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      Vanity Post, ftw

      4 years ago

      New video, all about us....

      Nothing new on the Federal indictment, more to come there. This video was made by a film crew that came from San Francisco on their own dime to interview us, some of our past students, our current interns, and many of the participants in our October training. We're trying to show the Prosecutor who we really are, and this is a pretty good look at us. Love you guys, and miss you tons!

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      Meh = Web Designer!

      6 years ago

      k, our website is finally up. I mean really, really up. Please take a look and tell me how much it sucks if it's clear, and understandable, and not too gooberish.

      I did it myself. Fucking Dreamweaver.



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      Organic Certification!

      6 years ago

      We got it!

      First ever aquaponics system to be certified organic for vegetables. (See last journal entry for explanation of aquaponics).

      Working madly, 12/7. 99.5% of available credit is used up on the credit cards (and since we started this whole thing with exceptional credit, and I intentionally increased the credit line before I started writing checks on the credit cards, we're talking about an impressive amount of revolving credit card debt!), so if we don't get cash flow soon, we're hosed!

      It's like the scene in Iron Man where the suit has frozen, all systems have crashed, and Tony Stark is trying desperately to get the suit back on line, while falling at terminal velocity toward the city below. Three feet off the city street, he succeeds, and zooms off over the city.

      We haven't gotten the suit started yet. And we're about four feet off the street.

      Enough about me! How are all of you? Tell me about your life! Let's grok and grow closer. I have missed you all tons. Except for Finch smiley0.gif .


      Below are some pics of the farm tour, today with 32 people! Note Tim's "Bow Chika Bow Wow" t-shirt!


      Harvesting fry (baby fish) from the breeding tanks, during the tour today.



      Below is the whole farm. Note lettuce processing room over to the far right of the photo. We got State Health Department approval for a certified kitchen there - and it's movable! In the foreground is the hatchery, where we raise the tiny fish from fry to about 3". To the left are the two circular breeding tanks, from which Tim is harvesting fry in the above photo.


      Here I am, grouting the floor of the lettuce processing room, yesterday.


      Here's our new business card that I just finished and sent off to the printer Friday. (I LOVE Photoshop!)



    • friendlybaby

      Aquaponics, or Why I'm Not Around Much

      7 years ago

      'Lo All. Miss you guys. Here's what I've been up to instead of slacking off with all of you.

      We're building an aquaponics farm. Simply put, aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture - growing fish in tanks, and hydroponics - growing plants in a water medium. The system is a closed, recirculating loop that sends the waste from the fish through a system of clarifying tanks, then a biofilter tank where naturally occuring bacteria transform ammonia into nitrates and nitrites for plant uptake. The plants are grown on rafts floating in hydroponic grow beds, where their roots provide further filtration, and the water is returned to the fish tank clean to start the cycle again.

      Our system is a zero-discharge, 100% contained system. We use no herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or chemical fertilizers. We currently have a 1/3-sized test system in production, with two commercial systems under construction.

      So, what's the big deal about aquaponics?

      Vegetables grow roughly twice as fast than in-ground, increasing the flexibility of the system. We can alter our product completely or partially, and have a whole new crop available in 3-6 weeks.

      Aquaponics is cleaner than organic: All our produce is grown completely without chemicals or pesticides (we are unable to use even the compounds approved for organic certification, as they would harm our fish).

      The system uses less than 1% of the water that in-ground farming does, while producing approximately 10 times the produce. This is eco-friendly, bio-intensive farming at its very best.

      Because the plants are grown in nutrient-rich water, the presence of micro-nutrients create vegetables and herbs with execptionally yummy taste, which is often not the case with produce grown hydoponically (which often look gorgeous, but taste like water).

      Below are some pics.

      This is the whole system, on 1/18/08, followed by how it looks today. Fish tanks are in the background.



      Below is when I first started harvesting lettuce (foreground) on 1/18. I figure the first salad cost around $65,000.


      And this is more or less the same angle this morning, two weeks later. We're completely unable to keep up with the lettuce and I am giving it away as fast as I can. Anybody want some?


      This is Jack, holding up one of the rafts, showing fava bean roots. They're a little over a month old, at this point.


      Below are the circular fish breeding tanks, foreground, and that's me, in the hatchery lab, far left, in the yellow rain slicker.


      And this is Tim and Rose (age 2) in the fish tank, with Lucky and me outside. Can't think of a better way to demonstrate that it's non-toxic!


      Below are a couple of the current construction of the fish tanks for the first commercial system (the pictures above are all of the one-third sized test system that we built first). All the tanks are made in our shop using a reverse boat kind of design - keeping water in rather than out! We put them together out of plywood, then fiberglass the inside and paint the outside.

      This is me sanding a multi-compartment fish tank.


      And this is Rose playing in the same multi-compartment tank (we use the crane truck to rotate it to make fiberglassing easier).


      Thanks for checking it out! If you like, go to our website,, kindly built by Bryy.

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      Featured User?

      7 years ago


      Now I know it really is totally random!

      Unless Finch had something to do with this?

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      RvB/Bungie signed 360 faceplate on eBay

      7 years ago

      From Laird's journal, which I saw on Bryy's page....looks like a great item, for an equally great cause. Go bid, all you people with money.

      Check this out.

      I decided after I got out of the hospital last June that I was going to get a 360, once I got the Halo 2 face plate for my 360 I pretty much tossed my generic white 360 face plate in the 360 box. Then a few weeks before the San Diego Comic Con. So I decided to take my faceplate to San Diego to get some people from bungie and rvb to sign it. After pondering what to do with it I was like "Hey, I was sick and in the hospital and I know how much it sucks to be here."(I had my DS so I had some sanity.)I held on to it a little longer and decided to take it to PAX and see who else I could get to sign it? At PAX I was talking with some people about the faceplate and how I was sick, they suggested I donate it to child's play, so long story short, I wanna help the kids out there who are stuck in the hospitals and this is a chance to show the halo/rvb community cares and you get a cool collectors piece out of it too. Spread the word on the site about the auction, journals, word of mouth... it will all help

      Are you guys with me?

      So, spread the word, alla y'all.

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      Locks of Love

      8 years ago

      One year ago today, my hair looked like this (I am the one in the upper left cornerwink.png


      But by the end of the day, it looked like this:

      I once read that any hair below the shoulders represents emotional content of some sort, and mine was certainly below the shoulders. Almost down to my knees, in fact. That's a boatload of stored emotional issues.

      I somehow thought that cutting it would radically transform my life, but in the end, it was just hair, over three feet of it, and enough to make three wigs, according to the Locks of Love folks.

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      Baby Macaws are not beautiful....

      8 years ago

      ...but they are wicked expensive! And, like the Ugly Duckling, they become beautiful.
      Her name is Anuenue (pronounced ah NEW ee NEW ee), which means "rainbow"
      in Hawaiian. They used to be known as rainbow macaws, but now have the common
      name of greenwing macaws.

      She was hatched July 1st, 2007. I brought her home on my birthday, 21 July.
      Here she is the day after I brought her home, at three weeks and one day.


      Asleep in her brooder box, at three weeks old, with her head all flopped over.

      These two are at 4 weeks old, taken outside on my bedroom lanai. In the first one below,
      her egg tooth is visible as a little bump on the end of her beak.



      And this is how she looked tonight. Five and a half weeks old. She is starting to look
      like a macaw here, and not some sort of space alien.


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      n00b alert....

      8 years ago

      My amazing husband finally did something with his account! He is Swordsmith; go say "hey" to him, and check out his journal and his images. He's great, and my Best Friend in all the world!

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      4 years ago

      second favourite? Awh man. I guess that gives me something to strive for...

      I'm pretty good. Things've been changing a lot, but change it good. I can't even remember what I was like last time we exchanged text. I keep making little steps forward, if life is anything like a mountain than hopefully it'll pay off big time sooner or later. God I hate hills, they're everywhere in this damn city. Windy too, what a pain.

      I don't really use rvb anymore, it's a wild coincidence that I managed to sign in only a week after your comment!

      Hope all is well,


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      4 years ago

      Stalker! How are you, and the inimitable Miss Missy?

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      Speak of the devil. =P

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      Thinking of you Susanne, and wishing all the best.

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      When you decide to get on and avoid your self-inflicted internet ban (=P ), I have a group for you to join.

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      Happy FU DAY!!! smiley0.gif

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      Grats on your FU Day. smile.png

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      Merry Christmas!

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      You shouldn't need an invite to the forum bar, but I sent you one for the group Bar. It's doesn't get used very much.

      This place gets more confusing with every update.

      Good to see you back.

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      Wheee!! You are here!