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      3 years ago


      RTX is right around the corner, so I figure I might as well put up my own personal plans for the week(end) since I want to include all of you in that as much as possible.

      Last year, whenever I wasn't in panels or signings, I tried to split my time between groups of friends since a lot of you were going for the first time or I was meeting you for the first time. This year, I won't be doing that, at least during the actual convention.

      My mental health has taken a dive recently, so I'm trying to do as much as I can to spend a lot of time with all of you without completely wearing myself out. I know a lot of you guys hang out after the halls close, and last year I hardly participated in those because I was already worn out and I wasn't staying downtown. I'm still not staying downtown, but I hope this way I'll have the energy to be out late.

      1. Panels: I'm attending the Funhaus Live! panel on Friday, Dude Soup Live! on Saturday, and going to to Bruce and Adam's signing on Sunday. I'll possibly be watching the AH vs FH stuff and How To on center stage as well. Please let me know if you're going to any of those so we can go together!
      2. Meals: I'd love to get food with small groups of people. Please just let me know in advance if you want to do something together, even if it's the night before or the morning of, but please give me as much notice as you can.

      Otherwise, I'll probably just be chilling at the Funhaus Booth or wandering the expo floor for a bit. That doesn't mean I won't hang out outside of the two things listed above since I have already made some outside plans with a few people, but those are the only two instances I'll guarantee during the convention itself.

      If you're doing stuff after hours/outside of RTX days, please let me know! Again, I can't guarantee I'll join, but I want to try my best to spend time with you guys.

      If you have any questions, just text or tweet me. I'm excited to see you all <3

    • 4 years ago

    • The only Tetris movie I would accept

      4 years ago


      It's no sci-fi/fantasy blockbuster, but let me tell you about this idea I've had for a Tetris movie since I was in high school.

      If you've ever seen this video or heard about this one or more recently this one, you may have an idea of what I'm about to lay out.

      A mocumentary about competitive Skyscraper Tetris.

      Just imagine: each year at Some Building in Whatever City, there is an annual Major League Skyscraper Tetris competition where a panel of judges assigns points in several areas of competition to teams in different size devisions.

      There would be the cut-throat competition of people vying for coveted spots on the most prestigious of teams, the coming of age story about teams gaining sponsorships, and the ever heart-warming story of new teams at their first competition.

      And because there are so many areas of competition and so many different requirements, there are so many things that could go wrong!

      - Since all light panels are handmade by each member, what happens if one breaks during run through right before competition? PLOT
      - Have tightly-rehearsed choreography only to have someone call-in sick on the day of competition, forcing someone to do double switch duty? PLOT
      - Newbie team gets nervous in the middle of game and switches a light on when they weren't supposed to? PLOT
      - Veteran team member switches the wrong color? PLOT
      - A team gets caught cheating by using computer programing to automate some lights? PLOT
      - Two veteran teams are competing in the Skyscraper Tetris Battle? Who will win?? PLOT

      No, seriously, I could go on all day about how many details I have planned out. I could pretty much start my own Skyscraper Tetris league with all the regulations I already have set in my brain. It'd be fantastic. But noooo, no one wants to hire me to write this.

      (the only thing I don't have yet is a punny title for it)

    • I think I'm so funny

      5 years ago


      I was working on a story today and the following piece of dialogue made me laugh way too much because I'm ridiculous and embarassing:

      "We're magnets for trouble.'
      "Eh, sometimes I think it's more like the other way around and that we're the metal. Just a couple of spoons, attracted to disrupting the peace.'
      "Just a couple of sp'”I hate you.'

    • Help: GTA V

      5 years ago


      So I just got my first game console last week and I bought GTA V.

      Is it normal to want to like... drive the speed limit so I don't crash? Am I actually not supposed to press the trigger all the way? Am I just destined to always be bad at driving video game cars?

    • Journals are intimidating

      5 years ago


      Like, how do funny? Entertaining? Worthwhile use of pixels?

      We just don't know.

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