs gas and I am infamous for my paranoia of being late, so I snag the center's wifi and get my next location, which is about twenty minutes away. I return to my car, having spent less than ten minutes parked there. Shell out fifteen bucks upon leaving. Fifteen bucks. For ten minutes. GRUMP. But I continue on my merry way, heading toward K1. About the time I find the interstate exit that I need to take, the plugged in tablet dies. Freak out mode activated. I do happen to remember the exit I need to take, and there is a gas station there as well. So I pull up to the pump and once again call my father. The tablet refuses to turn on, and it does not seem to be charging. My car appears to be doing nothing at all for it. So after filling up, he gives me directions the rest of the way to K1, where I sit down for the next several hours and let the silly tablet charge up.
      I get a soft pretzel with some hot cheese and a DDP from the K1 snack bar, and aside from a bag of Starbursts, this is my only meal all day. After a while, more people obviously here for the AH charity show up and are registering, so I join them. It's quick nearly painless. My wallet started to cry, but it had yet to see anything. We're supposed to get two races with this event, and my first comes up fairly quickly. Meh. It's not the best car, but after a rough collision I find myself happy that they make us wear helmets. By the time I'm done with my race, @jack, @joel, and @caiti have arrived. The place is also starting to get crowded. The shindig isn't even supposed to start for at least one more hour.
      The rest of the night goes well enough except that my second race wasn't until nearly midnight. By this point the constant noise and crowds have put me in a rather reclusive mood, so I'm sitting in an out of the way spot near a wall outlet, playing Sudoku on the silly tablet. My second race was even more meh than the first. They literally assigned me the slowest car. Oh well, such is life.
      After that, I had a short scare where my wallet was missing, but thankfully it had been recovered by the K1 crew and nothing was missing. They were also kind enough to take pity on me and give me the private wifi password so that I could find my way to College Station that night. I get there at about 2 in the morning, with my amazing best friend there to guide me to her dormitory, where I promptly pass out.

      Friday: I get up in the morning, take a shower, and head out, the GPS working its magic for me. Along the way, I see at least a dozen people all pulled over. Funsies. I'm on the toll road heading into Austin when suddenly, the GPS randomly decides that it doesn't want to work anymore. "Google Maps has stopped responding." >.> Well, time to call the father again. He guides me to the CC, and I locate a garage that is actually meant for CC parking, though it's a different one from what I'd used last year. This one is over on Second Street. Walking around for a few minutes, I've become very confused as to which building is supposed to be the center. The idea of following the people around doesn't necessarily help as it is sort of an early lunchtime, so some are headed away in order to find better munchies than the overpriced stuff at the center itself. (Seriously, does a guy named Beedle work there?) So it takes me a good ten minutes to actually get in the building, rather than the standard 2-3.
      Inside, I pretty much immediately set out for the RWBY panel. Last year it was pretty typical to start the line around 2 hours early to get a good seat. Not the case this year. 11:30ish and the room is already nearly packed. Makes me glad that I'm attending by myself. Empty seats are easier to come by when you're just seating one person. The panel was amazing, of course, but sadly I didn't make it to the microphone, so I couldn't give the gifts I'd made in person. I hope you got them, @Lindsay, @kara, @arryn, and @Barbara. They were the ceramic rectangles with the RWBY symbols carved out of them. I've posted a picture in the past.
      I had been hoping to go to the RTAA panel, but at this point, it was only an hour until it started, and if that line was anything like the last one, I might not even be able to make it in. Also, I am completely starving at this point, so I decide instead to go for food, so I head downstairs. Once again, I am struck by the sheer number of people there. (To be continued.) smiley12.gif

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      4 years ago

      Saw your post in the RWBY Season 2 Episode 3 comments about Weiss' hands clipping through her skirt. There's a thread set up to point stuff like that out to the RT staff so they hopefully fix it before re-rendering the episodes for DVD/Blue ray.

    • JJ FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      Hey Jaclyn thanks for the add

      • firestar1992 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Pandora

        5 years ago

        You're welcome. Thank you for accepting. smiley1.gif I enjoy your editing work.

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