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    • VilesGuest07

      12 years ago

      pie owns cake

    • Cybercowboy

      12 years ago

      Foxworthy Classic!!! Nice!!!

    • UB3R_FRY

      12 years ago

      Yeah, we go to the "Calvary Chapel fellowship churches" It's a nice and relaxed church, not all upity, while keeping all the good stuff where it needs to be!

    • groudon185p

      12 years ago


    • Ispitaturmom

      12 years ago

      o well its 12:30 here...... and i'm so bored that i'm writing a book you probably could tell from the journal

    • gopie

      12 years ago

      being VERYVERY bored

    • Ispitaturmom

      12 years ago

      waz up

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