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      Hey, I'm starting an IDP Keeper League on ESPN. It's a 36 man roster with a few different scoring settings. Anyone who is interested, post here or PM and I'll invite you. The draft is scheduled right now for tomorrow at 9:45, but I'm not sure if I'll have the league filled by then. So it may get pushed back to early next week.

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      Hey, I have a 2 spots open in a keeper league, was wondering if anyone was interested in joining. You get 5 keepers, draft trades allowed. It's the third season of the league. Starts QB, RB, WR, TE, 2xRB/WR, WR/TE, Flex (can be any offense), Def, and K. 6 bench players. Scoring is mostly normal, but players get bonuses for hitting yard marks. 100 yards rushing, 100 yards receiving, 300 yards passing. Also, players get credit for PR/KR touchdowns and the Def gets credit for PR/KR yards.

      Team 1: finished 3rd, so 7th overall pick. Owner is a dick, so he got booted.
      QB: Warner, Cutler, Young
      RB: Addai, Gore, LeSean McCoy, Kevin Smith, Donald Brown, Rashard Mendenhall
      WR: Andre Johnson, Derrick Mason, Steve Smith (Car), Anthony Gonzalez
      TE: Witten
      Def: Jets
      K: Olindo Mare

      Team 2: finished last because owner went inactive. Will have first pick in draft.
      QB: Romo, Orton
      RB: Peterson, DeAngelo Williams, Fred Jackson, Jonathan Stewart, Steve Slaton, Moreno, Leon Washington
      WR: Calvin Johnson, Antonio Bryant, Laveranues Coles
      TE: Ben Watson, Martellus Bennett
      Def: Titans
      K: Nick Folk

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