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    • Impulse spending?

      13 years ago


      I'm not quite sure why, but I feel a burning need to own this. However, I have exacted self control and I haven't bought it (yet).



    • Spring Break

      13 years ago


      I have finally figured out what I am doing for spring break:

      Going on a 130 foot deep wreck dive on sunday, and another wreck dive on wednesday.
      The rest of the week will involve whatever my friend and I can come up with.

      Sounds like fun, don't it?

      The 130 foot wreck dive is going to be a challenge, as it is at the extreme limit of where my certifications allow me to dive. Usually the tables only allow you a 8 minute bottom time, unless we are going to do deco stops. (If you stay at pressure longer than allowed on the dive models at a certain depth, the percentage of nitrogen content in you body tissues passes a safe limit, and you have to ascend to a shallower depth and stop there for a certain time to allow the excess gas to come out of solution and safely work its way out of your body without blocking any blood vessels)

      As long as we heed what our dive computers say, we should be perfectly safe.

      I'm so excited!


    • Mozart

      13 years ago


      The Legend Project is slowly progressing along.
      While skipping classes occasionally is still a problem, I've been slowly getting my room cleaned up enough to finally replace the carpet and have a designated study area.

      One thing I did get done was to go and enjoy some fine music; I went to a concert last Sunday.
      I got to listen to Mozart's Piano Concerto in E flat, as well as Mozarts Final Reqium.

      I love that music.

      I also got a dive back in preparation for my spring break trip to Myrtle Beach (I think thats how you spell it)
      Best friend and I are going Wreck Diving; a vacation sorely needed by myself, as I feel completely burnt out in regards to life in general. The bag was made by Pinnacle, of course.


    • Bird Flu

      13 years ago


      No, I don't have it.


      As many of you know, The Bird Flu seems to be the next pandemic that our world has been attempted to head off; and was doing a fairly successful job of it, until now.

      Bird Flu has been found in Nigeria and one neighboring nation. As a result, millions may suffer.

      Want to know why? The Nigerian Government seems to feel that admiting that it has a problem is a loss of face, and therefore will not acknowledge the beginning epidemic in their own country. They have not told their people, and they refuse to do any preventative measures to help combat the spread of this disease.

      Excuse my french, but that is Fucking Bullshit. Pure Bullshit.

      I don't normally like to swear in my journals, but this mindset could possibly kill a lot of people, yet these corrupt leaders don't seem to care. They have the same mindset as did (of do) the Soviets, the Russians, the Chinese, the Slavic Nations, the North Koreans, and any communist nation or dicatatorship.

      Same thing happened with the Kursk, the Train wreck in North Korea, the Chernobyl accident.

      And its not like we aren't going to find out. The country ends up looking ignorant and stubborn by killing their own people by their own inaction, while rebuffing the rest of the concerned world's offers of help.

      Nigeria now has Bird Flu, and refuses to act on it. Therefore, the rest of Africa will have Bird Flu. The African continent doesn't have the resources to deal with this disease.

      Then the rest of the world will follow, as the largest continent will be overrun with the flu, and there is no mathmatical possibility that it can be contained there.

      I propose that this willful stupidity should be considered an international crime, something comparable to genocide or war crimes; it should be considered a crime against humanity to allow epidemics or pollution, or anything harmful to large parts of the world due to the attempted saving of supposed national pride. What would have happened if Chernobyl's accident had been dealt with by the world, not just those who created the problem?
      Wouldn't we be better off?

      Consequently, any leader or govenment who conceals harmful evidence of an impending disaster that could or will harm innocent people must be held accountable by the soverign nations of the world.

      Statehood does not, and should not protect a government from the responsibility of preventable deaths through inaction and silence.

      The silence of one may have grave consequences for many.

    • A quick caveat

      13 years ago


      I was standing in my little box at work today, greeting people and fixing the occasional problem, thinking like I normally do, when something dawned on me:

      What is the deal with Aquired taste?

      I think it is the wierdest concept ever; think about it: You start drinking something (Like coffee) or eating something (like sauerkraut or those mentho-lyptus cough drops) and your mouth tells you, "This stuff tastes like crap!"

      But then, you drink or eat it again, either because you need it for some reason, or you are consuming the food or drink due to peer pressure: Drink up, It's just coffee, wimp!

      And your mouth still says "Again? This stuff still tastes awful!"

      So, what happens to change our brain's (or tounge's) mind to start liking the taste?

      Do our taste buds say, "Hell, If we're going to see this stuff everyday, we may as well pretend we like it"?

      Or does our brain somehow rewire it's "tasty sensory region" because it's sick of listening to our mouth whine about the taste?

      Or, is it true that we steadily lose our sense of taste as we age, and that stuff that we found disgusting before is no longer so because our tounge has gone from a fine wine connoisseur to a thunderbird quaffing bum?

      Think about that for a bit


    • Legend Project

      13 years ago


      So, I looked over my last journal the other day, and I said to myself:

      "Self, look at this whiny little bitch. If he doesn't like his life, why doesn't he do something about it?"

      Why, Indeed.

      Therefore, I am launching The Legend Project
      and be able to change some of my more negative lifestyle aspects to better suit myself as a person.

      Phase 1: Organize
      Get my room, possesions, and school work organized. I already have my car cleaned out, so half the battle is done.

      Phase 2: Get School caught up
      Catch up on my homework and notes, get great grades.

      Phase 3: Retrain body
      I used to be able to do some crazy stunts, which have lapsed badly due to loss of strength.
      Gym membership, Running, and possibly work on a tan smiley8.gif

      Phase 4: Get Car, Apartment, New Job, possibly new college
      This is a long term phase, due in about one year. I need more cash, and getting a Pell grant for college won't happen unless I'm out of the house and fully independant, and poorer 'n hell.

      Phase 5: Take a martial arts class
      Just cause I wanted to for a while, probably Jujitsu, with maybe some Bo staff and stuff thrown in.

      Phase 6: Divemaster
      Thats right, Divemaster. And hopefully DMT too. (Dive medical technician)
      Maybe a BCD, full fask mask, Apeks ATX 200 or XTX 200, and a dry suit?

      Phase 7: Drum lessons again?
      I canceled my drum lessons with Chad for the time being, because I didn't really feel I could devote enough time to practicing and justifying the expense. Maybe I can work it in again?

      Phase 8: Dress better?
      I'm not sure about this one. I'm going to try to take better care of my body with more hair cuts, floss every day, etc.
      However, I've been toying with the idea of dressing up more when I go to school and in general. Not sure how I feel about this, though. Any thoughts from my loyal readers?

      There you have it, a roadmap to peace to a better person.
      Estimated time: 1 year, I hope.

      I think it will take a solid month for each phase to get myself into the habit of doing these things. Lets see how far I can get before I either lose interest or somehow lapse.

      gambitq72: Extreme lifestyle makeover edition

      Stay tuned, comment if you like. smiley0.gif


    • Good News!

      13 years ago


      I can still actually use photoshop! Wooo!
      I been playing around with some of the shots I did with the new wetsuit on, and I must say I like two of them, which I subsequently edited extensively and put in my images section.

      This is fun!

      I think I'll get photos of my suit next when I actually wear it again, and post those after getting the correct background/color/mood.

      In other news, I'm getting really sick of school. I hate my college, I hate my classes, (Really just Chemistry and Math) and I hate my place of employment.

      I need a vacation. According to my course list, I have 10 more credits of Chemistry at least, about 15 or more credits of math, not to mention a load of classes that I was supposed to take my first year but didn't have the prerequisites for.

      I better make a lot of money and really enjoy my job for all the hassle I have to go through for a decent education.

      For those of you who don't know, I'm currently in Biomedical Engineering, planning on at least a Masters and probably Medical School to be able to implant my creations myself.

      I then want to start my own research company that builds prototypes and makes patents on advanced implantable prosthetics and other types of cyborg enhancements. New eyes, hands, the whole bit. I'll work out a prototype, patent it, then probably sell the production rights to the highest bidder, assuming I don't eventually start my own production plant.

      Then I'll retire, tinker with stuff, play frisbee golf, probably suffer a stroke, wait around in a nursing home for a few years, then die and have myself cremated or something.

      Sounds like a plan, huh?

    • New Avatars!

      13 years ago


      I finally got my new wetsuit photographed and edited! Woo!

      They are in my Images section, and the suit really is Gray and black.

      I don't feel like ranting tonight, so that is all

      Next Diving gear aquisition: The WTX BCD harness by Apeks. I want it soooo bad, I can taste it; I doubt it would taste all that good, but still.


    • A gift for you

      13 years ago


      Remember my last journal about my planned encounter with "Jaws"?

      Actually, I dont think Jaws is an apt name for a gargantuan catfish

      How about "Whiskers"?

      Anywho, my thinking about knifing a giant man eating bottom feeder got me wondering about what other things fish might to do to fight back against the evil fisherman. And Lo and Behold,
      This shows up in my mailbox, sent by my mother who also has heard about my "foolhardy stupid idiotic" plan.

      This has been verified by snopes as being true; check it out!

      Pissed off carp. Wow. Having the double curse of being extremely stupid (fish in my opinion are even more stupid than most humans, and thats saying a lot smiley0.gif ) and having an aggression issue towards boats doesn't seem like the most healthy combination in the world.

      In other news, my little poor laptop's soul is still possesed by 666 demons, according to my AdAware program, which can seem to come up with an exorcism of any kind. I think thats also rather odd.

      Finally, I found the wet suit pictures, I just need to edit them before I post them, cheerio!

      If you find any spelling errors, I didn't feel like proofreading today, so tough tiddlywinks.


    • I have...

      13 years ago


      A really stupid idea, but I'm planning on doing it anyways.

      As most of you in Indy know, we have several reservoirs around the Indianapolis area.
      One of them, Eagle Creek Reservoir, has had a legend among both fishermen and divers alike that keep them out of the water. I have until but recently not found a dive buddy willing to go with me into the reservoir to see what stuff we might find.

      It has been claimed that at the deepest part of the reservoir there resides giant Catfish so enormous that they could swallow a man whole. While you may think that this is ridiculous, remember that catfish can live for over 120 years, and most all fish' sizes are to some extent determined by the environment they live in. The little goldfish we all imagine in the 2 gallon fish bowl can actually grow very large if it can survive in a lake long enough not to get eaten.

      So in short:

      Eagle Creek is huge.

      The catfish that are in there may be huge.

      No divers I knew wanted to go dive in the reservoir because they are afraid they might get eaten by a catfish

      I have finally found 2 other buddies that are willing to go and explore this so called legend and see if it’s true

      Assuming we can get permission from the park ranger, I plan to go with a couple buddies and see if we can catch/photograph whatever abnormally large fish we can find.

      However, I'm going to buy a dive knife before I go, just in case. smiley8.gif


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