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    • More Bill Mauldin and Other News

      13 years ago


      I've uploaded 4 more Willy and Joe cartoons.

      For the record, if anybody's got a problem with this portrayal of American combat personnel in WII, you need to pull your head out of your ass. Mauldin was over there, on the front lines, and there's not a combat vet who didn't know, love, and respect Mauldin, or Willy & Joe. This is what your grandfather looked like if he was over there, unless he was a REMF (rear-echelon mother fucker). War's not pretty, and men getting shot at feel don't feel anything like heroes. They just want to come home. All of them.

      On the lighter side, I've finished drafting for the 2 fantasy baseball leagues I'm in. Here're the Rosters:
      RvB NL Only (7 teams):
      C: Damian Miller
      1B: Nomar Garciaparra
      2B: Jose Vidro
      3B: Scott Rolen
      SS: Jimmy Rollins
      LF: Pat Burrell
      CF: Aaron Rowand
      RF: Bobby Abreu
      Rotation: Pedro Martinez, Carlos Zambrano, Ben Sheets, Derek Lowe, Jon Lieber
      Bullpen: Derek Turnbow, Armando Benitez
      Bench: Jose Guillen, Mike Matheny, Ryan Madson, Arthur Rhodes, Aaron Harang

      RvB Full league (12 Teams):
      C: Michael Barrett
      1B: Albert Pujols
      2B: Brian Roberts
      3B: Eric Chavez
      SS: Jimmy Rollins
      LF: Pat Burrell
      CF: Milton Bradley
      RF: Jermaine Dye
      Rotation: Roy Halladay, Ben Sheets, Brett Myers, Jon Lieber, Brad Radke
      Bullpen: Eric Gagne, Derek Turnbow, Dean Riske, Mike MacDougal
      Bench: Garrett Anderson, Luis Castillo, Mike Lieberthal

    • And another rare journal entry....

      13 years ago


      For the record, I'm a horrible keeper of journals (once I got a diary as a birthday present and to this day I've never written anything in it).

      Well, one of my favorite shows, Battlestar Galactica, is off-air until October. I'll try not to go crazy but I doubt I'll succeed. For those who've never heard of it, it's on the SCI-FI channel Fridays @ 10PM, and it's a critic's favorite. Well worth watching.

      However, the Sopranos are officially BACK!!! Although only for 13 weeks, but hey, s'all good. Madon, I'm gonna have fun Sunday nights...

      Oh, and school work is killing me. Anything other questions?

    • New images up

      13 years ago


      Yeah I got bored with the old Godfather poster, so I picked up some of my favortie Willy and Joe cartoons. They're drawn by Bill Mauldin, arguably the most famous cartoon satirist since Thomas Nast.

      All 4 are from WWII (obviously). You'd have to know a bit about the GI mentality back then to really find them funny. The one about Fragrant Flowers for example makes fun of the Army's code words over the radio (which they still use). These cartoons were enormously popular among the troops because pretty much Mauldin was voicing their opinions about the war.

      The biggest thing that comes across from reading the cartoons and Mauldin's book Up Front is the healthy disrespect for authority he and many of the GI's exhibited. I guess ypu have to expect that when you have a draft. There's a great dislike for much of the officer class, and Mauldin drew many cartoons about it. For example, one cartoon has 2 officers looking over a scenic vista. One turns to the other and says "Beautiful view. Is there one for the enlisted men?"

      It makes me wonder how people would react if Mauldin was drawing cartoons about the Iraq war. His cartoons would be honest and from the enlisted man's point of view, not the officer corps. And they'd be factual, gritty, and humorous. But I'd bet my next paycheck that a helluva lot of people would roast him for it.

      You can check out info on Mauldin here

    • I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

      13 years ago


      Damn I've been gone awhile. Moving down to Baltimore and getting sorted out took what, 1.5 months, not to mention actually packing everything up and preparing (another 1.5 months).
      Let's see, I've been gone 3 months and:
      The Phils lose again
      2 Hurricanes hit
      The Iraq war gets worse
      Tom Delay gets indicted
      and so on and so on.

      If I didn't know better, I'd say my being around is necessary for the Republican party's health. Unfortunately for them, I'm also a die hard moderate.

    • Gaming companies you miss the most...

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      Over the past few years I've seen many great gaming houses fall by the wayside. Dynamix, Looking Glass Studios, Sierra, SSG, SSI, Broderbund, et. al. Which companies closure hurt you the most?

      For me, it was Dynamix. One hit after the other. Makers of Red Baron and Betrayal at Krondor. <Sigh>

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    • Another year has begun....

      14 years ago


      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Baseball season has opened again. Phils won their home opener for the first time since 1980 (a sign perhaps)? I AM psyched!!!!

      Of course, it would have been better if the f**&ing Yankees lost. God how I hate them (only because they win all the time).

    • I'm going to have to learn to love crab

      14 years ago


      Well I've sent the acceptance letter to Maryland so I'm committed there. Penn gave me my rejection letter yesterday (at least they told me I made it to committee).

      In other news, my fantasy baseball draft was yesterday, and I participated in it rather than watch SJU vs. USC in the NIT final (Hawks lost 57-60 on a frickin buzzer beater). I've got great pitching and an average lineup, here it is:

      Rotation: Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, Jon Lieber, Tom Glavine, Russ Ortiz
      Bullpen: Billy Wagner, Tim Worrell, Ryan Madson (I'm from Philadelphia what did u expect)
      1B: Derrek Lee
      2B: Chase Utley
      3B: Vinny Castilla
      SS: Jimmy Rollins
      C: Mike Lieberthal
      OF: Torri Hunter, Garrett Anderson, Magglio Ordonez

    • How fast have you torn up your bracket?

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      Well, may bracket is now a useless piece of paper. I had Georgia Tech in the Final four, Kansas and Wake in the Elite Eight, and LSU, UConn, and Syracuse in the Sweet16. That shreds my bracket in the Round of 32. How about you guys? What round or game has caused you to tear up your bracket (multiple examples are fine, just give the year)?

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    • Rejection Rejection Rejection

      14 years ago


      I had 3 rejection letters come on Monday. Harvard, NYU and Columbia all turned me down, ON THE SAME DAY! TO HELL WITH THE NORTHEAST!

      (And NO, Pennsylvania is not Northeast, it's Middle-Atlantic)

      BUT, I DID get into Maryland, to the tune of tuition remission and a stipend of $25,000 a year. SWEET!

      I'm waiting to hear back from Penn, but from the looks of things, I'm going to Maryland.

    • The waiting is the hardest part...

      14 years ago


      Well, I got an acceptance offer from University of Maryland Baltimore for 25,000 a year with tuition remission. VERY NICE.

      Unfortunately, not a single grad school of the other 5 I applied to has responded. VERY IRRITATING.

      <Sigh> I hate waiting.

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    • Impavide117

      13 years ago


      You are hereby awarded your Viper wings for valor in support of the Battlestar Galactica. Now suit up pilot and go roast some toasters!



      P.S. Good rebuttal to my rant about the season finale. I was fresh off of just seeing it and had not thought it through all the way. I should give more credit to the guys who created such a great series, that they would keep things on track. I had not heard that this was just a 4-5 episode arc (haven't listened to the audio blogs lately), but that is very reasonable and you are right it that it will give us better insight into the cylons. You are a true BSG fan.

      Post edited 3/14/06 2:23PM

    • Brutus_86

      13 years ago

      Merry Christmas

    • Brutus_86

      13 years ago

      Check out the Iran thread under politcs forum, no one gets it...

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      Just checkin' up on you, homie.

    • PlasmaNade

      14 years ago

      Dude i saw someone who stole your avatar

    • Jabberwocky

      14 years ago

      Leon, when I saw your name, I got whisked into a scene from the movie The Professional and all I can do is quote Matilda:

      "Cute name."

    • Mechsae

      14 years ago

      Lesse... did you know you could mod someone with the reason: Flamebait?

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