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    • I Should Be Doing Homework...

      13 years ago


      But I don't feel like it!

      Today is make fun of computers day, and I would like to start off by mocking the Mac.

      Yeah, Macs aren't as hot as you arrogant elitist bastards think.

      But of course, PC's are just as bad too; I think I'm up to 600 viruses on my computer that my software can't seem to remove. I don't really care anymore; the spyware people can have my little laptop's soul.

      As a final thought, I ran into a guy from Holland today who seems to like bashing America and Americans in general as unfeeling capitalists whose answer to all the worlds’ problems is to throw money and then ignore the issue.

      That may be something we are guilty of sometimes, but my attitude is this.

      If you don't like our country, then leave.

      If you think we have a problem, offer a solution or something that we as a human race can use to better ourselves, not just oversimplify complex problems and then bitch incessantly about it. It's really annoying.

      That was an authentic rant from Dan, sorry if it’s a bit heavy handed; but I'm a little pissed, as you can tell.


    • So...

      13 years ago


      I went and visited a close friend of mine, and ended up spending two hours on her Mac Powerbook and wrote three songs.

      I plan to post them, but am not sure how exactly to put them so they are accessable here.

      Any ideas?

      Oh, and I can't seem to locate where exactly I placed the new wetsuit pictures.

      I also saw someone today in the Men's Restroom talking on the cell phone WHILE at the urinal doing his thing.

      That Is Disgusting.


    • Quick Rant

      13 years ago


      Remember all those pop up ads a couple years back for the X10 security cam?

      They were almost almost every popular website you went to.

      But, despite the fact that these camera are supposedly for security and stuff, as well as other subsequent cams sold everywhere from Menards to Wal-mart to Radioshack, the ads for these cams all show the same thing in the TV screen next to the cam....

      Question #1: Why does every ad for those cams have some sexily dressed woman in it? Do they show someone breaking into a house? No. Do they show someone jacking a car? No. Does the pop up scan up and down a blond in a bathing suit? Yes.


      Question #2: Putting aside the obvious answer that "Sex Sells", does this line of advertising indicate a trend of some sort of high tech voyeurism in america?

      Are the cams for protecting the house? or are they for spying on your neighbors sunbathing daughter?

      It's just wierd to me.

      ......Also, I think the Burger King guy on those commercials is creepier n hell, too.

      If I met someone like that in a dark alley, I'd throw my wallet at his head and run


      See what I mean? Gives me the jibblies every time


    • At last!

      13 years ago



      What is this grainy blurry photograph covertly taken and smuggled out of Dan's room?

      To the loyal few who somehow find my journals interesting or entertaining, I have a treat for you.

      After promising and swearing up and down that I would put photos up of my new awesome wetsuit, I have finally fought through my photographic apathy and taken pictures!

      I must warn you, I was too lazy to put the suit on at this time, as it is a 7-8 minute battle.
      However, in due time I will model the suit and show it to the eager world as well.

      Here we are

      longshot.jpg suit1.jpg


      i stuck on the gloves and the boots for effect.
      The suit is made by a company called pinnacle aquatics based in New Zealand. They are a specialty company that only make wetsuits and drysuits, and make the best suits in the world.

      Love em

      And heres a bonus!

      I took a couple photos around campus today, thinking that they were interesting enough to post...


      Our first stop is the school bookstore, where they shamlessly rob poor college students of their hard earned money every day. Bastards!

      Don't you think the size of those Rice Krispy Treats is a bit extreme?

      Next stop, my chemistry class


      Apparently its perfectly alright to leave giant tanks of liquid nitrogen around the school hallways. I could have totally stolen that thing if I had a furnature dolly, then used it to make a bomb or something.... with a completely inert gas.... nevermind.

      I doubt it will be an issue, but I still find it amusing that it's there.

      Finally, looking out over campus, we have a pretty artistic view of the science buildings...


      When it warms up I am finally going to go around campus and take some awesome pictures of all the cool stuff.

      I might even get some shots of the building they are demolishing; I forgot to walk down that way today, seeing as how it rained and all

      Question for ya'll: do you like this new addition of photographs to my journal?


    • F%*&!

      13 years ago


      Steelers! Damn it! SO CLOSE

      Damn Indiana Sports Curse

    • Happy Colts Day!

      13 years ago


      Its Colts and Steelers time; time to watch the smack talking Joey Porter and the rest of the Steelers once again eat crow.

      Wouldn't that be a good mascot for a football team? You could dress up like a big blue crow and hold up signs at the dome that say "Hey (Insert Name), remember me?" Then you could post the disgraceful score from the last game they played against the colts, like 35-2, colts or something like that.

      Security would probably say it was sort of "Fire Hazard" and not let you in, though.

      I hung my new wetsuit up in my room against a wall; quite the dashing decor, I must say.

      As for my classes, I enrolled in a Logic class to make sure to get my full time status and more importantly, my insurance. (what little there is left, as they raised premiums and all that AGAIN)

      Lastly, an important fact for all you to remember...


      Kung Fu, indeed.


    • I.....

      13 years ago


      Have an Awesome Wetsuit!

      It's Gray and Black, and so awesome

      Pictures to come soon


      Happy Trogday!!!

    • It an Important Holiday!

      13 years ago


      Happy Trogday, everyone.


    • Cell phones, Wet suits, and Cars

      13 years ago


      Three Items of interest today; a rant, an exciting announcement, and a progress report

      First off, THE WORLD IN CRISIS... But first,

      I hate Cellphones

      Why, you ask? Because nobody has any ettiquite on how to use them.

      It's rude to talk on them while your in line at a store, It's rude to use them in elevators and other public places (especially when your fighting. e.g. "Don't you dare use that tone of voice with me!... Your sleeping with your secretary?!?!?!? Well guess what, I have VD, you got crabs now, you asshole........ I want a divorce, I'm gonna take the kids, and your f*%$ing
      house too, you perverted freak.... you can keep your shitty mutt.... ")

      I think you get the picture.

      For all you common sense deprived people out there, I've worked out a sure way to evaluating how rude you may be.

      Talking loudly -- 1 point

      Talking about private stuff such as tampons or girls you've done stuff with, or using any annoying phrases like "like tOOOtally", "Shut UP!", "Omahygawd", etc -- 2 points

      Swearing -- 4 points

      Talking in Line, or Elevators -- 6 points

      Having an annoying ringtone, which include "Fur Eleise", anything Latin, or odd electronic noises -- 4 points

      Talking in College Class -- 12 points

      Violating any of these rules in an airport, church, concert, or movie theather - double points

      you may be asking why you should even care. Remember, If I'm in a black mood, anything over 6 points will spur me to take action, which may involve smashing, throwing, kicking, or breaking of mobile device in question, or inserting pieces of said phone into offenders body. If I'm really mad the phones either going fully into your eye, ear, or nose.

      In other news, I'm getting my wet suit tommora! w00t w00t (whatever that means)

      Next up, THE WORLD IN CRISIS, but first, I would like to announce I am finally cleaning out my car, and plan to wash and wax it if the weather warms up; it will finally look nice

      As far as humor goes, I think this journal is pretty retarded, but keep in mind I've been up since 6 AM, and worked for a staight 10 hours.


    • Exxxcellent...

      13 years ago


      Homestar and Strong Bad are back!

      In other news, I dropped Physics, as I found out my math skills were a full three levels lower than they needed to be. Oops.

      In other other news, I still have not seen a new RvB video yet, which I eagerly await.

      In other other other news, I'm planning on getting my awesome christmas present in a week, which will be proudly displayed when I actually have time to photograph it.

      in other other other other news: THE WORLD IN CRISIS. But first, lets take a look at the weather, shall we?


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