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    • This Just In!

      12 years ago


      I'm losing my hair!

      *paniced running*


      Soo not cool.
      To ease the pain, I bought family guy volume 4. It's a good aphrodesiac.

      Also, heres an awesome shot of the pumpkins Erica and I carved for halloween.



      EDIT: I'm thinking that aphrodesiac doesn't mean what I think it means.

    • Where have I been?

      12 years ago


      Answer: My ungrateful bastard of a laptop died.
      And took a lot of stuff with it that I just recently was able to recover thanks to some computer geek. (Computer geeks are awesome!)

      Soo, I'm currently looking into if I can get another one soon, and generally going into computer wtithdrawl.

      I'm currently procrastinating on some engineering schematics that are due in about 2 hours, which i Really Really dont want to do.
      Although, I must admit the name of the program is pretty witty; PSpice.

      PSpice is a program that allows you to model circuits and simulate them in all sorts of neat ways.
      Sounds more like a rapper to me though; In class my little group loves to yell, ITS PSPICE, BITCH! for no good reason from time to time.

      That is all for now,

    • Voting

      12 years ago


      Go Vote!

      And please please please, vote on issues and platforms, not by bad political ads or because that candidate is "cute".

      Govinator Arnold Schwarzenegger for Prez!!!


    • Work-foolery and other shenanigans

      12 years ago


      First off, I think I'm completely sick of my job.
      I've learned everything there is to know at that store, and frankly, I'm beginning to dread going to work.

      So, I have three options that I've been considering.
      1) Apply at FedEx (which I did this afternoon online)
      2) Get a liquor license and maybe bartend some
      3) Quite Whining and get back to work.

      So, I'll probably end up loading planes and Fed-Ex for a while assuming they hire me (night shift, baby!); but I was thinking that once I move out maybe working part time at a bar would nicely supplement my income--I'll give it some thought.

      In other news, I went back to dentist after a two year hiatus, and found that despite my tooth-ular irresponsibility, so far I don't have any cavities or problems.

      Why did I wait two years? I think the best explanation would be fear, and being a coward.

      See, they wanted to take out my wisdom teeth; they claimed they would probably grow in Ok, but It would be safer to take em out.
      Seeing as how I read and remember things more that is probably good for me, I instantly remembered reading about the procedure of how they remove teeth, and decided that maybe I'd put off revisiting the dentist until my wisdom teeth either came in fine or started to hurt.
      Then, I put it off more because I'm lazy. Finally, after much goading by my G/F, I finally went to the dentist, and got a clean bill of health.

      (Even though them poking my gums with sharp metal pointy thingies hurt a lot)

      In other other news, I've become a Gater.
      Yeah. My Sci-Fi vice has become full blown, and I now own seasons 1-6 of stargate-sg1 on DVD. (any working my way to 7, 8, and 9

      Love that show.

      Must go watch it some more.



    • Work and other things of note

      12 years ago


      So, i go in to work, and my boss says to me:
      Ivars: "Dan? I got bad news for you."
      Dan: "Uh oh, what did I do this time?" (Oh god, I was late again, and they're gonna fire me)
      Ivars: "You won't like this"
      Dan: "Am I fired?"
      Ivars: "Noo, but it is related in a way...... They lost all your training paperwork.
      You can't drive a forklift or help guests until you recomplete your paperwork"
      Dan "#$%^#!!!!"

      You must understand, this isn't an uncommon thing for me. For whatever reason, my place of employment loves to lose my paperwork on a regular basis.

      However, this is the first time they've lost ALL my training before.
      Took me hours to recomplete it.

      In other news, My laptop was once again taken over by demons, but I was able with much effort, holy water, and garlic, I have exocisized it's soul and brought it back from the land of the damned (blue screen hell)

      I even had to stake it in the heart a couple of times.

      Finally, on a more serious note, I read an editorial in the paper in which it postulated that we are flooding children with almost too much information about whats bad out there, causing them to get used to the evil in this world, or worse, make them jaded enought to realize that while there are those who would abduct an innocent child off the streets, there are as many or more people who would give that same child a ride home, to keep him or her safe, or get them out of the rain.

      Will this generation grow up jaded, distrustful of others yet uncaring about the dangers of this world?
      On the flip side, I no longer help people as much as I used to, from on the side of the road to in school and in public places for my safety as well as the percieved safety of others.

      Lets face it, a 6'4" guy who forgets to shave often could look rather threatening.

      .....I've lost my train of thought.

    • Never Forget

      12 years ago


      We will never forget.
      Though there are those who will strive to destroy the strength and ideals of freedom;
      Those free men and women will stand fast, and never forget.

    • SG-1 and other tales

      12 years ago


      Sooo, I'm officially a geek now; I bought the first season of Stargate SG-1, and I have to say that so far the pilot and the first season is amazing; better than any first season I've seen. Usually, in comparison to later episodes the first season is almost always rough as the actors and the writers get the concept working, but this first season is as good as the later ones, which is awesome!

      On another note, did something dumb again today, which I'm sure you all will love to hear about. I know that those of you who love to tinker have done something similar to this before.

      Anywho, when I turned on my laptop today, A little box thingie popped on saying that I needed more space free on the hard drive. So, it asked to clean up stuff not used, as well as old programs. I told it that was ok, and I started happily deleting unused and unneccesary programs. One of them happened to be the driver for my internet card.


      I spent the next hour figuring out where the software for my card was, and then, finding the CD, entering the WPN code, then reentering the code when I miswrote it down.

      Took forever to fix.

      Why did this all happen? Whenever I screw up like that, It's usually due a little voice in my head.
      you know, the onw that when everything is going fine, tells you to try to "improve" or "upgrade" things.

      "yeah dan, of course your computer needs a new hard drive. It doesn't matter that the perfectly functioning one is doing great, change it!" (that was a great time; it still doesn't work)

      "Hey, just because the corner broke off of a CD, you can still use it! Just tape it on the CD and copy it. It'll hold long enough to copy it!" (oooh that was a real fun experience. CD corner came unglued during copying, and that CD bay still doesn't work; peppered with plastic shards.)


    • A Stingray?!?! and other stories

      12 years ago


      I can't believe a stingray brought down the croc hunter.

      I was convinced a crocodile would eventually eat him, or maybe one of those spitting cobras that he always HAD to pick up, but not a stingray.

      wow. Anywho, I didn't particularly like Steve Erwin (I thought he was really annoying), but none the less, it's too bad to see him go. I bet anybody that the video of him dying is going to make it out on the net within a month, if not less.

      In other news, I got bumped the other day in the parking garage at school, bringing to the forefront the need for me to get my car into the shop to get some minor things fixed.

      Here's how that whole storyline unfolded:
      Its 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and I'm desparately trying to find a parking space in the garage, so I won't be late to class. So is everyone else it seems in the state of Indiana.
      The parking garage is so full that those entering it have to join a long line of cars continuously snaking throughout the entire garage, hoping that someone will leave so that they can take their spot.

      The second round through the garage, I turn around a corner and see a car about ready to back out.

      "Sweet!" says I.

      Unfortunatly, there is a car in front of me whole also sees that car and says the same thing. However, this car is pulled too far ahead to make the spot.

      Now, in IUPUI, the ettiquite is that if you miss the spot, you have to go around the loop or admit defeat and find another parking spot.

      This girl decided that she was going to ignore the unspoken rules of the garage and instead back up some to claim the spot.

      "You Bitch!" says I.

      She continues to back up, closer and closer to my car.

      At this point, I start to think that she's getting a bit close. She'll stop any minute now, I think to myself

      She keeps deliberately, slowly backing up.

      "Crap!" says I, as I start slamming my palm into the steering wheel to activate the horn.
      Then I remember. The horn doesn't work in my car due to some sort of electrical short.

      "Crap!!!" I repeat, then decide to put the car in reverse, signaling the group behind me to give me some room to get out of the way of the car.

      Nothing happens. Then I remember that the back up lights in my car also don't work.

      What am I to do? I think, I can't turn up my music because my speakers are legally adults, agewise, and I have no horn or back up lights.

      So I watched this girl deliberately and slowly back into me, and took the hit like a man.

      She jumped out all fast, looking shocked, then after taking a quick look at the bumper waved at me and hopped back into her car and turned on her back up lights again.

      I got out, and saw there was no damage. At this point, my thoughts were that
      A. She needs to apologize for not looking where she was going, and
      B. Give me the parking space for touching my precious baby (my mustang)

      She did neither; she took the space, and I was forced to park outside in the lot across campus from my class, and be 15 minutes late.

      Thus ends the parking saga of dan.

    • Nesting Habits

      12 years ago


      I think my dad is half grizzly bear.

      Why? Let me say first that he is not a jerk or aggressive in any way; he's one of the coolest fathers in existence.

      However, he does have a couple odd quirks.
      First off, He doesn't seem to need to sleep more than 3 hours maximum to keep going.
      I suspect this is due to the fact that he is a coffee addict; one of those who gets the shakes if they don't get their cup of joe at their normal designated times.

      Secondly, he loves electronics and gadgets. Once again, I have no beef with that (me being a gadgetophile, I like to encourage him to get new toys... smiley0.gif "Of course we need an electric GPS/PDA majiggy!") Buuut, he almost compulsively hoards any chargers he finds in a box in his workshop. He has a giant cardboard box just filled with misc. wires.

      Why would my otherwise perfectly normal and sane dad do this? I can only come to one conclusion:

      When he retires from his job; he will decide to break his caffeine addiction by hibernating through the withdrawl symptoms.

      Therefore, the wires and the newspapers he collects (which he claims is for recycling) are really for a nest he is planning to construct in the crawl space in the basement from which he will emerge from once his body has been weaned away from the coffee bean. (assuming it doesn't kill him)

      I know for a fact that this occurs; I saw it on the X-files, and I've also seen similar nests at my friend's house who every so often tries to quit smoking.

      But who knows, maybe it will work. I'll make sure record this event if it does occur.


    • Stupidity

      12 years ago


      People are stupid.

      Especially me.

      But first on a lighter note, I started classes this week:
      Biology, Math, Engineering, and a PE class.
      So far, I really like the course material (For once), and am really looking foward to this semester as the one that will get me really started on my course plan.

      Now, for the stupidity.
      With Bio, Math, and Engineering classes, I had 11 credit hours; I needed one more to get my financial aid. So, I enrolled in a weight lifting class.

      A couple days before the class, I checked out the roster to see who would be my fellow gym rats. As I look at the 18 classmates, I come to realize that almost all of them are of the female variety.

      Hmmm. Whats up with that?

      So I get to the class, and I come to find out that it wasn't a weight training class, it is rather a weight control class.

      Oops. So instead of getting incredibly ripped like I intended, I will instead be taught how to eat right (not such a bad thing) and doing light exercise (ugh!). I also happen to be one of the skinniest people there, making me feel awkward.

      Sooooo, moral of the story: read your course descriptions before you sign up!!


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