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    • RT Box March 2018 Impressions

      1 year ago

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      A moment of silence for the last monthly RT Box.

      With that out of the way, let's begin!

      One of the most frequently asked questions around you ever wonder why we're here?

      Well, it was the 15th anniversary of Rooster Teeth this past April, and the question remains:


      Matt Hullum is rounding up the past TWENTY months of RT Boxes with the 15th Anniversary themed March box! matt

      It's all about Rooster Teeth. And I consider us lucky that the pictures for this box uploaded in the correct orientation! I reckon that's a reason to celebrate, don't you? Why don't we find out what this box has in store?

      - one Rooster Teeth 15th Anniversary shirt (red)

      - one 15 Friggin' Years of Rooster Teeth pin

      - one Rooster Teeth Entertainment System Collectible plate (white)

      - one Burnie Burns Urinal Cake candle (bubblegum-ish scent)

      - one Rocket Rooster Energy Drink stash can

      - one Achievement Hunter Gents blindbox minifigure (Geoff, Jack or Ryan in a DG exclusive silver)

      Kicking it off with a staple of these boxes is a shirt. It's bright red, and is also double sided! The back has the same graphic of the greeting card. Meanwhile, the front looks like this:


      It's very nice, very soft, and very celebratory. And I guess it's on the red team? sarge I should mention I like the design very much. It's fun and a RT classic!

      Now for another staple, or in this case, something else sharp and pointy that you stick in things. This 15th anniversary pin is quite simply, 15. I believe this was the same type of style used in the anniversary collection on the store. It's a nice black metal with red enamel. Friggin' beautiful!


      Let's recall one of the many cancelled shows from Rooster Teeth's enormous lineup - Rooster Teeth Entertainment System, or RTES. This collectible plate is basically a shitty product featured in the RT Shorts series episode 'Failed Product Ideas' that now they have literally made and given to us! Hooray,'s funny, I guess. This one is just made of plastic, though, not ceramic. Mine is a little warped, possible from sitting in the small box, or just a manufacturing defect. They're made in China, folks!


      Following the trend of failed products, we also were given a Burnie Burns urinal cake....candle. Yum. It actually smells delicious, like really sweet bubblegum. It's that perfect urinal cake pink and has Burnie's face on the tin! This candle was made, I believe, in the same place as the RWBY Roman Torchwick candle from many a box ago - Fayetteville, Arkansas. A nice US made product.


      Featuring in Red vs. Blue season 14 was the episode 'Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth'. I had to look this up, since I am not a RVB fan (don't hit me). This seems to be some sort of crossover episode and apparently there's this thing called the Rocket Rooster energy drink? Well, this one is not the drink, but a can that's secretly empty inside so you can secretly sneakily hide shit.


      It's metal and the lid is supposed to look real so you can't tell it's a stash can. I dunno, hide your weed in it? I don't have any weed but it'd be a good place for drugs! The lid pops off as so:


      And last, but not least, is a product from one of the pillars of the company, Achievement Hunter. The vinyl minifigures are sold in the RT Store and you have a chance of getting any 1 of 6 of the AH crew. Last month's box featured team Lads, this time it's team Gents! I myself guessed Geoff, since it would be quite appropriate to have one of the founding fathers of the company be in my 15th anniversary box! For two correct guesses out of two:


      Geoff Lazer Ramsey in all his glory! He goes great with my golden Gavin, but looks quite dashing by himself too. Articulate limbs and head make these tiny figures almost life-like. Almost.

      Well, I dare say that that's it. It was a little light on in terms of items but I feel like the US made candle and the double-sided shirt are good quality items. The stash can is a really useful item, too!

      No need to find any more pictures in my album because they all posted right here, and it's a great way to send off these RT Boxes.

      And a big thanks to any of you that have stuck around for my reviews. There will be less, but hopefully in a more timely manner. It's much easier to make a few posts a year and I will try to make them as interesting and top-notch as I can!

       musical_note Now it's time to say goodbye musical_note to the monthly RT Boxes...and say hello to the new quarterly RT Box that's bigger and better! See you next post for a whole bunch of Achievement Hunter themed items!

    • RT Box February 2018 Impressions

      1 year ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      Surprise! It's time for the second last monthly RT Box review!

      And like I previously mentioned, I hope you like animals wink c'mon, who doesn't have their own adorable little buddy, whether it be canine, feline, avian, many species are there out there, anyway? Do you have a pet? Let me know, I fucking love pets! Our house has two dogs and a growing kitten. It's a little chaotic.

      Once again I apologise for the SIDEWAYS pictures but they all seem to upload that way and I can't for the life of me fix it. All of them but a few have suffered this fate. Let's hope the new community site has options to rotate them sweat_smile

      Now, for the first time ever, this box isn't coming to us from a staff member...well, not a human staff member. You may be familiar with Rupert the wiener dog, owned by Becca Frasier, well known for eating pancakes on the RT Podcast and appearances in Eleven Little Roosters and RT Life. He's the official dog of the marketing team and is presenting this pet themed RT Box! He's also a very good boy.

      What treats await us inside? Prepare your sniffers to hunt down these special items:

      - one Rooster Rupert Teeth wiener dog pen (red)

      - one RWBY set of Zwei pins (corgi head AND butt)

      - one Dogs Hate Grapes collapsible silicone waterbowl (purple)

      - one Nomad of Nowhere pet rock PopSocket (white)

      - one RWBY Velvet Scarlatina shirt (brown)

      - one Achievement Hunter Lads blindbox minifigure (Michael, Gavin or Jeremy in a DG Exclusive Gold)

      Now, I don't know about you, but I reckon this pen is pretty darn cute. It even has a little rubber band collar and bell. My kitten wears a bell. It's annoying. But this pen is not! It's Rupert shaped and certainly screams 'rename the company' to me. Plus his butt is the cap that hides the pen. It's not the standard pen size but more novelty sized. I'd say it's very much a novelty item and cute for displaying.


      Rupert seems to have some sort of beef with the lovable corgi from RWBY. According to his amazing sense of smell, Zwei's has a butt you just can't trust. This pin includes Zwei's head AND his butt so we can smell and see if we agree. I tend to think it smells a lot like a two for one deal!


      People like grapes. But did you know dogs hate grapes? Probably because they're pretty much lethal to dogs, unlike this waterbowl that will never leave you high and dry when you're out and about with your pooch (or anything that drinks water, actually). No grapes here, only convenience. I find this a great item for pet owners, it's really compact, and if you want to take it with you on a long walk you can clip it to your dog leash. All you need to do is pop it out and pour some water in it (from a tap or drinking fountain or your own bottle, that part is yours to take care of). It's made of silicon to avoid breakage and there's the no grapes logo on the bottom to remind you that they suck. It's about palm sized to me; there's more photos to check out if you're interested.


      Hey, have you seen the Nomad? Maybe you've seen his magic. Or maybe you've seen his little critter friends brought to life and then this little rock walked past you on stick legs, waving with his little stick arms. No? Maybe you need to watch Nomad of Nowhere, then. This is a legit PopSocket (The RT store does sell many variants of these) with your very own pet rock on it. It's quite cute and the art style is perfect for the size. Now you don't need to lean your phone on a rock to prop it up, just stick this on and pop till you drop. You might drop, but it'll still be standing.

      One of the most recognisable characters of RWBY is Velvet Scarlatina, who is based on the Velveteen Rabbit. She first appeared as a poor bullying victim, being teased for having some big-ass rabbit ears, and became a fan favourite (maybe it's that fair dinkum Aussie accent provided by Caiti Ward?). She was originally only meant to appear twice, but was incorporated into the cast - Monty then asked the community to design her a combat outfit, and a lot of people stepped up. The final design was tweaked but still, the artists of the community loved the opportunity. Anyway, she's honoured here with her very own shirt. While the skirt silhouette indicates she's in school uniform, it's still obviously a very Velvet design that I think matches her personality well. The shirt is a chocolately brown and I definitely wore it for Easter.

      And lads but not least (see what I did there)...we have a special Double Gold exclusive Achievement Hunter blind box minifigure. It's a toy, but not a chew toy, if you want it to stay in shape! The blind boxes sold in the RT Store are inclusive of the whole of AH, while these boxes were only inclusive of the Lads (Michael, Gavin or Jeremy) and are especially gold. At first, I was a little miffed that my box was damaged; a hole in the very center front. Then I realised it was quite a beak shaped hole...I was hoping for Gavin, and whaddya know, his nose poked a hole in the box in transit. gavin



      You can see the little poked hole right by the tip of his shnoz!

      Woof, what a box. Rounding up the herd in a neat little package...


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

      My March RT Box just hit Sydney yesterday, so I expect it'll arrive on Monday (that's 3 days from now), just to let you know. That review is not slated to be done right away to alleviate the time between it and the new quarterly box, but I will also be doing the 2017 roundup post as well so those two should be spaced between the quarterly 'season 1' box.

      See you soon for the last monthly box, get excited! They've said it's worth the wait!

    • The new RT Box is available now!

      1 year ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold



      Anyway, since I somehow got unsubscribed from the Double Gold mailing list I didn't receive the apparent discount code for it either, so I didn't even get a reminder to sign up. I only saw there was a code on twitter which isn't even that easy to find when you're in a different timezone and don't go over every damn tweet on your timeline.

      This launch doesn't seem to be going very smoothly but I'll get over it if I can sign up + get my discount before it's out of stock.

      We're in limbo right now with this. I won't receive a response for hours since I'm in the evening (yep it took me that long to remember this was today) and it's the middle of the night for RT staff.


      So I haven't gotten any replies to my emails yet again, and it's now probably around midnight for the staff. I assume according to the community post about the box that they're dealing with a lot of requests regarding people jumping the gun and getting shipping charged or not getting codes. Chelsea has said all codes will be honoured so I've signed up and gotten my box (as you can see I even have little silver medal [it's now] two gold stars on my profile now).

      March's box hasn't shipped yet and won't for probably a week, but we'll see.

      Update on the update:

      Got a reply saying a discount would be applied. The email said 15% but apparently the discount was fifteen dollars, we will see what I receive back in 2-14 working days lel.

      Prepare your butts for February and March RT Box reviews and eventually a post around...June, I predict.

    • RT Box January 2018 Impressions

      1 year ago

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      Greetings, folks. It's almost April but we're still lagging behind on the last three monthly RT Box reviews.

      Well, that's my fault, on the most part. I've been quite busy lately, but January and February's box have already arrived. They weren't that far apart but let's say I've had them both for at least a month? March hasn't shipped yet so I will stagger February's post appropriately between this and the last one.

      Anyway, since you've been waiting this long, let's get right into it.

      January's RT Box is breakfast themed, coming from the ever British Brit boi, Gavin Free! gavin

      Let me start off by saying I absolutely love the card/sticker art for this one. It's a really great cereal box parody. It's a wonderful design, really colourful and it just...pops. Have a look! (SORRY THE PICS ARE STILL SIDEWAYS)


      What's in the cereal box?

      - one 'Barb's Diner'/Always Open inspired shirt (black)

      - one Rooster Teeth cereal sticker

      - one RT Pancake Podcast pin (delicious)

      - one Camp Camp Quartermaster inspired oven mitt (black)

      - one RWBY Team CFVY mug (black and red)

      - one Camp Camp 'Cameron Campbell' collectible minifigure (in the Double Gold Exclusive Campe Diem Gold)

      - #12 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring Million Dollars, But... (about 20% were signed by people that make MDB)

      First up, the Barb's Diner shirt is very 70's, to go with Barbara's Always Open show (the set of which is a yellow-themed diner, if you're unaware). It even says always open just for shits and gigs. The rollerskates and the dress really sell it. It's another lightweight cotton shirt, which is the regular choice of shirts I've found. Comfy.


      The sticker is the same art as the greeting card, but the whole thing is a few shades darker. Probably due to the different mediums of printing, but it still looks fabulous. As it's cereal box art, Gavin's distaste for cereal (which I share, in case you missed it) is apparent. This sticker won't ever get soggy in milk. I love the little grumpy Gus and the chit chat toy (not actually included), too. Really cool.


      As Shrove Tuesday was a thing, a pancake pin was included. The RT Podcast does a pancake special for that, which is Gav's favourite, so this pin is to celebrate it. It's simple, but effective.


      Continuing on with the food related items, there's an oven mitt to prevent hand burnage while making breakfast (or anything, really). It's a pretty smart design when you think about it, and I'd have to bet that ol' Quartermaster would be impressed. It's printed fabric on the front and stiff heatproof spongeness on the back. I tested it, by the way, my little fingertips were fine!


      You could even hold this mug with it, if you wanted extra protection. Team Coffee (stylised in the RWBY fashion as CFVY) would approve of this mug. It's weighty and the right volume, with a matte finish, and the print has that shiny smooth thing going on. It's got CFVY on one side and the RWBY logo RT seems to put on certain apparel on the other.


      We also have another Camp Camp vinyl figure! This time it's the elusive and mysterious owner of Camp Campbell, Cameron Campbell. He's majestically posed on a rock, looking as smug as ever, and as gold as ever! This exclusive variant shows off his thirst for wealth nature, I think. Get it, nature? HEH. Unfortunately mine looks a little damaged on his left chest area but it's not that obvious. He's about twice the size of the Max figure, true to the show. Gav told us to consider this the prize from the cereal box. How lucky!


      And how could we forget the last card of the first season of Rooster Teeth Gold Cards? I again missed out on a signature, awMillion Dollars, But... director Blaine Gibson is here to fulfill any fantasies about his body as he lies atop a pile of cash, most likely a million dollars. blaine It sure is...artistic.


      This one scores a ten in deception, one million in dollars, and one in buts. How fitting. What would you do for a million dollars?

      Hey, my cereal box is empty. Looks like there's nothing left to show except the spoils of the past (the spoiled part being soggy cereal, yuck).


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that. There is 100% spoilers of the Feb box since all those pictures have already been uploaded, so...either look, or don't look!

      Look out for February's box sometime soon, that is, when they send out the March box...

      I know exactly what's in Feb's and I can say it was pretty pleasing. Let's just say, I hope you like animals...can't wait to see what the last one has in store.

      Catch ya on the flip side.

    • RT Box December 2017 Impressions

      1 year ago

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      Well hey! Fancy seeing you here.

      Wrapping up 2017 two months late is December's RT Box that landed in front of my face just yesterday. Talk about delayed! Better not waste anymore time, right? Except that January's box hasn't shipped anyway, so we're just continually falling further behind...

      To make matters worse (for me), the box's theme is ICE COLD. And it's bloody warm here, so, it's sufficiently melted. Maybe because it's from our hotheaded friend Michael Jones? michael

      Just kidding, nothing is meltable. It's just a theme. What kind of things do we consider appropriate for the theme of ICE COLD?

      - one long sleeve Rooster Teeth shirt (white; black and red print)

      - one Achievement Hunter sphere ice mold (green)

      - one RWBY Weiss Schnee papercraft (...white)

      - one Camp Camp 'Max' collectible minifigure (in the Double Gold Exclusive Lake Lilac Ice Blue)

      - one Fallout Burnie Burns pin (blue/yellow)

      - #11 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring The Know (about 20% were signed by those know-it-alls)

      So, all but a few pictures ended up sideways. It's bloody annoying I'll tell ya. But, the shirt pictures turned out fine, so, that's great because I love the shirt design.

      For the FIRST TIME EVER the shirt is printed on BOTH SIDES. Amazing. I knew they could do it.

      The front has a little chattering teeth ala the Rooster Teeth logo with a few Rooster feathers underneath it.


      And the back brings those feathers into context with its abundance of Roosters! So clean and eye-catching, especially with the red. This is 100% cotton and it feels like its well suited to keep you warm in Winter, especially with those long sleeves! Look at all those...look at all those CHICKENS.


      Moving on to something really ice cold, we've got an ice mold that's round...all around. The picture isn't really annoying when turned sideways because it's a circle and a box.


      Speaking of, it came in a box. Nice. This is made of silicon and has the AH logo printed on in black - I wonder if it'll come off. Probably not. There's a hole on the top half to make sure it's filled all the way, I guess? And each half interlocks with each other, so no water leakage (I should have tested that...). It's for whiskey. Michael likes to make frozen balls while his own balls are frozen and drop his frozen balls in his whiskey. My mother asked me why they'd give us a whiskey ice-mold, and, I said one word. Alcoholics. Don't tell them I said that, though. 

      From ice cold to Weiss cold, there's the final piece to the RWBY papercraft puzzle, Weiss Schnee, the Ice/Snow Queen herself, in box-form (Michael made sure to mention he's partial to Ruby. Very well done, there). She even came with her ponytail on the side, but then I realised that I wish the Yang one had her little cowlick. I didn't rip this one at all! I learned. 1/4 ain't bad. Now I have the team back together, just like the real thing. Box heads galore. My dad used to 'affectionately' refer to me as box-head. I don't know why. I should have seen our terrible relationship coming a long time ago! Ha. Hah. Welp, that is sad but it also goes great with Weiss because her dad is also an asshole!

      Now, let's see, Camp Camp? Max? That's Michael. But he's not just cool, he's ice cold, because the colour is literally called Ice Blue. Lake Lilac (that resides in Camp Campbell, obviously) Ice Blue. And boy, is he fucking BLUE. Look at this little shit.


      All 3D and stuff. You're from 2D animation, son! But he's quite nice to look at - metallic almost. Otherwise, nothing special, he's the same ol' Max. But this colour was exclusive so, suck on that, losers.

      And now, because one Fallout parody pin wasn't enough, we've got another founding father. Burnie Burns, everyone! burnie He's ready for the nuclear winter with his trusty camera and he's looking particularly pleased so I'm not sure if he understands how much of a shithole he's going to be living in. If he lives at all. Oh, well, you and the Geoff pin can be fallout buddies. And then there's Gus, to the side, naked. Cheese definitely would survive a nuclear bomb. I'm adding the picture because otherwise you probably won't see the detail unless you go look for yourself, and who knows how lazy all of you are?


      And lastly! The Double Gold card finally presents to us The Know. Adam, Ashley, Ben, Gus, Jon, Kdin, Mica...and that's about all I know of that work there. My bad to the rest of the crew! And guess what? I didn't get a signed one again! But this one turned out the right way up! It knows what its doing! I'll stop with the jokes now. I like the art here, the colour scheme really pops. Plus, it accurately depicts the giant that is Adam.


      What are The Know's scores? Well, they work quickly and efficiently to bring you the news, as best as they possibly can, even though they're a little clickbait-ey. They score a nine on speed, a ten on intelligence and a whopping ninety-nine on comments section because have you seen the YouTube comments section on their stuff? It's just timestamps, console wars, and compliments to Ashley and Mica and weird things about Gus.

      Turns out I actually posted pictures of most of the stuff, but have another look anyway, because I went to the effort of taking the photo.


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

      Just a little reminder if you haven't seen, but, the monthly RT Boxes are being phased out soon. March will be the last monthly box, and so once that has arrived, I'll do a huge roundup of everything I received since January 2017 - March 2018. From March onwards, the boxes will be bigger and better and come quarterly I will adjust my posts accordingly to that.

      Toodles! See you probably next month when January's box inevitably arrives late!

    • RT Box November 2017 Impressions

      1 year ago

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      Two months later than it should have been (partially not my fault), I bring you the November RT Box post!

      This is a holiday themed box from everyone's favourite Punkelman. 'Ho, ho, ho, y'all' - Barbara  barbara The greeting card is quite a sight, with its dick-woven stocking. Lovely, festive.

      I apologise in advance, and once again, that my pictures are literally all uploaded sideways. I don't know any workaround for this, perhaps the new site will improve on this system? We can hope.

      What's in your holiday gift box? Upon opening much after Christmas, there was:

      - one Loopy Lupe shatterproof ornament (white)

      - one RWBY Ruby Rose papercraft (red)

      - one Stage 5 ribbed knit beanie (grey)

      - one RTAA Christmas Snail Assassin pin (red, white and snail)

      - one special Rooster Teeth cookbook 'Bon Appéteeth'

      - one Lazer Team 2 theatrical poster holographic sticker (rainbow, shiny)

      - #10 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring the RT Podcast

      Now, I also apologise that I forgot to take a picture of the shiny-ass sticker I got, but, it probably would have been a nightmare to take a good photo of. I promise it will be in the round-up post for the RT Boxes that I will do...after March, I think. I'll tell you more about this in the December box post.


      Loopy Lupe. What have I got to say about this motherfucker? Everyone's got a soft spot for Geoff (right?...right?) except some people that don't want this little guy on their videos when they pay for no ads. That's not the topic, though, so. He's mostly likable to me. Now, you can get him for yourself, one time a year, with this unbreakable (as Barb says) ornament. Lupe is unbreakable, with that little bit of Geoff Ramsey spirit.

      Following the RWBY papercrafts of Yang and Blake in the previous months, Ruby is now here in her box-like glory. She's red, she's box-like, she's...paper! This is the only one of the girls that I can take seriously with the ecstatic face. Well, maybe Yang too. But the others...not really. Still, she only got ripped a tiny bit by my raging clumsiness, and she most definitely didn't end up on the floor after I got back from a week's absence. No, really, she didn't. Blake and Yang on the other hand, were not that lucky (it's the fall of Beacon all over again!).

      Here's the third clothing item out of every box (excluding the RTX ones if they had anything head-related). It's another beanie, and it's ribbed knit for maximum cosiness. It's got a big red 5 on the front stitched right on there and it's a little small for the purpose of keeping your whole head warm. But it's still there, on your head, like a good beanie should be. I like the colour, it's very...wintery. Except it doesn't snow here, so, fuck this.

      Bringing back a classic, we have the Snail Assassin (he'll kill you...eventually) from RTAA. Except now, he's got a fuckin' SANTA HAT! It's like that Malibu Stacey episode of the Simpsons but now she has a hat oh my fucking god. In all seriousness, though, it's cute. All I want for Christmas is murder. Shiny!

      Lemme just whip out my chef's hat, because hats are so on theme right now. Ta-da! Cookbook! From the staff at Rooster Teeth, you can now experience the joy of cooking their contributed recipes ranging from appetizers, sides, entrees, desserts and drinks. Some of the recipes in here, be warned, are not meant for real cooking. Chris Demarais, I'm looking at you and your fucking fish + dressing shit. We all wonder how he's alive, that shit is nasty.

      The sticker is a trip. Lazer Team was a trip, and now it's a trip in SPACE! There's not much to say but it's the theatrical poster, but smaller, shinier, and 100% more psychedelic.

      And last but not least, #10 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards. This did not mention anything about a percentage being signed, but if they were, I didn't get one again! Wah. This one's titled RT Holidays and features a cute little scene wherein the main RT Podcast crew are sliding down a snowy slope on a sled (alliteration!) while they toss Gavin off. But don't worry, Gav, if you run down a mountain you won't die, or something. Nice. They rate nine in Joy, ten in Love, and a nice round zero in Peace. Never a dull moment with the squawks of Gavin Free, everybody!

      There's always a little bit of an upside with the pictures, because the group photo always seems to upload in the correct orientation. Huzzah!


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

      Comin' right up (may or may not be right up) is the December Box that just arrived today!

    • The new RT site BETA

      1 year ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold


      I was recently invited to join the beta testing for the new RT site. Is anyone else on it?

      I'm not sure how I like the layout. I like the shows tab as it is, and it's been replaced by a channel and series tab respectively and everything from RT and the Let's Play family is all on the one site. I am not sure if that's changing but you can filter through things. Still, it's probably just a getting used to it thing. There's also a permanent display of merchandise, even on a video. Underneath the video is an up next section, then under that is a 'gear' section (and together they almost take up a whole screen for me [I'm at 1920x1080]), and then the comment section is last.

      The video player on the regular site hasn't been giving me that much trouble (and I don't know if I can account it to my bad internet speed at home or what). With a better download speed available to me for the next week at least (hey, 30mbps is way better than 3), I should be able to determine whether the player is improved. The only noticeable thing with it is that the timestamp of the video is displayed to the right of the play button (eg. 2:45 / 45:00) and when you scroll down to the comments the video pops up in the bottom right-hand corner (it's very small).

      It's really lonely there since I don't think the comment section works (it didn't work when I tried to post a comment last time).

      A big hmmmmmmmm from me.

      Edit: I've bee asked for some screengrabs. Here you go!

      Rooster Teeth Homepage

      This is the homepage as it stands. The most recent video will display here (on the mobile site it's tiny in comparison). The top right has a feedback button, then notifications (I don't think they work) and your profile picture. Clicking on the profile pic simply redirects to the homepage. The menu on the left is collapsible.


      Home page (cont.)

      Here is the homepage as you scroll past the most recent video. There is the recent videos section which is not limited to any specific series first, then the gear sections. Each of these little sections has a scroll to the right to find more videos in that series. Series list is: Recent, Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Game Attack, The Know, FIRST series, FIRST videos, Animation, Comedy, Gaming, Behind the Scenes, Talk shows, and Science and how-to.


      Clicking on a series section on the homepage

      Here, I opened the RWBY series on the homepage from the RT series section. It opens its own little tab with the overview, episode (with a season selector), related links, and products. You can scroll to the right and left as you can with the other series sections.


      Clicking on the channels tab in the menu expands it to see all the channels we usually see at the top of the site

      When you click on a channel, you're taking to a sub-page that is laid out like the home page (but it's tailored to the channel).


      This is the channel homepage for Achievement Hunter

      The most recent video is at the top just like the homepage for RT. Below, there's recent videos you can immediately play. Then there's the latest gear to scroll through, then you have the Achievement Hunter series. This works like the homepage does, like the RWBY example. Each series has it's own little tab you can find the videos in. Underneath these three sections, all the series appear as they do on the RT homepage.


      If you click on the series tab on the menu, you're taken to a new sub-page

      Here you can see every series available. It has the sorting options on the right. Clicking on a series in this tab will open it with a summary, a latest episode watch button, and an episodes per season tab. There is also related series and gear sections.


      The new video player is not that different

      Here you see the video player. Note the timestamp in the bottom left next to the play button and volume. Otherwise, it's the same.


      Underneath the video player

      When you scroll past the video player's set position, it pops out into the bottom right of your screen and continues to play (with controls available). The title and summary of the video is followed by the up next and gear sections, the comments section last. The comments section is basically empty on all the videos right now. I don't like how big the thumbnails of the videos and gear sections are here.


      The search function

      When you click on the magnifying glass in the side menu, it takes you to a dedicated search page (it's full screen but it was just black since I didn't search anything). Here you can see the episodes and series filters.


    • November RT Box Impression Post delay

      1 year ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      Hi y'all,

      My RT Box for November did arrive early January. I put it off and now I'm kinda preoccupied tending to my Nan for a week as she had a fall. But I do have the pictures and can write up the post if I get around to it; sorry I haven't yet.

      In addition, I've not been notified of my December box being shipped yet. We'll see how that goes...

      Hope January is treating you well.

    • December Holiday Update (where's my RT Box impressions post?)

      1 year ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      Hey everyone,

      Xmas eve here in ol' down unda, and I'm about to break some ~news~.

      I would have gladly posted my impressions for November's RT Box, but I don't have it.

      My shipment was delayed until the 19th of December. Yeah, it's kind of outrageous, even in a busy time like December - because they usually ship RT Boxes by at least the end of the concurrent month. That's why I'm annoyed, because it shouldn't have been affected by the December rush. At least it exists, right?

      It's on its way, but with it sitting in Illinois, I highly doubt I'll receive it in 2017. December's RT Box is also looking to be delayed even with the message from the staff the they would try and improve the shipping times.

      Gotta say this is the most disappointed I've been with the RT Box service so far. Especially now that I'm paying the month by month fee, as there's no other option. Taking my 50 or so dollars promptly at the beginning of the month doesn't really feel justified when I ain't getting for the majority of what I paid for. Hopefully this improves and I definitely will be posting updates on that.

      On that sour note, let's move onto nicer things. My well wishes to y'all and your loved ones. I'm going to be trying to get through my disjointed family xmas tomorrow. Let's just say, er, it never really goes well.

      Here's to 2018 and I sincerely hope things begin to look up...globally.

      Thanks to everyone that's taking this weird review journey with me!

  • Comments (7)

    • DavidtheWavid

      2 years ago

      Hey, I've been wondering (And now I'm the only 2 comments on your profile), what's the story behind "((bird noises))"?

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Haha. One of my favourite Gavin moments. It's from let's play minecraft episode 129. Go to 58:07. :)

      • DavidtheWavid

        2 years ago

        Somehow took me until now to watch it sorry

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Haha, no problem. I personally have this weird fascination with the noises that Gavin makes (but I'm pretty sure a lot of others do too). They're hilarious  gavin-32.png

    • DavidtheWavid

      2 years ago

      Holy shit, oh my God, your hair is freaking awesome.

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Haha thank you! So is yours :) love the colour! Mine is very washed out now.

      • DavidtheWavid

        2 years ago

        Mine's been washed out twice since this pic. kind of a greenish purpleish swampy silver. I kinda like it.

  • Questions answered by gem_scheltema

    I wish I knew...I can't watch because 1. my family would kill me for watching a 24 hour stream (I would have been able to stay up 24 hours) because we have limited Internet and 2. because our Australian Internet is so crappy it probably wouldn't have worked anyway :(

    BUT I have been looking at all the tweets and Instagram stories (snapchat is having a hard time loading) and there's been a lot of amazing things!

    I think Michael and Lindsay announcing they're having a baby next year is a huge highlight for me and many others. It's literally an EXTRA LIFE!! They will be amazing parents! So many congratulations.


    Also the money raised never ceases to impress!!

    I will have to watch it on YouTube as somebody usually uploads it. That's how I saw last year's.

    I actually love guitars. I would have to say I'm definitely a fan of Fender's designs; to play and in general. I have a couple of favourites; the Telecaster (thinlines in particular), but I also really like the look of the Jazzmaster & Jaguar.

    I would agree with you about white Les Pauls. They look pretty sleek! Truthfully though, I'd probably struggle with their size and weight. Plus, I like Fender's standard scale length more. My Epiphone Firebird might look cool, but it's very heavy and hard for me to play.
    Thank you for an interesting question thumbsup