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      11 months ago

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      toot time

    • Whoa, Laurel's posting???

      1 year ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      I've slacked so hard this year on journals! I'll have to document RTX 2018 much better. Here's hoping all of you are doing well on here <3

    • Long (literally) awaited (and procrastinated) RTX 2016 post!

      2 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      RTX 2016 was by far my favorite year yet. I could never have imagined how much fun I would have and how many people I would meet and become good friends with. In an effort to save time (and some space), I've decided to type down the top 20 favorite moments (in order of them happening) of mine from the event. Here we gooooo!

      1. K1 Speed: That whole event was something else, and honestly Joel made it a great one for me. Everything from him promising me to beat Jack racing, to his long economic rant explanation to Caiti, or his outfit (that shirt though) was hilarious. Caiti remembering me and her nickname for me of 'Little Miss Sunshine' blew my mind. Running into friends of conventions past and the start of the Pickletwitch crew also was 10/10 awesome.
      2. Slow Motion Dylor Hello: I will never be over Rachel and I trying to find Dylan and Taylor when VIPs were allowed into the Exhibit Hall, and running to hug them when the crowds cleared and we finally did. Pure awesomeness.
      3. Camp Camp Panel Panel: Sat literally in the middle of RT Animation and had Jen Brown squeal over seeing my Ered cosplay, hug me, proceed to grab Shannon McCormick, hand him her phone, and have him take a picture of us. Plus we sang the Camp Camp theme song as a crowd twice. What a start to RTX, am I right?
      4. How To w/ Joel & Adam: I just remember me playing the biggest game of crowd Frogger to get the second row seat I got, and how awesome of a show it was. I missed the AH panel, but it was well worth it to see the end of How To. Glad I went.
      5. Sportsball: Hearing that Joel was messing with people in the Five Nights at Rooster Teeth exhibit before the panel made me know it would be great. Got second row (first row for fans) and met some great friends that I am still keeping in touch with. Highlight of this panel was Joel seeing my Sportsball Gameday poster and being utterly bewildered by it, and his laughter when I brought a picture of it to him so he could see it up close afterwards.
      6. VIP Party: Non-stop fun. I think I met more people that night than I have ever in such a small period of time. It was my favorite part of RTX though because of how I got to see a more human side to the people at RT. I got to have conversations (I talked to Aaron about UF, of all things!) with the staff that were meaningful and honestly such a pleasure (Barbara talking to me about PR and community building was LOVELY). Heck, I ended my night by sitting upstairs listening to Joel chat for a good twenty minutes about anything from two weirdos dancing nearby to satanism. It was a night, and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world.
      7. Cosplaying As Pyrrha: Might have been a bitch to get together, but hard work always pays off. I loved all the dead Pyrrha jokes (especially the dude carrying around her ashes) and all the photos I got to take (especially since they confused the heck out of Taylor). Truly the best.
      8. Walking the Hall w/ Dylor + Rylee: I usually never walk the Exhibit Hall extensively, but I did this year. Dylan, Taylor, and Rylee brought me around it all and we took pics at the Off Topic set, and it was so much fun. Made me realize how glad I am to have gotten to know them through Dylor's stream.
      9. Meeting Miles & Kerry: My writing faves. Meeting them was fantastic. We took the best pictures ever, geeked out over my cosplay, and ended our time by them writing my favorite notes in my yearbook. (LOL MR JOHNSON'S BUTT) Oh, and getting to transfer the message from Taylor to Miles that he was a little bitch was hilarious. Gotta love friendship.
      10. Quick Change before CAH: I will never forget meeting up with the Pickletwitch crew in full Pyrrha gear at a Mexican place that was way nicer and expensive than we expected, quick changing out of that outfit literally AT THE TABLE, eating a few chips, and then running to CAH. Or signing the Gaylor shirt for Taylor. Or the look on the waiter's face when we asked him to sign it, too.
      11. On The Spot: I got to see the craziness of RT Moms and their thirst for the Game Grumps, the Game Grumps wet t-shirt contest, and the Funhaus boys give Jon Risinger a lap dance. I'm so blessed.
      12. JW Meetup: Even though we only got to see Miles in the short moment Dylan ran after him in the elevator like a maniac, it was an amazing night. I loved just getting to chill with the community Dylan and Taylor have created of us. I'll never forget Darby (and later Rylee) trying to climb inside the couch, or the random Starbucks guys that joined us.
      13. Yang Meetup: Highlight of Day 3 was by far meeting up with all the Yangs and Barbara. It was so fun to meet everyone there, and the pictures that came from the event were amazing. I absolutely love too that Barbara remembered me and got all excited when I finally got to see her as Yang. So lovely.
      14. Kara: Getting to chill and talk with Kara (voice of Weiss) in the VIP lounge was so much fun. She was so down to Earth and funny, and I really enjoyed how we and the little group that formed all just sort of bounced off each other topic to topic and had fun. Her PA also was fun to talk to. Will never be over her reciting Weiss' trashcan line when she could find the trashcan, and then getting frustrated and saying 'I'm a victim' when she still couldn't find it :P
      15. Sleep Deprived Me: There were talks of kinks, Haley handcuffed me on the ground with her cosplay handcuffs, Kelsey and Hannah literally fell on top of me off the bed, I was apparently hilarious...all I know was that it was a blast, and I was out the moment I got back to the hotel and my head hit the pillow :P
      16. Voodoo Doughnuts: OH MY GOSH ARE THEY HEAVENLY!!!!!!!
      17. Whataburger + Jackbox: The Grilled Cheeses may have sucked, but our adventure to get them and then our hilarious and eventful play-through of Jackbox games was top-notch.
      18. Fireworks: There's something special about getting to watch Fireworks (and dogs) with your friends the day before you have to say goodbye when it is utterly beautiful outside. Glad we went.
      19. Gazing Out At Austin + Goodbyes: Every year I'm blown away by the view the Hyatt Regency gives of the city at night. I'm so glad we went upstairs as a group to view it all. I'll never forget our sappy goodbyes and how Rachel and I literally waited staring 12 floors up at the crew until y'all left. Loved it.
      20. Sentimental Pancakes: Ended the trip with a breakfast w/ Rachel consisting of giant Texas shaped waffles that tasted like heaven. Nothing better.

      So, one LONG post later, I'll conclude by saying that I was incredibly blessed to get to go and see the things I saw, hang with the people I hung with, and meet the new friends I got to meet. I cannot wait for next year to do it all over again.

    • 3 Years!

      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      As of today, I have been a fan of RT for 3 whole years! Here's to plenty more! <3

    • Quick Update!

      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      I'll post a long, sappy, overly-excited journal sometime soon dictating how amazingly totally awesome RTX 2016 was (because holy shit what a jammed-packed weekend), but I just wanted to check in to let everyone know that it was the best weekend full of tons of amazing panels, meeting and talking with my idols, and hanging with the nicest, most welcoming community of friends and fellow nerds ever, and I cannot wait to go back next year. <3

      xoxo Laurel

    • T-Minus 10 Days and Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling. || RTX Update

      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      Excitement is surely setting in!

      10 days from now is the first RTX day, and wow I cannot believe it is already around. I feel like this year it just snuck up on everyone. So much has been happening that, when I checked the weather and saw 'July 1st' pop up in the 10-Day forecast, I was sure there was some mistake. Ahhhh!

      Cosplay wise, everything is coming together. I had an issue ordering my Pyrrha cosplay because stupid companies are stupid, but I finally got one together. It's not perfect and I'm not much a fan of the armor, but I'm gonna make it work. At least the wig looks cool :P Ered (YAY SHE HAS A NAME NOW AND HAS SPOKEN) from Camp Camp is coming along really well. I just have to spray paint some boots and buy some jeans and then I am good! Plus I have pink headphones already like hers so I'll be good with that. Lastly, my Yang cosplay has always been complete, but to combat the fact that I know people will be constantly saying 'why do you have an arm', I'm going to write all over my arm in marker 'THIS IS NOT AN ARM' 'THIS IS AN ILLUSION' and have various arm puns lined up. Really excited for that.

      Scheduling. The bane of my existence really this year. Mostly because I don't know when the VIP party will be, if there is a K1 event this year, if I can even make it to the meet up I was going to for Miles' brother Dylan's stream, and I have so much I want to go to during the week. Just a lot to do in not a lot of time. It's going to be interesting to see how it all pans out. I'm just glad my travel plans and all aren't getting in the way of anything.

      Sadly this year VIPs could only choose one signing to go to, so I ended up having to forgo Adam and Joel's signing for Miles and Kerry's since I've already met Adam and Joel before. I know I'll run into them sometime, but still sucked. It made making gifts easier though, as now I only have to focus on Miles & Kerry's RvB book. That and the Gameday sign for the Sportsball panel. That is going to be an interesting one to have to work with. I'm mostly hoping it fits in my suitcase, poll to hold it up and all. Any ideas on how to work with that would be appreciated!

      So, 10 days out and 9 days until I'm in Austin, everything's slowly falling into place. Here's hoping in a few days, I can update this with some good news :)

      -Laurel xoxo

    • {Pyrrha voice} Hello Again! || RTX Update

      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      Hey all! Figured that, while mourning the end of How To, I should post another update on everything RTX! And basically how terrible I am of a decision-keeper. Yup, not maker, keeper.

      Literally look one post below and you will see me say I am cosplaying Fem! Sun, Dew Gayl, and Yang. Me, being the scatter-brained child I am, decided to completely scrap two of these, aka everything but Yang. Instead, I am going as:

      • Yang Xiao Long
      • Pyrrha Nikos
      • The blonde girl in Camp Camp (I hope they release her name soon).

      As of last night, I got the entire outfit I need for Pyrrha, weapons included. They should be here in 15 or so days (shout out to a month of leeway am I right), leaving me some time to work on armor and wig styling. Very excited for that! Also, Rachel wants to do a thing for her to commemorate her untimely death by creating a puncture wound on my chest with makeup, so this will give me time to test that out and see if it's something plausible to do that I don't have to worry about messing up in the hot summer heat of Austin. For the girl in Camp Camp (I'm gonna refer to her as Blondie for now for my sake), I already have the jeans and yellow shirt. I'm going to go thrift shopping for her jacket and her boots because of how oddly specific they are (and because I live in Florida where it is very hot and no warm weather clothing exists anymore). Once I do that, I just get something to temp dye a tiny piece of my hair and ta-da! Blondie will be finished!

      Long ago I decided to make a little poem book for Miles to commemorate the ending of the Chorus trilogy and how the characters progressed under his reign as head-guy-in-charge. I'm almost certain that it is one good read-through away from being complete, which is very exciting. I'll probably go to a craft store and buy some stickers to make it fancy before handing it to him (dressed as Pyrrha might I add-that boy needs to face what he has done :P). This was going to be my only project, but as soon as I found out How To was coming to a close, I knew I had to make SOMETHING to tell Joel and Adam just how much I'm going to miss them and the fun their show brought me these past few years or so. So, I'm going to get two little keepsake boxes and paint Adam's name on one, and Joel's name on the other, so that it will read 'How To: Adam', 'How To: Joel' respectively. Then I'm going to choose 3 favorite moments from both of them and find a little charm or draw a little picture to commemorate it. For each memento, I'm going to put on a little index card what it symbolizes and why I chose to include it. One final card will be in both, stating how thankful I am for all the fun they brought in How To and my hope for their success in the future. I cannot wait to give the boxes to them. Hope they do a signing together to make delivery easy, but even if not, I've got VIP, I'll track them down somehow.

      Thanks to lovely politics booting away Uber and Lyft, Rachel and I are now without transportation for RTX. Luckily, our lovely Pickletwitch friend Anya is going to drive us around, and I seriously do not know what we'd do without her. Wouldn't want to miss K1 over dumb politics :P

      Speaking of Pickletwitch, we are having a meetup! Oh, FYI, Pickletwitch is the twitch account shared by Miles Luna's brother Dylan and his good friend Taylor. I mod for him, and it is seriously tons of fun. Do check out if you have the time. Anyway, they and all of the lovely friends we have made from the chat are all hanging out for pizza on July 4th! I am so happy that it's happening considering previously Rachel and I were going to just wander around Austin that day. Now we have something to do, with friends! Truly excited.

      Anyway, long post is coming to a close! I'll probably update this next when I have the actual cosplay for Pyrrha here (maybe do a review-type thing) and can show you pictures. Until next time!

      -Laurel xoxo

    • RTX Cosplay (what a struggle)

      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      Sup friends! So recently I have decided to possibly scrap some of my ideas for cosplaying this RTX in an attempt to test my cosplaying skills and maybe stand out a bit? These are who I am planning to cosplay at the moment (surprisingly they all are from RWBY):

      • Yang Xiao Long
      • Fem! Sun Wukong
      • Dew Gayl

      Now, Yang is SUPER easy to be because I already have her entire outfit and only have to make a few paint touch ups to her gauntlets before the con (I'm probably going to write on my arm something like THIS ARM YOU SEE IS AN ILLUSION for canon purposes).

      Sun will be fairly easy as I just have to make his weapon (I'm making the staff out of PVC pipe because then I can detach it and attach it for easy travel purposes). The main issue I have for him is I want to lose some weight so I can merely use bandage up top and show my stomach for the rest. Given how little time I have to sleep let alone work out thanks to school, this may be a problem. Cross my fingers free time appears out of thin air.

      And then there's Dew. She's the green one from team NDGO and I chose to cosplay her because we look very much alike and well, green dresses are not entirely hard to find. Hardest part would be making her weapon, but then again it can easily be made portable with PVC so I don't see too many issues for her.

      As I move forward, I hope to actually have pictures to document my process. Most of them I imagine will be coming late May through June as I'll be free from hell (high school) and have some free time to actually buckle down and get to work on cosplay. Until then, wish me luck!

      -Laurel xoxo

    • VIP! VIP! VIP!

      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      WELL HELLO! I really need to start using this again, huh?

      Anyway, I have some sweet news to share!

      1. Got into dream college <3
      2. Got RTX VIP tickets!

      Crazy stuff, huh? I'm actually incredibly excited. I've always wanted to kick this year up a notch, with it being my first RTX where I'm an adult and where it's just gonna be a friend and I. It's going to be a blast, and I am counting down the days to be back in Austin.

      Life is good :)


      3 years ago

      free2achieve OhBabyATriple

      Yes, I purposefully choose to use these cheesy titles.

      So, tomorrow I fly out to Austin with the lovely Rachel and it's going to be SUCH a crazy adventure. I've got internet friends to meet and hug, I've got RT people to meet and's so surreal. I remember last year, the day we were to leave to come back to Florida, I was looking over the Colorado River from my hotel during breakfast and I wondered if I would ever be back again sometime soon. Little did I know, a little more than a year later, I would be. Crazy how stuff works, huh?

      I find it pretty funny though that I'm basically traveling from one hell hole (super humid, rainy, stormy 24/7 Florida) to another (HOT HOT HOT Austin) with this trip. Tis what you do for the things you love doing, I suppose! Anyway, I can't wait to be back. I'll post all pictures and maybe summaries of the days' happenings like I did last year. I promise pictures will be plentiful. Wish me luck, and RTX here I come! :)

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