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    • It's been awhile (Also birthday)

      4 years ago


      Salutations RT!
      It's been quite a long time since my last journal update and I apologize for that. I mostly keep update on AH and RT from YouTube. I've even been very sporadic on tumblr, coming and going in random bursts of posting.

      Which brings me to why I'm here.

      Whilst doing my once-in-awhile-checks on tumblr, I received a message. Apparently I have somehow actually WON a tumblr giveaway. Who would have thought it? So my prize from the giveaway is a 3 Month Sponsorship here on the RT site.

      I'll be spending a lot more time on this site for the next 3 months trying to take full advantage of my sponsorship.

      However I'm still having computer issues and do most things on my iPhone. I'm updating you now from my bf's desktop and will attempt to get on here to navigate the site when I can. He's gone to beddy bye and I'm staying up to dick around on tumblr and watch Markiplier videos. Oh yeah, I've recently gotten into Markiplier. I seem to have a thing for watching silly dorks playing video games on YouTube.

      Feel free to message me and I'll try to get back to you when I can. It's easier to navigate the RT site on the computer rather than on my iPhone but maybe one day RoosterTeeth will make an app. coughguyspleasemakeanapppleasecoughcoughack

      Also follow me on tumblr to msg me ands see me sporadically reblog a shit ton of fandom stuff a couple times every month. You can also friend request me on Facebook. Just let me know you're from the RoosterTeeth website.

      Big thanks to laurenms (sppokyvav on tumblr) for the 3 month sponsorship!

      MY BIRTHDAY IS 10/31 YES FOR REAL ACTUAL HALLOWEEN EVERY YEAR FOR REALS! THIS FRIDAY! So buy me stuff and tell me happy birthday because I'm gunna be a 23 year old child and feel weird about it.

    • 5 years ago

    • Piggy update and his concerns over mooshroom Edgar

      5 years ago


      So went and visited with Craig (my guinea pig) yesterday. Since I've had to move back with my parents and my step mom hates animals, I've been having two of my good friends watch him for me. Since they're going back to school and with work and have pets of their own (2 fancy rats, 4 ferrets, and a cat) and don't have as much time for Craig anymore, I'm gunna move him with my cousin and his gf for a bit. Hopefully I can move out and get an apartment ASAP so I can get my baby back.

      Anyway! He's gotten so big AND HIS BELLY OMG HIS BELLY IS SO ROUND! I of course blew belly farts on his tummy because of this. He didn't hate it but he did just look at me with his patented Craig Asaurus "WTF Mom?" look. I get that look a lot from him.

      We watched the latest Minecraft Let's Play together, King Ray Pt. 2. Craig has liked Ray being king since Ray is his spirit human apparently. He was awfully concerned with Edgar the cow's recent transformation into a mooshroom. I tried to tell him "Well, at least we know which one is Edgar now!" but he wasn't going for it. We watched some of his favorite Slow Mo Guys videos to make up for it. Craig's got a huge crush on Dantheman.

      Anyway yeah. Belly farts and LPs.

    • 5 years ago


      Ryan accepted my friend request.

    • 5 years ago

    • 5 years ago


      5 years ago


      Finally joined the site after watching rt and ah on YouTube FIVEVER<333333 Full homo.
      I'm on tumblr too. If you friend me because you follow me on there that would be neat. If you don't wanna see gay or anything other fandom related such as WTNV, which I've been blogging a lot about lately, I'm usually good about tagging. Sometimes. Mostly.
      Everyone at this company is so gorgeous and great. Fucking good looking bunch of people with great personalities. Fucking hell. Just sayin'.
      I was not at RTX this year. I cried about it. KY sucks horse balls (see what I did there? It's a joke. It's funny because we have horses. I think. They may be imaginary). If all goes well I wanna try and shoot for the next one.
      Y'all should be my buds so we can talk about cool shit. You like the thing? I like the thing too! Let's talk about the thing.
      My laptop has a dead video card and idk how compatible this site is on iPhone and kindle fire HD but I'll do my best to be on frequently to annoy the piss out of you.
      I'm probably post pictures and crap of my guinea pig. More than likely. 'Cause he's cool. He does parkour and likes watching me play video games. We watch YouTube together. He also has a big crush on #Dantheman. I think he may be channeling Ray. If Ray was a potato covered in fur who is also an asshole with a cute face. Oh wait.
      I'm on PS3 but lack Xbox. So if you wanna play games and be my bud there you can. I'm working my way through Sly 3 right now.
      That's all for now. Uuuuuuuuhhhhaaaaaaa? BYE?

    • 2019 years ago

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