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    • Writers Block Sucks

      13 years ago


      I have been commisioned to write a book, as well as work on my novel, and I'm stuck.

      The book im supposed to write I haven't even gotten a plot idea at all really, and my started novel has reached a seemingly dead end after a mere two chapters.
      (To read the chapters, go [link=[/link] The two chapter links are at the top)
      I think the story has potential, but I'm lost as to where i'm supposed to go with it.

      I'm considering overhauling what I have and restarting.

      Or scrapping it entirely.
      Besides, the whole no memories thing is so cliched. That whole theme is going to die.

      Anyhow, any thoughts about the song are appreciated


    • Where have I been?

      13 years ago


      Easy. At work.

      Anyhow, I got a new car:


      88 mustang LX. Much much better than the beater I was expecting smiley6.gif

      Also, I wrote three new songs on my sister's apple computer!

      Southern <--My favorite




    • oops!

      13 years ago


      Man, it's amazing how drastically a day can shift from good to bad or bad to good.

      This morning I found both my long lost math book and my deliquent cell phone in a matter of minutes without really searching for them.
      At the time I thought that was a really good way to start my day, and it was.

      Then I get to class, and I can NOT concentrate. At all. But, it really doesn't matter because today was a review over stuff I already remembered.
      So, I spent the class period designing exosuits in my head. I actually think I came up with some good ideas! (Maybe I'll write another chapter of my book, while I'm at it!)
      Then quiz time came. Uh oh.
      Buuuut, I think I did really well on the quiz, so my day is getting even better, and I arrive at work in a good mood despite the fact that it is 90 degrees out and muggier than john travolta.

      As soon as I walk in the door, the new guy starts trying to order me around.
      For some wierd reason, this really pisses me off, and puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
      I tell him where to go stick it, then go and find my boss for instructions.

      I work a mixture of inside and outside for the rest of the night, then THE ACCIDENT happens.

      At the time I was putting away special order windows at the store, BIG windows that weigh a ton. I have them on my special platform machine thingie, and am sloooowly swinging it around to line up the last big window with the slot I was going to slide it into, when the window just flips off the platfom. I'm looking away at the time trying to steer, so all I hear is a big

      KA SMASH! tinkle tinkle tinkle


      Glass everywhere!

      closer shot:

      and the expensive window noqw looks a-like so:


      Note the two panes on the left that are now completely gone


      Not cool.

      So, how was your day?

    • Lazy!

      13 years ago


      Who hasn't journaled in forever?

      My lazy butt.

      Guess who got their hands on 36 pieces of until-just-recently-illegal firework mortar rounds for 40 dollars?

      smiley0.gif wa ha ha ha ha!!

      I also have poison ivy in between my second and third toe on my left foot; how on earth did I accomplish that?

      I also went to a wedding last saturday and took some photos of some tom otterness sculptures, which I will post soon either on my website or on here.

      That is all.


    • Superman!

      13 years ago


      Awesome movie. If you want an action movie like X-3, you might be a little disappointed, but superman is just a good solid movie, and I enjoyed seeing it very much.

      On a side note, someone told me that assuming my business gets off the ground and I become affluent and wealthy, if I got bored, I'd probably end up like Lex Luther: trying to take over the world just for the hell of it.

      (And let me say, Luther's evil genius plan had a elegent simplicity to it; I was very impressed.)

      WARNING: Rant Ahead
      On that note, while I was at the movie with erica, there was this little kid behind us that would NOT shut up the entire movie. Her parents tryed to tell her to whisper for a while, but since she wouldn't stay quiet and nobody flipped out they eventually gave up.

      God! "Is that superman?" Is that superman?" Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?"

      Rude! I, however, do not fault the child, as she was too young to know better, I place the blame squarely on the parents.
      If your kid is too young to stay quiet for the movie, you need to either rent the movie later or get a sitter.

      It's that simple. And telling a kid who's just learned how to talk to "whisper" is not effective.
      Do little kids ever whisper? Do they ever walk unless told to? THEY CAN'T.
      They've just mastered one skill, so they can't really be expected to do it with much finesse until instructed and taught to do so.

      For seven (or nine later in the day) dollars, I shouldn't have to deal with that.

      Movie theaters need to start cracking down on that stuff, or as bigger HD TV's become less expensive, going to the movies is a passtime that many will gladly drop.

      No drunk people, no freshmen girls shrieking at every scary part, no idiot yelling "Get da juggernaut bitch! yeah! U da man juggie!!" at the screen.

      I'm going to build a projector one of these days.

      Damn teenagers.
      Now i sound like andy rooney (I think thats his name, the old fart to gripes about crap on sixty minutes
      I want some pie.

      END RANT


    • FIREWORKS!!!

      13 years ago


      Fourth of July is coming up. I myself have already shot off a ridiculous amount of fireworks, but I'm really looking foward to getting arrested for catching something on fire on the fourth.

      The best part is, most the fireworks that I'm used to using are no longer illegal in this state! W00t! We are no longer limited to spinners, and snakes, and dinky little fountains in the state of Indiana, and my beloved morters are now 100% legal (Well, most of them are, anyways.)

      Here's an awesome fireworks story.

      On my birthday, my friends and I decided to go out at around midnight to see what awesome things we could find to amuse ourselves.

      As soon as I walk into the store, I can smell the scent of gunpowder and copper; I start heading for it. After locating the fireworks section, we are disappointed to find that all they have are fountains, and nothing else. Undeterred, a crazy idea pops into my head, and grabbing a couple packs of the largest fountains there, I head back to the toy section.

      This is where it gets a little crazy. One friend starts riding a bike around the store, another starts a game of dodgeball with a giant purple rubber ball, and I start looking at the RC vehicle section of the store.

      Amid the chaos, a small RC boat literally jumps out of the shelf and into my arms; It was love at first sight.
      After paying for the purchases, we proceed to my best friends house, duct tape a fountain to the deck of the boat, and attempt to launch the vessel into the lake behind the house.
      At this point, an anticipated but not hoped for flaw appears in my plan; the fountain makes the boat too top heavy.

      I then duct tape a hanger to the top of the craft, and slicing the styrofoam packing in half with a box cutter, create outriggers that then stabilize the boat.

      The ship was launched, the fuze then lit, then off it went.


      Pictures to come, as soon as erica gets them to me.

    • Guess what?

      13 years ago


      I am 21! as of today.

      Boooooooze! Actually, I'm not much of a drinker.
      I think I'll go work on the gutters, then watch family guy, and eat the home made ice cream cake mi madre made for me.

      Hows that for bad syntax?

    • Take That, Dreamweaver!

      13 years ago


      ha HA!
      After much stress and swearing at the computer, I recently broke down and humbly contacted tech support to find out why my website won't update with more than 5 files at a time.

      5 files at a time is frustrating, seeing as how I usually add 200-400 files at a time; usually photos and the pages that go with them.

      They fixed my FTP (whatever that thingie does) and ta da! It works!

      Sooooo, if you're interesting in photographs from a different country, shot by myself and some friends, check out my site, as I am finally updating the stupid thing.

      (yes, I know FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, but beyond that.... As long as the thing works, I am happy. If it breaks, Dan starts throwing expensive electronics around the room in frustration.)

    • Two Observations:

      13 years ago


      Number 1: Microwave bacon is all flaccid.
      Its kinda gross, all limp and greasy.

      Number 2: Where on earth has Homestar runner and Strong Bad disappeared off to? I miss them. smiley2.gif

      Allllso, I figured out how to "Hide" links in my journal. ha HA!

    • DMB! DMB! DMB!

      13 years ago


      So, where has the intrepid explore, el Dano been for the last two nights?
      At a Dave Matthews Conert.
      um, w00tzors, or something like that.
      As far as concerts go, DMB gets better and better ever year I go, and this year was awesome.
      Lots of older songs, JTR, Tripping billies, etc etc.

      However, I ran into a phenomenon that seems to especially target the more vertically gifted of concert goers of DMB and other such concerts where many of the patrons feel their concert going experience needs a little added "Boost".

      As some of you are aware, I am 6 foot and 3 or 4 inches tall. (i shrink about half an inch on an average day, and grow it all back whilst I sleep. Gravity can be quite cruel)

      Now, at the Verizon Wireless concert pavilion, you have pavilion seats, and you have lawn seats. My best friend the blazin' caucasian (Isak) had the unfortunate accident of sleeping on the day the tickets were sold, dooming us to lawn seats, where there is more than one type of grass present. (And I ain't talkin about Kentucky Bluegrass, or the green rye variety.)

      Yes, there was a great gray haze o'er the land, and the bottom of the cloud is almost 5 and a half feet off the ground.

      Using our high school algebra

      Cannibus and tobaccal cloud of smog at 5'6" + Dan at 6'3" = 2-4 blunts worth of smoke.

      Thats right, while the rest of the group got pretty loopy as well, the tall kid inhaled about 3 second hand blunts (or possibly 3/2 of a second hand bowl)

      Good lord. I don't think I shut up once on the way to taco bell afterwards (Isak: "I'm suddenly feeling hungry, and I don't know why smiley6.gif ) or on the way home.

      I think I also ate 6 soft tacos the first night, and two of those "good to go" thingies the second. (I think I actually said that too at the drive through.)

      Drive thru box: May I take your order?

      Dan: I'll have 2 of those "good to go" thingies, 1 cinnamon twist bag a large pepsi a kids meal soft taco no lettuce with lemonade as the drink, a number 6 a number 2 and 4 waters and 3 large mountain dews.

      Drive thru box: You lost me at the "good to go thingies". What was the rest of it?

      Dan: Hungry!! Hungry!! Hungry!!

      Drive thru box: (in sotto voice) stupid pot heads

      Dan: that second hand pot heads to you, you talking box piece of $%#%^.

      Good lord, I feel all hyper just thinking about the concert.

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