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    • Ch5: Leave

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      The field op had went well, if not conspicuously well. The CASF has managed to roll through the battlefield taking acceptable losses while the marines had been able to secure all of their landing objectives during their drop. Jack voices to his team that the op was in all reality a recruiting sham and a morale booster for the troops - and that the real trial was yet to come.

      Despite this, most of the troops were given two weeks of leave on mars.

      >>Censored/NOI , Raider Barracks<<

      Two figures approach the duty hut and the bored corporal immediately stands up, not like his usual nonchalance.

      One flashes a badge, “We are looking for a Corporal Royal.”

      The duty stumbles over his answer but he nods, and escorts them down to level 14.


      There’s a knock on the door and I open it, facing two expressionless faces in clean black suits, and I immediately know what game is being played. The business woman says flatly, “The fall is a lovely time for Golden Eagles.”

      I nod, “Do Golden Eagles eventually come home?”

      “It depends on the summer that follows.”

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    • CH4; New and Old

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      A few weeks had passed since we had left Arcandia and returned to Mars. Ashe had a robot finger implanted and all of us had our ears worked on to re establish full hearing. Unfortunately Clair’s leg was shattered rendering our medic unfit for combat. She was to be sent to Earth for extensive reconstruction on her right leg.

      Dozens of Raiders and Marines had come back with us and new Cadets had come for training from other worlds. Most the Arcandia returnees had taken to camping out in the 10th floor of the barracks, drinking and eating, and healing their injuries.

      Word was that we’d be receiving and integrating a new Naval Special Warfare Medic - one who’d just recently graduated. In addition, I’d be training to specialize in interrogation means. If all went well, we’d be returning to Arcandia in the next push to crush the underground military bases which had remained a thorn in the CASF’s side.

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    • CH3 First Drop

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      Since the beginning of the Second Space Race, over 200 years ago, , the Democratic United Nations have been in an arms and colonial race against thier counterpart - the Socialist Confederacy. With hundreds of planets now existing, and various contested solar systems and strategic locations, the problems only grow increasingly bitter. 

      With the already existing war between Russian Colonies and the French Colonies, who are in equal part backed by thier homeworld countries, the problem had grown increasingly out of hand as various other proxies had joined the war. Soon afterwards, the Germans were discovvered to be supplying rogue raiders to pick on both sides weakened protection lines in order to grow thier own colonies and make grater claims. This revelation then led to the french declaration of war on the germans. The Russias, already on a defensive war opted in secret with the germans for a white peace in order to focus on destroying the french. This led to the U.S. to begin supplying warships and weapons to the french. In secrecy, the U.S. had also begun to send volunteers and undeclared weaponry as well.

      With the USCS Lanaika sunk, the investigation concluded that a Russian Stealth Destroyer had torpedoed the ship in cold blood. The Russians in turn, accused the U.S. of illegal weapons shipments and mercenary traffiking. Russia immediately declared war on the U.S. Within a week, almost all countries had taken sides in the war, leading to the entire known galaxy being upended into war. Despite this, Earth, according to the Heritage System Accord, could not be involved in any way of fueling the war due to the risk of annihilating all life on earth.

      Now the entire known world sits quietly as the pieces begin to fall in place for what is anticipated to be the bloodiest war of mankinds known history. 

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    • CH2: Castle Red Rivalry

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      Soon we are offloading at the Castle Red Naval Port - a golliath space port make of iron and concrete towers and massive fortified hangars. Huge railguns and rocket batteries stand on towers and the entire sky is red with mars dust. The world had mass anchors built and was then semi-teraformed to be breathable. 

      On one side of the reception, a open top wheeled combat transport sits with some enlisted sergeants waiting by. Thier utility unfiroms are desert camoflage, but they wear the coveted skull pin on thier chest pocket. One points me out.

      Ëy, fuckin boots, over here."

      Before me, the other two beat me there and I fall in next to them. The snarled glare of the sergeant faces down to the first cadet, "Who the fuck are you, ugly?"

      "I-I'm Cadet Corporal Klein, Sergeant."

      "Good, I guess you just studder at me now, empty your pockets.'" He looks at the other Sergeant who grins evilly.

      "Studder boy he sneers, "Start pushing."

      The first sergeant stops at me now, "Open. Your. Fucking. Mouth."

      "Cadet Corporal Royal, reporting as ordered!" I throw a salute and he sneers.

      "I'll be waiting to fuck you up next. I hate you all. Welcome to hell."

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    • Forgotten: CH 1 The sinking of the USCS Lanaika

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      The orders they'd given me told me to travel to the mother world- the legendary Earth, to further my training with the MCC program. News every day reads more into the growing tensions in the fringe systems and the wargames that the capital fleets. Luckily, they posted a few of the MCC cadets with me in the first class seating so I'm not entirely alone. 

      In the public class, the Space Force Draftees were being held. I saw them gambling outside the shuttle terminals and fighting for window seating as I walked past. Is this what the armed forces have come to? It's differant than the words that the Marine Academy said - that our history was filled with upstanding traditions and courageous heros. I always figured it was propaganda, but I guess i never thought of our defensive forces as being... that. Perhaps training will make them better people. They say it turns peoples lives around. 

      Outside, the mining colony glimmers in the twilight of the darkened side of the planet resting in night time.

      There was rumors that Neo Axis corvettes had infiltrated the radar systems and the though makes me twinge with anxiety. Our ship would be a sitting duck. With my civilian space suit, i slip my helmet into its locking seal and and close the glass visor. I feel almost ridiculous but, it's better than dead. 

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    • Forgotten: Character Thread

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      Physical appearance:





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    • Big Mountain - The Beginning

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      Amber Raven - Ballistics Lab, Manufacturing and Procurement Lead


      Big Mountain Commisary Food Court, Higgs Village

      I sit by myself reading this months issue of Programmer Digest - detailing our work and some interviews from BM's PR team. Around me, lanky scientists and old men shuffle about with thier food and mentat spiked nuka colas.

      I sigh, Another day in Big Mountain. Hopefullt tomorrows ballistic test on the stealth suit goes well.

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    • Echo - Places Forgotten

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      Its been 20 years since the birus broke out and decimated humanity, and its been a few years since it was exterminated from earth.

      That was the idea at least. CEC reports note that a select few numbers of  outbreaks have occurred since the end, primarily in africa and central asia where the gas campaigns where the sparsest. Due to the fact that humanity is now spread apart and most communities rank in the lower thousands, The outbreaks are extinguished rapidly 

      The CEC is prospecting Istanbul as a new garrison, the causeway into isolated africa. 



      I sit facing over the decaying city skyline from the office of CEC intelligence. The phone rings.


      Rin:  "hey its Rin, we have a assignment, we are emailing you the details."

      (ill post more in a few minutes)

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    • The Assassins Guild Part One - Weapons for War

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      Location: Eniram Port, Occupied Fanada

      The Coffee Shop (Fanadan Resistance Movement staging point)

      I sit waiting in the empty coffee house minus a bored looking barista and gruff old man who both sit behind the serving bar. The evening sun sits low casting god beams of golden light into the wooden lounge. My acquaintance should be showing anytime i think to myself. 

      He'd be giving me the shipment ledger and guard roster in return for the payment i carried with me. 

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    • The Assassins Guild: Character Sheet

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      Physical Description
      Height :

      Home Residence:

      Personality type: 
      Political Preference:

      Worn clothing/uniform: 


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