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      13 years ago


      Three important rules for breaking up -
      Don't put off breaking up when you know you want to
      Delaying the situation only makes it worse.
      Tell him honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly...
      Don't make a big production
      Don't make up an elaborate story
      Just to help you avoid a big tear jerking scene
      If you want to date other people, say so
      Be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected
      Even if you've gone together for only a short time, and haven't been too serious
      There's still a feeling of rejection when someone says she prefers the company of others to your exclusive company
      But if you're honest and direct,
      And avoid making a flowery emotional speech when you break the news
      The boy will respect you for your frankness
      And honestly, he'll appreciate the kind of straightforward manner in which you told him your decision
      Unless he's a real jerk, or a cry baby, you'll remain friends...

      I'm head of the class (I'm popular)
      I'm a quarterback (I'm popular)
      My mom says I'm a catch (I'm popular)
      I'm never last picked
      I got a cheerleading chick

      Being attractive is the most important thing there is
      If you want to catch the biggest fish in your pond you have to be as attractive as possible.
      Make sure to keep your hair spotless and clean...
      Wash it at least every two weeks.
      Once every two weeks
      And if you see Johnny Football Hero in the hall,
      Tell him he played a great game-
      Tell him you liked his article in the newspaper.

      I'm the party star (I'm popular)
      I've got my own car (I'm popular)
      I'll never get caught (I'm popular)
      I make football bets
      I'm the teacher's pet

      I purpose we support a one month limit on going steady.
      I think it would keep people more able to deal with wierd situations and get to know more people.
      I think if you're ready to go out with Johnny, nows the time to tell him about your one month limit...
      He won't mind, he'll appreciate your fresh look on dating
      And once you've dated someone else, you can date him again.
      I'm sure he'll like it,
      Everyone will appreciate it...
      You're so novel,
      What a good idea!
      You can keep your time to yourself,
      You don't need date insurance
      You can go out with whoever you want to
      Every boy,
      Every boy in the whole world could be yours
      If you'll just listen to my plan...

      I'm head of the class (I'm popular)
      I'm the quarterback (I'm popular)
      My mom says I'm a catch (I'm popular)
      I'm never last picked
      I got a cheerleading chick

      I'm the party star (I'm popular)
      I've got my own car (I'm popular)
      I'll never get caught (I'm popular)
      I'm the teacher's pet
      I make football bets

      This is seriously the greatest song... ever.

    • You're super.

      13 years ago


      You're super.
      You really are.
      Just like your tee-ball trophy says,
      You've come so far...
      It's just a matter of a little time
      Before you've got the job, the tots, the pretty wife...

      The postman waves,
      The cashier smiles,
      The boss is glad
      You please the clients
      You take a bow,
      The crowds all cheer
      It took a lot of super stuff to get you here.

      You're super,
      You really are.
      You'll talk the meter maids out of the parking fines
      You'll read the paper,
      You'll sip your mug
      While little Bob and Janie stay between the lines

      The postman waves,
      The cashier smiles,
      Your boss is glad,
      You meet deadlines
      You take a bow,
      The crowds all cheer.
      It took a lot of super stuff to get you here...
      To get you here.

      Super is a very good song.
      I like Say Hi To Your Mom. A lot.
      I bet you would too, if you listened to them.
      Because they sure know how to be fantastic.

      I like when songs are sarcastic.
      I like when songs are mean.
      I like songs like "Popular" by Nada Surf.
      That song rules my life.
      I also like "And Repeat" by Mellowdrone.
      That song also rules my life.
      Because they're both sarcastic.
      And very, very fantastic.

      Do you know any sarcastic and mean songs?
      If so, I'd love if you were to recommend them to me.
      That would make me very happy.
      I love when people recommend songs to me.

      I sure did watch some movies yesterday.
      It was pretty intense.
      I kicked things off with Zoolander,
      Then I watched Office Space.
      Election came next,
      And after that I really wanted to watch Titanic.
      But I couldn't find it.
      So I watched Mean Girls.
      And when I was done with that,
      I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
      And then when that was over, well...
      It was 11:30-ish.
      And we all know what that means.
      Family Guy.
      I sure like to watch Family Guy.
      So, you know, I did.
      I guess I could've watched some more movies after Family Guy.
      But I was too busy being upset about Conan not being on because of the Olympics.
      What the hell?
      I get the week off of school,
      Meaning I can actually watch some Conesy.
      But nooo.
      The Olympics have to deprive me of C-Dawg O'Brizzle.
      That is not very nice.
      I was upset.
      And then at one point I just went to bed.
      I think it was three.

      Today I got up though.
      And I watched The Wrong Guy.
      And let me tell you, that movie... Is incredible.
      It's also my favorite movie to quote.
      Because it's sooo grand.
      And I love it.
      And if you haven't seen it...
      You should.
      Because it's the best movie ever.

    • MOVIE DAY!

      13 years ago


      So, I'm home alone tonight, which basically means I can actually watch TV downstairs.
      Because when other people are home, I can't chose what I want to watch and all that jazz.
      Sister can, sure. But I can't.
      So, being home alone, as I am, I have decided to have a movie marathon of sorts.
      Because there's never anything good on TV, anyway.

      If you want to chat, call the cell, or IM me, I'll probably be at the computer a lot, too.

      And if you care, I will more than likely be watching the following films:

      Office Space
      Ferris Bueller's Day Off
      Mean Girls

      And of course, there's the possibility of watching Glory, and Titanic, if I feel like switching genres. And maybe Elf, and Finding Nemo, and Shrek 2, seeing as how I own those, too.
      So yeah. This is pretty much going to rule.

    • I hate subject lines.

      13 years ago


      I am no longer the only junior in Mr. Murphy's 6th period English Gemini class.
      You might not know the story...
      Let me enlighten you.
      You see, the 6th period English Gemini class has a long history of gaining and losing students.
      Except that, for the most part that history was in losing them.
      We began the year with about 10 students.
      A small class, yes, especially compared to the other Gemini course.
      But at least at the time, I wasn't the only junior in the class.
      But time passed, and kids dropped out, or switched periods, and eventually there were seven of us.
      I still wasn't the only junior, though.
      There was one other girl, Liz Cormier, who, while I'm not very fond of, was still a junior.
      And even though she's kind of an idiot a lot of the time, it's pretty funny, how dumb she is.
      So it was all fine and dandy.
      We had our side of the room, and the seniors had theirs.
      But eventually, Liz switched periods for some reason, and I was at last the only junior in the class.
      I sat on my own side of the room all alone,
      And even though that sounds awful, it actually wasn't that bad.
      I was still a lot better at English than a lot of the kids in the class.
      And it was okay.
      But on Tuesday or something, Liz came up to me in the hall and said that she's coming back to 6th period.
      And it was pretty exciting for me.
      Because I was pretty sick of sitting alone and not talking to anyone.
      So, yeah. That's that.

      In other news, last night we went to see Rent.
      And I had no problem with the movie itself.
      It was just the theater we were in.
      It was a tiny theater.
      And people are idiots.
      Who make me want to shoot myself in the face.
      And my sister thinks it's funny that I <3 M-Brod.
      That wasn't entirely relevant.
      Except that when there was a preview for The Producers...
      She made fun of me.
      A lot.
      And then proceeded to eat all the nachos.
      Well, the rest of the nachos.
      Granted, technically they were her nachos.
      Still. Sharing is nice.
      But the joke's on her...
      I wasn't that hungry to begin with.

      And today.
      Well. I'm doing nothing.
      Except for going upstairs in a minute.
      But that's about it.
      Maybe I'll watch NewsRadio.
      That show tends to rule my life.

    • Homeward Bound.

      13 years ago


      Homeward Bound is a very depressing movie.

      But it pretty much rocks my world.

    • Don't stop... believing!

      13 years ago


      So. I have things to discuss.
      Excited much?
      You know you are.
      Alright then.
      Here we go.

      First of all, Valentine's Day.
      I covered that last entry.
      But I didn't mention how I had to watch Ethan Frome later that night.
      That is not a good film.
      But Playboy gave it 3 1/2 stars.
      I know because it's on the case.
      But yeah. I watched that sucker.
      For English.
      Because I had to write an essay on it.
      And I did do that.
      And it was the best essay ever.

      However, seeing as how Valentine's Day was so fantastic for me,
      Of course the day after had to be miserable.
      And oh, was it miserable.
      First period I found out I had to work with Nicole Maylin on the Chemistry partner quiz.
      I do not like that girl.
      And apparently she hates me.
      Not that I care.
      Because I don't like her, either.
      But I didn't want to say anything to Mrs. Blakey, because Nicole was in the room and all.
      So. Not only was I going to have to work with a moron...
      I had to learn Chemistry by 4th period.
      Because I had been out sick for 4 days.
      And I didn't know Chemistry.

      The day proceeded to suck,
      Although it picked up a little bit 3rd period.
      Because I had study hall.
      And Casey helped me learn Chemistry.

      And then 4th period, was the quiz.
      Well, Nicole was obviously upset about having to work with me.
      Which makes no sense in my mind,
      Because, really. I had to work with her.
      But anyway. We started the quiz...
      And she proceeded not to talk to me through the majority of it.
      Until we reached the last page, and she didn't know the answer to something.
      Then it was okay for her to talk to me.
      She's a bitch, and I hate her a lot.

      The day continued to suck, and eventually it ended, schoolwise, and I went home.

      When I got home, I tried cheering myself up.
      I did my homework, and then I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
      Because that movie makes me happy.
      And also, it brings me M-Brod.
      And that makes me happy, too.
      And I was pretty happy.

      Today was much better.
      We played some twisted form of dodge ball in gym.
      There were bowling pins involved.
      Sadly, it wasn't nearly as fulfilling as Capture the Flag had been.
      Because Capture the Flag rules my life.
      And I wish I could play it all day.
      Every day.
      Then I would be a permenantly happy camper.
      For the rest of my days.
      But this new game wasn't all bad.
      I especially enjoyed the moment in which there was only one pin left on our side.
      And we were all so determined not to let the other team knock it down.
      So basically the whole team would gather around it in defense.
      Quite the strategy, I must say.

      Also, in math it was movie day.
      So we finished that movie we had been seeing.
      And it was pretty fun.
      Because we broke out the popcorn.
      And had some times.
      I like movie day in math.
      Thursday and Friday.
      It makes me happy.
      Because it doesn't involve math.
      Tomorrow we're playing golf, though.
      Which is also fun.
      Because it's also not math.

      When I got home, we went to eat at Charlie's.
      And that restaurant is pretty de-lic-ious.
      So, I'm pretty satisfied.
      Also, I intend to watch Glory in a minute.
      Because I like that movie.
      And I don't have any homework.
      And that film also brings the M-Brod.
      So. Yeah.
      Good times.

    • Let's put the X in SEX!

      13 years ago


      So. It's Valentines Day.
      M-Brod and I have done it a little bit.
      Because that's what you do on Valentines Day.
      You have hot sex with your lovahhh.

      Also, being Valentines Day and all, my contest happens to be over.
      So I've given out the freakin' mod points and let's just say I was feeling GENEROUS...
      Because I may have given EVERYONE five freakin' mod points.
      And that's three more than the originally planned two.
      I'm thinking that, when I have a few more mod points, maybe I'll do a round two of this puppy.
      Because those portraits sure did rock mah face.
      And everyone likes creativity.
      But that's not going to be until soon.
      So hold onto your trousers, silly.

      So. Today was neato.
      I handed out some of my super crappy valentines.
      People were impresses by them.
      I also got some SEXXXY valentines of my own.
      And a sucker from AMI!
      And Ami is mah frennn'.
      So I was all like, AW HELLS YEAH AMI.
      And proceeded to give her a crappy valentine courtesy of me.

      Other things happened, such as math class.
      Which is a neat class.
      Because a lot of the time we don't do things in it.
      We're supposed to.
      But that doesn't go over well.
      Yeah, it's exciting.

      And then, when I got home, I did M-Brod some more.
      And then I got on here, and, well, here we are.

      I know, I know...
      I'm so interesting.

    • Gloomy Sunday.

      13 years ago


      Sunday is gloomy, my hours are slumberless
      Dearest, the shadows I live with are numberless
      Little white flowers will never awaken you
      Not where the black coach of sorrow has taken you
      Angels have no thought of ever returning you
      Would they be angry if I thought of joining you?

      Gloomy Sunday...

      Sunday is gloomy, with shadows I spend it all
      My heart and I have decided to end it all
      Soon there'll be flowers and prayers that are sad, I know
      Let them not weep, let them know that I'm glad to go
      Death is no dream, for in death I'm caressing you
      With the last breath of my soul I'll be blessing you...

    • Let's talk about spaceships.

      13 years ago


      Alright. Here's the deal.
      The contest (and if you don't know about it yet, you will have to just click the link because seriously, I am not going through all that again...) OFFICIALLY ends on Tuesday, February 14th.
      Because that's Valentines Day.
      And it just seems fitting, you know?
      So you best hurry if you intend to enter.
      Unless you still want to enter afterwards.
      In that case, you'll only get a mod point for doing so.
      I don't care how much effort you put into it.
      You should enter on time if you care some much.

      Also, my plan to gain more mod points until the end of the contest seems to be working sort of, so be excited by that, I guess.
      Because it's not often that one of my plans actually works.

      In other news, I am going to see Chicken Little at 9:50 tonight.
      I do not care if I am still semi-sick.
      I have not left the house in a week.
      I'm bored.

      Say Hi To Your Mom are the best band ever.
      I'm listening to them right now.
      You're probably jealous.
      I can't really say I blame you.

      I redid my myspace.
      It's pretty sexual.

      This is going nowhere.

      I watched The Wrong Guy the other day.
      Well, kind of.
      I fell asleep at one point, on account of I'm sick.
      But I watched most of it.
      And wow. Is that ever a pointless movie.
      But it's sooo fantastic.
      And hilarious.
      And also, Dave Foley is in it.
      And that guy is pretty fun.
      That movie makes me chuckle.
      With glee.
      Or something.

      That is the most pointless journal entry I have ever made.
      I'm leaving now.

    • Contest Update!

      13 years ago


      Okay. So. I've decided that I'm not giving out the mod points until the contest is finished.
      Don't worry, if you enter, you'll get some mod points.
      But I just figure that if I wait until the contest ends to give them out, then maybe I'll be able to build up a few more mod points and it'll be easier to determine how much you'll get.
      Although, I'm thinking 2 for entering, and the possibility of 4 total, depending upon the time and effort it takes you.
      Remember, I don't really have a lot of mod points, so I can't exactly give out a lot, you know?
      But by waiting until the end, maybe I'll have a few more to waste.
      I know. You're excited.

      If you have no idea what I'm even talking about, read my last entry.
      Or just read the following.

      I'm having a "contest".
      But it's not really a contest, I guess.
      It's just a pointless thing that I am giving away mods for.
      Not a lot of mods.
      Probably 2-4 mod points, depending upon the effort.
      Or how generous I'm feeling.
      Mods will be given at the end, like I said, incase I get more.

      The requirements are that you make a portrait of myself and M-Brod.
      If you find yourself asking what an M-Brod is, I have two words for you: Matthew Broderick.
      Get it now?
      The fancier, the more likely you are to get more than 2 mod points.
      Although that might not be true.
      If you use photoshop and actual photos of us (which can be found in my image gallery and/or by searching google.. [well, for Broderick, that is.. You probably won't get a lot from googling me...]) I might be inclined to give you 5 mods.
      If I have enough, at least.
      Anything is acceptable.
      It can be computer generated or hand drawn.
      Whatever makes you happy.

      You can make as many portraits as you want, and you might get a few more mods for the effort.
      But I'm pretty sure there won't be more than five given out.
      Because I really have, like, none.

      Either post your entry in this journal, the last journal, or in my personal comments.
      The contest will end whenever I feel the need to end it.
      I'm not really sure when that will be.
      But it sure is bound to happen sometime.
      I promise.

      There is an example picture in my last entry.
      Incase you need it.

      By the way, if entries are deemed worthy enough, they might be printed and put in my locker.
      So make them nice, okay?
      Because that's a reward all in itself.
      And also. Have fun.

      P.S.: If you somehow got here randomly, don't be frightened. This isn't really something you'd understand if you don't know me. You can still enter. Just don't think I'm a psychopath, okay?

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