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    • 3 years ago

    • Airport to SGC (by Train)

      6 years ago

      Ok SGC Attendees, so you're heading to the Hyatt Regency via Train right? OK well then I have all your directions from my last trip in April.
      First and Foremost, these are directions from the DFW Airport, Dallas Fort Worth, if you're coming in at a different Airport then I these aren't for you.
      Ok So when you land you do all the things you need to do, pick up luggage leave your terminal.
       Head to Terminal A, that is where the pick up for the Train is, it's a yellow bus that says DART, it will arrive at A10 this takes you to the station, it's free. When you arrive at the station you will need to purchase a 2 hour Local pass from one of the Ticket Machines, it's $2.50, then search for the Train headed towards West Irving, that's the direction of the hotel.
      You will be on the Trinity Railway Express Line (TRE)
      There will be multiple stops but the stop you're looking for is the Final Stop, Union Station, it's a good 20 to 30 minuet ride, when it arrives, exit the train and head down the stairs, take a right and you'll enter the Hotel...WELCOME TO SGC!
      It's not hard, but it might take time. NOW Keynote for when SGC ends, if you plan on leaving Sunday, don't plan on taking this Train, it doesn't run on Sunday's at that point I recommend taking a Shuttle from the Hotel to the Airport.
      If you still feel a bit confused here's the DART website http://www.dart.org/riding/dfwairport.asp just remember the Keywords DFW and Union Station.
      Hope to see you guys at SGC and I hope this blog helps. Again it's been a LONG time since I've actually written a blog, and I apologies if it's a bit....meh.
    • Good-Bye Goatee, $65,000 Goal reached

      7 years ago




      Post Shave


      So now we have just one final push for SGC....and for my next thing...if we reach 100K, SGC will happen...another thing that will happen is someone at SGC will be getting a Free WiiU...that's right I will give away a WiiU to a Random Attendee at SGC.

    • RoosterTeeth does Megaman X?

      7 years ago


      One of RoosterTeeths main animators Shane Newville made a short Megaman X film in honor of the Blue Bombers 25th Anniversary.


      It's a good 3D film that follow's X on his way to rescue Zero

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