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      I feel that Reach has put to much enthuses on downloadable armour from outside sources. When It was first revealed that they going to have flaming armour for people who bought Legendary I was perfectly ok with it because it something that is mostly for hard-core fans who would pick up this version regardless of it having or not and getting a little reward for their loyalty.

      Then came the Chest plate...why? I can understand the Recon and flaming head because they were illusive in halo 3 so it made scene to make them rare items, but this! To quote Tartan 118, "Not bothered about looking like Duffman. Is that LimEd or LegEd?"

      I see this a lot from other threads on the forum and they show that this was not an armour that needed to be an exclusive. I'm not saying the chest piesce looks bad biy it's not the thinh that is needed to be a rare item that everyone would be envious of when you went on matchmaking. Then there was the fact that is was originally a GameStop exclusive, first of all why put it on stores that don't ship worldwide? All you do by this is isolate your international fans that cover a big chunk of your fan base and make many of them sad and angry and fell disappointed about not being able to have the "Full" game. Though it has now been available to get from game and gamestation in the UK, this still isolates a good chunk of the fan base and I'm sure this will come back to Microsoft and Bungie to bite them on the arse. Another thing that has puzzled me is that GameStop is technically lying about it being an exclusive only to their stores, Isn't that an offence in America because of false advertisement (and they can't use the "We mean it's just a only in US is it exclusive to our stores" because it doesn't say that anywhere in any of their adverts)?

      Lastly the Waypoint exclusives, though I'm not as annoyed as this as I am on the chest piece, it still is kinda of a cheap marketing ploy on Microsoft and bungies part. First off, if you didn't have these games to begin with which can cost you least £25, not much but it can be a nuisance. Then you have to get certain achievements to get the amour, if you were a new player on reach and hadn't played the other games and you wanted all the armour, then you wouldn't be able to. In conclusion, not the worst but is still a mistake in my opinion.

      In putting all this together, I feel that many of these are nothing more than marketing ploys on bungie to make more money on the product, now I've got nothing on them for doing this I mean we all need to make money. But it's that a few of them seem to be so obviously just about making money that they are so willing to make their fan base be angry and disappointed, just for a few bucks. I have no doubt that Halo Reach will out sell Halo 3 record breaking sales but it will not be for this. If anything, some of these exclusives (especially the chest place) will hurt it.

      You are free to disagree with my opinion and my conclusion if you want, it's your right as human beings to be able to think what you want and something that I fell is trying to be repressed in our stick with the crowd society. I would just like it kept constructively and not become a "blam" fest.

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    • The NES saga

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      This is something I have been I have been working about for while, tough i'm probably not the biggest NES nerd there is as I grew up with a SEGA Megadrive, "So I would technically counted as the enemy," I have recently gotten into the NES game library and have fell in love with them. When I'm older and get my degree is Film Production (Hopefully with Honers) Going to make a film series called "The NES Saga". Six movies based on the NES library.

      1)Legend of Zelda "because it's my favourite"
      3)Ninja Gaiden
      6)Super Mario Bros

      Now I know that films based on video games usally suck and are financial flops, but I think I could be able to do a film that will make the fans happy but also make it fun for the main stream audiance without them getting confused and anoyed. I would like your help for any advise for story or character devlopment.

      Thank you!

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    • NES Movies

      9 years ago


      Yes, I know that films based of games always suck. But I want to show it can actually be done, so I have decided to try to make..."THE NES SAGA". Six movies based off NES classics. Which ones would you want made?

    • Red vs Blue in the Halo Reach Engine

      9 years ago


      I noticed durring playing Free for all Slayer on Powerhouse that the new maroon shade is very hard to Differentiate from the red. This is because of the colour row that once hold Crimson Pink Maroon was dropped from reach and but pink with red giving us a much darker ready maroon and a darker pink then we have had before. If this doesn't change for the final release then rooster teeth may have the problem that they had in the halo CE engine and have Sarge and Simmons be very hard to tell which ones which.

      One way they can around this is to give him some different customisation to make him look different.
      Here is what I think the Halo reach persona (If they ever do it) should look like:

      Grif, Donut & Tucker: They should all have default look in the respected colours.

      Simmons: Default Chest & Arms but have the CQC helmet as it gives him a more intelligent and strategically looking and make him different and also give him a robotic arm to give him the cyborg feel.

      Caboose: Default Chest and Arms but give him Jorge's Helmet to give him a bulky look.

      Sarge: default Helmet with those black things, as well as the EOD chest.

    • Reconstruction or Recreation?

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      Which one of these fine seasons do you think have the best:

      Overall Storyline
      Character development
      Music placing

      For me personally, I would have to go with Reconstruction. Don't get me wrong, Recreation is a fine piece of work and It probably does better job of giving every character a good amount of scream time and giving them memorable jokes. But the pacing I think was off all through the season that it can't really be established if all the plot threads are happening at the same time. The best example of this is the Wash storyline where it took about 5 episodes to be taken from his cell to the interrogation room, was that corridor really that long? Another problem that I had with the season is that the character of Tucker was off, he seemed to be acting as a replacement for church rather than the old character, I know it was meant to show that he had matured a little but it seemed go way to mature and be very nasty to characters at some points.

      Overall I would give Reconstruction 8.7/10 and Recreation 7.7/10 but were all different so I would like to hear from you.

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    • vote redvblue for best online web series

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      I have just reasantly added Redvsblue.com for best online video web series on the mashable's 3rd annual Open web Awards social media edition. I'd would like your help to promote and other people to nominate red vs blue or rooster teeth because quite frankly, red vs blue is one of the best series ever made. to nominate you'll need a twitter or facebook acount and the website is here mashable.com/owa/votes

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      I thought that journal was true for a little while. Thanks for getting my hopes up...

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      Is that journal true?
      Or are you just an ass who gets our hopes up?

    • Sadriel_Fett

      11 years ago

      Congrats on FU.

      I was looking at your forum about the question on how to get the Recon armor.

      I read on the bungie site they've also been giving the Recon armor to people they think have "earned" it. They had two videos of people who had the "worst" deaths they'd ever seen, so they got some Recon Armor just for that. The videos are funny as crap. One guys is killed by an orange road cone from an explosion he caused, and the other sniped at someone on the other side of Zanibar, had it richochet off the wall, then right back at him, and then hit him in the head. How's that for shitty luck? The videos were linked to a YouTube page, though. They showed a clip of the event, then showed it again in slow motion. Good stuff. You can probably find the link for it on the older Bungie news site. This was like months ago when this came out. So, they are giving it away for certain stuff. But other than that, the only way to get the Recon armor is to be an employee at Bungie. Here's a good site to check out for a lot of the armor info.


      I think it has the link to those stories at the bottom of that webpage, dude.

      Yeah, here it is. The movie links are at the very last story on this page.


      Enjoy, dude.

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      It's just armor man, whats so great about it? besides the helmet dosent look all that good either and stop making threads they are just gonna get locked

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      Stop posting threads about the Recon Armor, you will NOT get it, so stop trying so damned hard.

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      Don't make threads again, ever.


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      Stop making threads about the recon armor, or anything for that matter.

      You fail.

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      this tread is not a plase to argue but a plase to make funny action figure joke so please just don't argue!

      i have already spoken with him concerning the matter, you do not need to intervene
      if anything, just contact a mod, don't make unrelated comments egging on someone

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