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      13 years ago


      Merry early Christmas to all of you; I say this because I am planning to go and shop for christmas presents, then go and take my speech final.

      It's got me in a christmas mood. One of these days I'm going to get some time to actually take some self portrait photographs I've been planning for a while now; you can count that as my gift to you- high art. smiley0.gif

      "Yeah, Whatever." you say. I'll probably work on that after I get the carpet finally layed in my room, and start on my next claymation, which I haven't worked on in about a year.

      If you haven't seen the one I have made, check it out Here

      Oh and if you complain about Merry Christmas and say that I'm imposing religious beliefs on you, I'll brain you with a large rock.

    • Update

      13 years ago


      Where has dan been? Has he been working? Has he been playing Splinter Cell 3 like an addict? Did he beat the game? Is he studying for finals and in particular his chemistry test myopically? Has he shopped for even one christmas present for his family, friends, and others close to him? The answer to all of these except one is yes. (Except the first question, as it is rhetorical in nature)

      oh and by the way..... 13-0? Colts rock, baby.

      While I usually speak my mind on some topic or other that has been interesting to me, and I owe my loyal readers two rants on both religious establishments and eugenics, I'm too lazy to do them right now. So, here are two quotes I picked up that I absolutely love:

      Opinion divorced from knowledge is an ugly thing. -Socrates

      If an insect was ever designed by a committee, it would be the Cicada; ugly, ungainly, and prone to running into things. -My mother


      Sounds like a literary term: Cicada writing- a badly written document usually cobbled together by committee.


    • Pearl Harbor Day

      13 years ago


      A day that will forever live in infamy, except for the majority of americans who seem to forget.

      America = ADHD

      Not necessarily condoning or condemning that

    • Laziness

      13 years ago


      I know I should be completing my rants on both the religious establishment and eugenics, but I have three very important things that have impeded my progress

      1. Finals

      2. Splinter Cell

      3. Laziness

      So there you go. I'm hoping that perhaps I'll get back on track for the one or two readers of my journals to enjoy


    • 11-0! Yeeeeeeeah!

      13 years ago


      I would like to point out to all those who are in any remote way Football fans:

      11-0, bitches. 11-0.

      I think if the colts go undefeated, I will dress up like a colts lunatic and go cavort around out in public somewhere half naked and painted completely blue, just to celebrate.

      In other news, I seem to continue to rise in my Karma level, which makes me happy in a small way people actually like what I write. yay! smiley0.gif

      In other other news, in response to Lukie's journal, I have decided to do my own posting on Eugenics and Euthanasia and what I could see happening in the future.

      And finally in other other other news, I hate speech, I hate math, and I hate Chemistry.
      I also got to get a close look at the PSP. I WANT ONE


    • Indoctrination?

      13 years ago


      I had to help take care of some kids today in a nursery, and after the crying died down and the tots got down for some serious playin, I noticed something rather interesting (and possibly frightening!)

      Today's children are being indocrinated and advertised to at a very young age.

      Don't believe me? The first culprit I spotted is none other than the seemingly harmless George Foreman:


      It's a bit fuzzy, but that is a Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine for all the three year old's Play-Doh cooking needs.

      It even sizzles when you put something in it.

      Next up on my gallery of commercial proselytism is our dear friends at Ford


      I'm Ford Truck man! Well, Ford Truck toddler, I guess. Further Proof:


      Here's one of the more interesting commercialized items I found today:
      Cheerios and William Wegman (A photographer I do like and highly approve of)


      Interesting, to say the least.
      Anyhow, I just thought it important the public realize that the consumerist brainwashing starts much earlier than we think; it doesn't begin with saturday morning cartoons.

      As far as rants go, I think this one was with "my tounge firmly in my cheek"
      (there's a reward for whomever can tell me which post-modernist artist made an artwork piece by that title, and don't google it you cheater!)


    • Dan f*&#ed up bad

      13 years ago


      Hows this for a Work horror story?

      I was working this Wednesday, getting the store ready for Black Friday, when a customer's 50 dollar bill did not seem to pass the counterfit marker test; we mark all 50's and 100's with a special marker that will turn dark black is the bill is fake, and only a light yellow to a brown if it is real. This 50 was darker than usual, so I went to go check it under the Blacklight under the desk to go see if the Bill was indeed real.

      In the process of turning on the light and checking the bill, I heard an odd click under the desk, but didn't think much about it at the time.

      Roughly 15 minutes later, My Store Manager comes over and asks where my managers at. She is on lunch, and against policy and procedure decided to take her radio off AND leave the phone with me. Bastard. Anyhow, It was revealed to me in time that the click I heard was my accidently pushing a large Red button which was indeed a silent alarm.

      Oops! Needless to say, I was a bit embarresed and very pissed off that no one had even informed me that the button had been installed; I know for a FACT that it was not there very long. In fact, one of my assistant managers didn't even know that it existed.

      Fortunately I did not get in trouble, but all in all I looked like a real stupid ass. Communication is key in the business world, and apparently it didn't work out like it should have in this instance. Oh well, (insert something french and cool sounding here)

      Any embarrasing stories or cool french phrases are encouraged


    • I Survived!

      13 years ago


      Well, black friday is over, and I survived the nuts. There was a line of people at the door around 5:30 this morning (from what I was told) about a quarter mile back to the restaurant Culver's. Wow. Keep in mind folks that I work for a HARDWARE store; we didn't have a monstrous amount of stuff that was on sale; not like Kohls or the mall. We had 16 lines open for the morning, and I spent the entire day trying to keep everyone sane (including myself-- I failed miserably) I spent an hour after work trying to get the Check total to balance; didn't happen either, but whatever.

      People here are Nutcases when it comes to sales. I had people getting all bent out of shape because we didn't have a particular John Deere tractor toy in stock, or that something was ringing up 15 cents more than it they thought It should. I think it has something to do with the whole Farmer's culture here; I hate it. This is probably also why the arts scene here is not doing nearly as well as it should.

      Embarrasing story coming up!

    • November 24, 2005

      13 years ago


      Happy Turkey Day, and to all those lonely souls out there who don't get to spend time with your family: There's always alchohol. But seriously, heartfelt wishes of peace and quiet on a day that we all must reflect on what we can be thankful for.

    • Black Friday

      13 years ago


      Yay! Thanksgiving break (except for Black Friday, you cheapskate money grubbing bitchy day after thanksgiving sale whore impatient bastards!!!!) IF you decide to go out and endorse the disgusting day-after-thanksgiving practice PLEASE only buy things you already wanted to get, PLEASE PLEASE be courteous to the retail employees you encounter, and IF you personally run into me round closing time at my place of employment and hassle me, so help me I'll snap your neck. I am working 12 hours, with one lunch, and will be traffic controlling ALL day in my store; running breaks for the cashiers, troubleshooting problems, etc etc.

      ***This concludes Dan's yearly BLACK FRIDAY rant*****

      But in all seriousness have a nice thanksgiving, enjoy your family time together as much as possible, and PLEASE remain laid back and happy and thankful you even have money to go shopping. Remember, if you own a car and a house, you are in the upper 5% of the WORLD's wealth. If you own two cars and have a hobby, your are in the top 1.5%.

      Hows that for something to be thankful for?


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