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    • Finally Here!

      13 years ago


      I have finally gotten the knack of using the stupid administrator panel on my web site, and have posted the Mp3's
      Check them out!

      I also FINALLY after a couple weeks got the HTML code I've been writing to work correctly for the webpage, and hope to have an actual working website.

      I'm not sure what I will put on it, but whatever.

      Random thought Where the #$%^ are those flying cars I was promised as the kid? The future sucks! All we get is spyware, popups, the ability to have homework assigned to you out of the classroom, and the burden of being able to be reached ANYWHERE you are (cell phones are evil). No robots doing my dishes! No holograms! No moon summer cabin! No phasers or death rays! And I sooooo want a lightsaber, why can't someone invent one? Or for that matter, a laptop battery that lasts more than 30 minutes!

      At least we have the X-box 360 and the PSP.

      I guess thats not too bad.


    • Coming soon...

      13 years ago


      As soon as i figure out how to put files on my long dormant website, I will shortly be posting some mp3s.

      Have you ever wondered what music written by a drummer would sound like? Here's your chance to find out. Don't worry, they're not death metal.


      EDIT: It Lives!
      Here, go to my website
      I'll make an honest attempt at working on my website some time soon, I promise!!!

    • Yeah, Spring break is over

      13 years ago


      What a miserable day.

      The first day of spring, and it snows during rush hour traffic.

      A drive that usually takes between 20-35 minutes to get to school morphed into a 2 hour 17 minute odyssey, fighting through the sirens (idiot indiana drivers), the charybdis (non functioning traffic lights), and all sorts of other hellish monsters (unplowed streets, three wrecks before my disbelieving eyes, minotaurs, etc).

      For some reason, people seem to think the best way to drive in snow is drive 15 mph faster than they normally do and drive really aggressive.

      So, I missed my chemistry lecture, was late to my philosophy class, and forgot my homework for chem lab, then spilled a large beaker of DI water I had just spent 20 minutes ultrapurifing, forcing me to restart the experiment.

      But on a brighter note, my custom order scuba mask finally came in (one week late).
      It was well worth the wait, as it looks awesome.

      On a very good note, I finished my taxes, and found out that ill be getting a refund that will pay for half of this semesters tuition, freeing up funds for the car and apartment fund. Dive gear, cool weapons and swords are NOT going to be bought. (My subconcious just laughed sarcastically. I don't think it believes me) Maybe a motorcycle. A black one. A cool japanese one.

      Random thought: whats the opposite of ruthless? having ruth?

      Random insult I made up: You are so (Fat, ugly, stupid, etc.), If you were a movie, you'd be sold in the 2.99 bin at the local shell station.

      Well, sorry about the "Woe is me" rant, i promise to be more witty and worthwhile to read in the future smiley0.gif

      Nobody likes a whiner, dan.


    • V for Vendetta

      13 years ago


      That was the awesomest movie I have seen this year. I think I might actually go and see it again, I liked it that much.

      Anyhow, you must all be proud of me, as many of you know about my fascination (fetish, even?) with weapons, especially with the pointy and/or sharp variety. After seeing V for Vendetta, my best friend and I decided to take a look around the shops close to the theater and see if we could find a bluetooth headset for his phone. And what did my best friend (whom lacks as much common sense as I do, which will shortly be apparant...) point out to me in an adjacent shop?


      Throwing Knives.

      Inexpensive Throwing Knives.

      AND swords, and katanas, and other sorts of weaponry I have been so far successfully resisting from buying.

      You must all be proud of me, as I somehow got the strength of will to turn away, and run to the other side of the mall complex before the demons within forced me to go inside and stock up.

      Temptation is a powerful, nasty thing.

      Also, on the trip home, I saw a covenent transport.

      pictures will follow as soon as I figure out where I put my card reader for my phone, as well as photos of Bela Fleck and his awesome Flecktones, possibly one of the best concerts I have been to for a couple years, despite the fact I must have second hand smoked at least 2 packs of cigarettes and probably 1 1/2 of a joint of the wacky tobaccy.

      This journal is now a officially rambling, so I will bring it to a close, and attempt to write more coherently tommorow.


    • Spring break Update

      13 years ago


      Well, I found an internet cafe to get finally shoot up my much needed does of internet and caffeine, as well as checking my email and myriad websites I like to watch.

      Anyhow, so far spring break has been awesome(izzle). We have had four dives so far (None of them as deep as I wanted), but we got to take a look at a tugboat, a A7 attack plane, and a Cival War blockade runner later renamed the sherman. It was rather interesting diving, despite me getting sea sick the first time out, and really goofy on dramamine the second time out.

      All in all, it is good. All i got left is time to attempt to get a tan, work out, and watch V for Vendetta when it comes out later tonite.

      However, my friend and I seem to be attracting much unwanted attention from the many members of the class of "Jailbait" out on the beaches. It's rather wierd to be whistled at by a girl who can't even be in high school yet, let me tell ya.


    • The internet is addicting

      13 years ago


      After two years of resisting its siren call, I finally got an account on facebook.

      Good god, that stuff is more addicting than that mint chocolate chip thin mint girl scout cookie Edy's ice cream! The samoa stuff is really good too, but I digress.

      Anyhow, If any of you high school/college kids want to look me up and add me, look for Dan Knuckles, and I have the same avatar as above. Just make sure to mention RvB in the friend request.

      I'm off to the dive shop to spend some more money on some Wet suit boots, and a mask, and anything else that catches my eye.


    • Spring Break

      13 years ago


      Is almost around the corner!

      It's so close I can taste it; I'll make sure to take lots of photographs.

    • Bad stuff

      13 years ago


      Indiana just narrowly missed getting its 15 minutes of national fame in regards to the whole school violence two days ago.

      Some kids at a high school down south were plotting to take over the school and hold the school principal and other students hostage for ransom, but fortunatly they were overheard on the bus and were turned in.

      Personally, I'm suprised this didn't happen sooner.

      From what I have observed, almost everything we come in contact with, from school, music, television, movies, driving, and dealing with people in general encourages us to be more aggressive and assertive, while legally we are bound even more tightly than before.

      Much of pop music (especially and specifically the rap genre) speak about and express aggressive attitudes towards people the group doesn't like, women, police and authority figures, and protrays this as normal, healthy, and even the right thing to do.

      This is just as common in much of TV and movies, and even in many books required by students to read in their schools as well as in many national book lists.

      So, where is this aggression allowed out? You can see it in the way people drive; the way people argue, the way people shop and treat the employees and other customers.

      What do we do with a generation raised up to emulate and even surpass the aggressive tendencies of those before them?

      We have people walking around stressed out, wound tight, and not even allowed to physically touch others without being possibly arrested.

      I'm no longer sure where I'm going with this journal, but I still think this observation is important to note.

      Does anyone else see this trend? Or am I wrong?

    • Show Choir

      13 years ago


      Went to a show choir competition directly my after my shift on Saturday to support my sister (I was there from about 6 until after 11), and made an interesting observation:

      All the popular music from roughly the 70's to the present don't work well when made into a show tune. why? Almost all the pop music, from "Rich Girl" by that one annoying singer to "Its my Life" by Bon Jovi are all songs about individuality and are specifically written to be sung by one musical "idol" (no inference intended to fox). When sung in unison by 30 people, it just sounds wrong, in a subtle way.

      By extension, the whole advertising campaign by using the rebellious attitude as a sales tool also seems rather contradictory:

      "Look at me, I'm a rebel, and individual, my own man, one who does his own thing and marches to my own drum. Now conform and go out and buy this product to be exactly like me, a rebel."

      Doesn't that just make you a sheep with rather hypocritical taste? Sort of a rebellious poser, so to speak.

      My second epiphany that I despise large crowds, especially when they’re full of loud, obnoxious, rude people. (Maybe I should change my current job, if this is the case) I’ve also discovered this while in movie theaters and concerts. After a while, I get a terrible urge to injure rude people around me. I almost punched a guy at a Dave Matthews concert, he was being such a dick. Does tolerance of individualism include having to tolerate people who are ruining your day by being insensitive?


    • Creative Writing

      13 years ago


      My friend Mogulus has gotten me to once again pick up the pen and start back up on my novel I've been writing off and on for the last 6 years or so. I'm not quite sure of a title or even where the story is going to go, but I'm hoping that if I rewrite the first chapters again that I won't figuratively "paint myself into a corner" again.

      If any of you are interested I could post the first chapter, but I'm not sure If posting creative writing would be interesting to you all.

      At any rate, the Legend project is also slowly progressing, as I continue to organize when I have time and try to make my use of time more productive and efficient.

      I also got my bonus check from work, and let me tell you something: The Government taxes any bonus 40%.
      That is frustrating, as I suspect that this money is going to fund a new stadium for our football team who seems to be incapable of NOT choking at the playoffs.

      1 ranked seed my foot, more like #1 ranked useless team. And to think they were making noise about leaving...

      I'll stop ranting

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