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    • The disney conspiracy

      13 years ago


      Change is good.
      As some of you knew, I work at a hardware store to help pay for schooling.
      Until recently, I worked up in the front office, fixing paperwork, guarding the door from potential thieves, and resolving disputes with customers over 50 cent coupons.
      But now, now I am a receiving team member, a manly man who drives a fork lift and unloads trucks for a living.

      hoo ra!

      This fits with my sometimes anti-people personality quite well, as usually the much smaller population I deal with me are not mad at me for trivial reasons.

      Also, my mother has been making much of the fact lately about a alleged trip to disney land when I was one year old, seeing as how for my sister's graduation she gets a free trip to california.

      She claims that I was taken to disney land, the bay aquarium, and a bunch of places all when I was at the age of 12 months.

      I think shes lying. why? two facts contradict the "evidence" she presents about this so called "vacation".

      The photographs she presents are few in number and blurry in nature. How do I know thats actually me in those photographs?
      In fact, I suspect that they traveled to disney land before I was born, and had several photographs taken with various random children to be used to "prove" their extravagent parenting, while in actuality they used the money for that vacation on mint chocolate chip ice cream.

      It makes perfect sense. How many people have had vacations when they were little which no one remembers? I think there's some sort of agency by such family centered attractions that rent out a range of children to allow the creation of fabricated evidence to support to grand lie of the vaunted "glorious disney/king's island/australian/france/ trip of a lifetime"

      The second more obvious piece of evidence is that obviously I don't remember any of it.
      AND if I don't remember it, then It didn't happen. End of story.

      Ladies and gentlemen, the disney conspiracy.

    • Mothers Day!

      13 years ago


      What is the best mothers day gift?
      Slave Labor!

      So far, I have cleaned off about half the house and removed all tree branches close to the house.

      Tommorow: Clean rest of the siding, then clean fence, remove several bushes, and round up out several brush areas.


      In other news, I got my hair cut today, whacking it back to a managable level.

      [Insert generic false photographic promise here]

      I also got the first and second seasons of family guy on DVD.


    • Bad ideas, cont.

      13 years ago


      I haven't done a rant in a long long time, but I really don't feel like one at the moment.
      Why? I have something better:

      A funny short story.

      If you look at my images page, you will notice that in one or two of the photos I have a pair of blue sunglasses on. People who know me in the non-electronic world are aware that If I am outside, and If It is even reasonably light outside, Then I will have my blue sunglasses on.

      They're an Icon. I have had that particular "model" of shades for at least three years, maybe four.

      Now, my birthday is coming up, meaning that its about time for these sunglasses to break, and my mother to buy me a new pair for my birthday on June 20th. This is the third pair I've had, and one of the hinges on the sunglasses cracked from me sticking them in my pocket.

      "This won't do", I said to myself. "They need to last one more month so I can get a new pair and still keep my signiture look" So, I bought a tube of superglue and attempted to glue the crack together.

      It was only mildly successful, but I think it may work until next month.

      I put the screwdriver back into its case, and stuck the tube of glue into one of the pockets of my pants.
      Later on in the night, when I attempt to change, I discover a disturbing fact.

      I can't take my pants off, because they are superglued to one of my legs.

      Uh Oh.

      Fortunately for me, the glue was that crappy 79 cent stuff that wasn't very strong (note that the shades fix was only mildly successful).
      I was able, with only leg hair loss, to remove my trousers and change into something else, and run the pants through the washer to remove the nasty glue.

      So moral of the story: Don't place sticky substances in your pants.


    • I did not make this up

      13 years ago


      Have I got a story for you today.

      I was working the other day and my coworker Lisa asks me if I could switch shifts.

      Now before I go any further, I should probably describe Lisa. She's the only person in the front office whose been there longer than I have, including the department and store managers. She's in her 40s or 50s, and openly lesbian.

      Personally, that's not something that bothers me a bit (provided I don't get hit on or hear stories that shouldn't be told at work by people gay or straight)

      Anyhow, she's has extensive.... ah, past experience with practically every drug in the book.
      It shows. She has this way of owlishly looking at things, and I think she has OCD in regards to cleaning and trash.
      She seriously can not stand to see trash in a trash can, she'll empty the trash cans on the hour if we allowed her.

      All in all, we all love her anyway, even though she stresses the crap out of me.

      Here's the conversation as best I can remember.

      Lisa: Hey dan, can we switch shifts tommorow?

      Me: sorry, I have to go someplace Lisa.

      Lisa: what, you teens planning on having a party?

      Me: (teen? i'm almost 21), going to Erica's (my girlfriends) party
      Lisa: You're still dating erica?!? wow, have you initialed everywhere yet?

      Me: (Oh my god, I hope to god she's not talking about what I think she's talking about) What?

      Lisa: Come on! what, you don't know what to do?

      Me: (What?!?!?!) What?!?

      Lisa: What, you need some advice? We'll get you some pointers.

      Me: (I can't belive this is happening.....who's we?!?)Lisa, I don't need pointers, and we are NOT going to discussing anything like this.

      Lisa: whaaaat? Don't feel embaressed about it.

      Me: (This is soooo wrong) LISA! NO! This is shit I am NOT going to discuss with you!

      Lisa: How about we send someone to do the trash.

      Me (to my boss): I'm going on lunch now

      Not cool. keep in mind I haven't had much sleep in a long while, so my patience for this sort of stuff is almost nonexistant. I found the whole situation pretty funny by the time I got back from lunch break, but at the time I was getting close to losing my temper.

      Anyhow, how was your day? smiley8.gif

    • You would think...

      13 years ago


      The thought just occured to me the other day that people really don't think about the consequences to their actions. Ever.

      You may be asking, "What made you think this?"
      Well, I'll tell you.

      One of my friends from college is a Pharmacy Tech, she works at CVS.
      From what I have heard, people are ridiculously rude to the pharmacy people, demanding instant drugs, refusing to read the directions, telling disgusting stories, etc.

      Now, I figure thats the usual thing in retail, as the common consumer's IQ has seemed to drop steadily since the 1980's,
      however, the ONE person in the world who I would never want to piss off would be the one who mixes my meds.

      Common sense, right?

      I've seen this phenomenon of people trying to bully the pharamacy people into getting their drugs ready quicker, and it just seems akin to playing with fire. Chemically, Could-kill-you-horribly-if-done-wrong fire.

      That is something I've told her she should say, "Do you want your meds now, or do you want them done right so you won't get hurt?"

      Come to think of it, isn't that the same for many other jobs like that?
      Fast food, restaurants, banks, retail, etc.

      These are all people who most treat like lesser beings, but who all can really complicate your life if make them mad enough.

      Moral of the story: be civil to people, or they'll spit in your drink.

    • Gotta love Reggae

      13 years ago


      Just got a new CD, and I love it.

      Warning: Erica, if you don't want any spoilers as to your backup birthday present, don’t read anything in white and bracketed.

      Sean Paul's Trinity album is really good so far from my first impressions, I think this one will be in my car for a bit.

      (unless my significant other doesn't like her birthday CD, then she'll get this one as a back up)

      I also got anchorman for 7 dollars; what an awesome movie.

      Also, for those who were concerned with my impromptu encounter with nasty gases, I feel perfectly fine and um.... dapper? It does feel good that people were concerned, so thank you for that.

      Last item of arcane news, for those of you who don't know where I work: I work at a hardware store in a semi-management position at the front office. I run breaks, play ref in all the little squabbles between cashiers, and fix any and all problems that occur with prices, products, our equipment, paperwork, etc.

      However, I might get transferred! YESS!

      The fact is, I don't particularly like people who I don't know. I'm not completely anti-people, but I strongly dislike anyone who makes my life difficult or is a(n) ass/stupid/mathematically challenged/grouchy/etc.

      People who are acquaintances or better have nothing to fear, but I have come close to completely losing my temper more than usual lately, which usually ends up me coldly questioning the person's intelligence or right to exist; then the said person reacting by bursting into tears or trying to hit me.

      Like for example: how hard is the concept of a 6% sales tax for people?
      I've had plenty of fun with that whole thing.

      "I didn't buy a tax! what the hell is a tax anyways? Some sort of nail?"

      "I don't think you returned that, I think you screwed up and charged me again"

      I going to stop this rant before it gets really ugly.

    • Cl 2

      13 years ago


      I had a really witty and funny journal all planned out and ready to be recalled and typed tonight, But I forgot it.


      Guess what someone spilled at work today?
      The Title might give it away, but guess anyway....

      Thats right, Chloride crystals. For pools. The guy was kinda tossing the package around (So to speak) and it hit the ground and spilled all over the place.

      The stuff started to quickly react with the moisture in the air and create chloride gas, so myself and another employee quickly swept it up into a dust pan on a stick and took it outside.

      Then I had to screw with closing down the store, but I finally got the time to grab my respirator and get out there and clean the stuff up, and then dilute down anything left.

      I really don't think thats in my job description. 1 man Hazmat team? Maybe it's on page three of that contract I signed.

      Anyhow, my throats a little raw and my eyes just a touch watery, but I should be perfectly dandy (what an odd word) by morning.

      hows that for a working experience?


    • Neato...izzle

      13 years ago


      Look what I stole from someone else's journal!

      Hero Machine

      Its pretty freaking cool, and I have made myself a new avatar with it.

      Hmm. Maybe one of these days I'll finally get working on my photograph series and maybe shoot one similar to that.


      EDIT: I fixed the fingers on the gloves, the neck, and mask. Looks more "Gambitesque"

    • April Fools!

      13 years ago


      Um, wait.

      I didn't do anything for it

      Sooo.. the jokes on you.... I think.

      I need caffeine

    • Invincible?

      13 years ago



      After a three year span of dodging every nasty disease and bug mother nature has lobbed at me, I finally have been nailed with some sort of insidious cold thingie that EVERYONE seems to have in this area.

      This is bad.

      Why?, you might ask. Why would Dan being sick be such a horrible thing, despite the obvious fact that he feels sick?

      Healthy Dan = Happier Dan

      Sick Dan = Dan in a very bad mood w/ short temper, sleep deprivation, etc.

      Very Tired Dan in a very bad mood = Possible Death to others

      so basically, being sick puts me in a black, murderous mood. For example, on the way home today from my godawful chemistry test, my blown out speaker in the car starts acting up, making all sorts of buzzing noises and stuff (I thought I cut the wire to it...what wire DID I cut then?!?)

      My instant solution to the problem? Stick a knife into the area where the irritating noise was coming from in the car.

      Luckily, there were no sharp objects around, and the errant speaker was saved from certain death.

      I think this head cold has stopped up my problem-solving-skill-area of the brain, It somehow is stuck with the solution of "Stick a knife into it"

      Chemistry test is hard? Stick a knife into it

      Toaster won't work? Stick a knife into it

      Coworker won't leave me alone and mind their own business? Stick a knife into it

      There's a good reason why any and all weapons in my house are locked up whenever I get sick, just to make sure temptation to destroy something is never raised.

      (I'll get you yet, foul demonspawn microwave)

      Oh yes, and I dropped a cash register drawer full of money today, Oh, The noise it made!

      I hope I feel better tommorow, maybe my Inner Demons will be caged by then

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