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    • The MUSIC!

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      I'm a brass player (tuba,really!) and a baritone singer. I have found myself listening to the soundtracks again and again and finding new nuances to enjoy.  The range of styles is amazing!  Hard rock to jazz isn't that much a reach, but then to operatic "Mirror, Mirror", the electro "From Shadows" and the symphonic and string ensembles!  

      As a signer I am astonished by the range that Casey Lee Williams has demonstrated!  To think she started at age 14!  That is a woman to watch!

      I wish RWBY/RW would bring either or both Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams, if not other in the audio and music section.

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    • The Kutherian Gambit by Michael Anderle

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      Just finished rereading "Compelling Evidence of the Kutherian Endgame, book 2.  In the author note Michaew mentions that a movie deal is unlikely as Hollywood is low-balling for the IP.  It occurred to me that Rooster Teeth might be the operation to bring the Kutherian Gambit universe to life. Can someone in RT gets this thought to the right person in RT?  How to contact Mr. Anderle?  http://kutherianbooks.com/


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